Welcome to Lethbridge


Once you visit Banff or Jasper, Dan, (if you haven't already) all your comments about Alberta will be retracted.

But um, yeah, Lethbridge, Coaldale.. is Medicine Hat on your itinerary as well?
Ha- good one, Jenn! Enjoy your trip, Dan!
I have been to few places in Canada, but currently Lethbridge is holding the title for Ugliest.
I haven't been anywhere between Edmonton and Windsor, ON. But there's a lot more ugly than Lethbridge if you can believe it. Most of any province is pretty ass. (and this kinda goes for any U.S. state for that matter.)

A special category for Most Ass Place In The Face Of Shimmering Beauty goes to Squamish, BC. Thanks for putting a shithole strip mall design right next to the Howe Sound, BC peeps!
Now Jenn, it only smells like ass when the wind blows from the northeast. As you know, it usually blows from the west - at about 60km/h! See you in an hour Dan.
Those of you who seek gutted civilizations of yore, check out Uranium City, Saskatchewan

The more suprising thing is that Lethbridge even has an airport.

And yes, it smells like that all the time. I remember visiting it in high school and the smell just lingered over the "city".
You know, in the summer I bet it smells much worse.

And Jenn's burn was truly awesome. Dan, you got served.
Jenn seems quick with the reply. Glad to hear it.
Alberta is the Texas of Canada--oil money, right wing politics and all. During the Calgary Stampede everyone wears cowboy hats and they have a stadium shaped like a saddle. Creepy...
The important difference being the Canadian part. The conservative leader that was elected with a minority vote actually has a minority government, and gay marriage is legal (if not popular). And it's cold. As for the smell, Brooks is far, far worse...
Wind from the west is always better than the north or east.
There are dozens of feedlots (beef, pork, chicken, turkey, horses, sheep) in the area.

Lethbridge's population is around 85,000 with the college and university student populations over 15,000 (nearly 20% of the total), the city should be a lot more open, progressive, creative, trendy, and lively than it is at times.
People bitch and complain about nothing to do yet there is theatre, music, sports, recreation, arts, etc happening everyday. Students should use their numbers to influence more than what trend the bars have this month. Create some real change in the community

The beauty of Lethbridge is not found in the green water tower converted into yet another restaurant but in the river valley, Japanese Gardens, and coulees.

Live, love, and Be ..... where ever you are

does the smell follow you Dan? Maybe you should wash your ass between felchings? Just a suggestion.
cause after a night of Brownbacking no one wants to be downwind of you, Dan
Seriously, Dan
When your shoes are squishing it's time for a new pad.