The Taxman Cometh


So how can we try to stop it?
The brilliance of sin taxes is that they pit Americans' hypocritical Puritanism against their pathological unwillingness to pay taxes for basic services. It may be the only instance where people are too embarrassed to bitch about having to pay taxes.
People will just buy them in Oregon and not pay the taxes. Like they do now.
I'm not embarrassed, I'm both disabled and in need of what the tax is intended to help, AND I'm a lover of all things here being taxed. It's like choosing between 2 different quality of life improvements, life without mobility or life without a happy and fulfilled sexual life. I'm also kind of bothered to vote for someone who wants to make a moral judgment on me for what I do in my own personal life in my own home. If my view was that religion was of no value to society, could I tax it? And yeah, that's a point, let's tax bars instead. Because people getting trashed and ruining neighborhoods is certainly of no value to society. If we're going to make businesses close up for lack of customer ability to afford product, I'd rather public nuisances go away than quiet and unassuming sex shops. And what about this "software" tax? Tech being what it is, how will people/businesses keep up if software gets even MORE expensive?
It all makes sense!

Bust prostitutes.

Close down strip clubs.

Then jack up (heh) the price on sex toys because they have a captive audience.

It's a better scheme than the viaduct tunnel or light rail!
I think we should raise the sales tax on douches and put Miloscia out of business. Didn't he sponsor a rabidly anti-choice bill this session too?
You have expensive taste, Dom.

Is this an additional tax on top of existing sales taxes, or is it replacing existing taxes?
My top priorities are the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the economy, and telling women they need to shave.
The hidden kicker is the "cable television services" for us comcast high speed internet users that would mean 18.5 raise in your monthly bill at the worst, or if they can itemize it out just on your cable "video" part of your bill....would like to see that clarified. Good luck trying to pass an increase on isp's.
Well then, I say we start taxing churches. I don't see what good they do to society. If sexuality isn't important, then neither is spirituality.
Gregoire will veto this bill anyway. remember, no new taxes!
Sin tax, syntax, parse the purse, parson.
Well, while we're on the subject of silly ideas, how about an ejaculation tax? To be fair, I suppose it should be an orgasm tax, but "ejaculation tax" just has a better ring to it. Just think of how exciting it would be (or depressing, I suppose, for some) to fill out those quarterly "estimated orgasm" forms!
Miloscia being outed by sex-toy using provider...
counting down 5 4 3 ....
"A small dose of day-to-day realism: we only have so much time and energy, and we therefore have to prioritize what we spend our political/personal capital on. I am amazed that when their fellow citizens are dying in a war built on lies and being tossed out of their homes and jobs, some Americans worry more about a tax on sex toys. Just beyond me."
I have no problem taxing luxuries, and I think sex toys certainly fall into that category.
What's the point of taxing something that will drive the tax source out of the state? Then there won't be anything to tax.

It's not like Washington State was a sex-supplies haven or anything. Not even close.
Maybe this is a stupid question, but do condoms and other barrier methods for pregnancy/STD prevention qualify as sex paraphernalia? How about good quality anal lube? Those things are not luxuries, but necessities for some folks. And what about women who cannot orgasm without the help of a vibrator?

What do we have to do to get progressive taxation in this god-forsaken state?
How much more of this bullshit do we have to put up with before people are willing to FORCE their legislators to consider a state income tax on the wealthiest (let's say 5%)?

Not a rhetorical question. How much more of this visionless buck passing are you willing to consider worthy of the Democratic Party?
How about we just start charging taxes on churches?
@18 & 19

You're absolutely right. This nickle and dime approach to sales tax is bullshit and pathetic.

We're long overdue for a progressive income tax.
Here, here #10 & #20.

Good sex makes me happy. And if I'm gonna get taxed for that then shouldn't good religious happiness get taxed, too?

But really... I've got a good supply of what I need already, so I'm mainly concerned about those condoms. So #16 do condoms fall into the sex "toy" department? It'll keep an unwanted pregnancy from happening.
This bill is going nowhere. It's fun but pointless to give attention to every lamebrained bill that some yahoo legislator spews forth.
@23: OK, but isn't this a good thing to point back to when he's up for election next? I'll certainly donate money to any opponent of his.
If he wants a 20% cut, can we send his office 20% of our used toys?
I don't believe taxing one form of free expression over others is constitutional. I believe this can and should be challenged as a violation of free speech rights and equal justice. Beyond that I think this Miloscia character should be targeted for defeat. A sex-o-phobe like this has some issues that will get him in trouble. We might as well have a religious freak in his spot.
Will cucumbers and zucchini cost more at the store?

Who pays for porn, anyways? Will the state monitor the internet sites I visit?

If I have a sex fantasy, would I have to send the state a couple of bucks?
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#7: It's 18.5% "in addition to" the 6.5% standard state-wide one, so it'd be 25% state sales tax (which is also in addition to any local-county/city add-ons).

"primarily oriented to an interest in sex" ... so condoms would likely fit.

I particularly laugh at the following:
"'Adult entertainment materials and services' does not include (a) books or magazines that contain no photographs or other graphics; or (b) motion pictures, videotapes, videodiscs, or cable television services that do not contain any explicit sex of the type that would be rated "X" using the standards existing on January 1, 2009, of the motion picture association of America, inc."

So (a) erotica novels are safe and (b) movies are out because "X" is not an MPAA rating (replaced by "NC-17" in '90).
I love how people try to shift the blame to our lack of an income tax. Guess what, CA has an income tax AND a porn tax. It's like saying that you can stop a morbidly obese man from eating so much candy by giving him cheeseburgers. Sorry, he'll just eat the candy and the burgers too.

The only solution is to cut spending.
No, the solution is an income tax. Cutting spending is great if you're willing to let the homeless, the sick, and your best friend who just got laid off die in the street.

We're bleeding out heavily. They need the money, but this is fucking stupid. Income tax.
First, why would somebody who got laid off die in the street? I just heard on the Dave Ross show this AM, a fruit farmer saying that he could not find anybody to work for $15-20/hr, on his farm which he said was west of the mountains, even in this economy.

Second, why would we have to cut spending on the sick and homeless? What about the art at sewer plants and inaccessible security areas at Seatac? What about the millions in 'paid administrative leave' doled out to molestor cops and rapist teachers? What about the billions in subsidies to pro sports.
@26: I agree about targeting Miloscia in the next election. This guy has been nothing but mediocre in the legislature since he entered it. He's weird and creepy, and there's no way he possesses the interpersonal skills to be an effective consensus builder.

Get him out and get a real Democrat in there instead.

Are you listening, Federal Way? Find yourselves another Tracy Eide.
Can't cut spending? Say WA? When I moved here around 1991, total state spending was $12 billion/yr (18.7 billion in today' dollars, adjusted for inflation).

Now, total spending is $34.5 billion--nearly double. I don't recall people dying in the streets for lack of state spending back then.

Forget the income tax--cut spending, cut spending, cut spending.
Is this a new pull tax?