Greg Smith Isn't Running—Peter? Mike?


Licata is a republican, Steinbrueck is lazy and stupid and McGinn is a dreamer.

I'll take nickels of those losers.
Because even though the Stranger supported Mayor Nickels, now they're bored with him, and somebody--anybody--has to run, because, because, otherwise they won't have horse race stories or be able to run the "Pawn of Developers and Downtown Interests" Stori-rite (c) macro.
Pete Steinbrueck should run for sure. He is the most progressive among all the folk you mention, and actually has a vision for the future of the city.

Peter is pro-density, pro transit, against rebuilding the viaduct, a real environmentalist with a plan, and could work together with the council.

Do it Peter, just do it.
Michael McGinn would be an inspiring and progressive leader for Seattle. He knows how to bring people together and get things done. He is positive, proactive and smart. And, he is witty.
@1: "Licata is a republican"!!
Maybe the small r in his post was intentional, because Nick is the only real leftie on the Council.
I'd give him a kidney.

McGinn is is the guy I'm afraid of.
Steinbrueck, Steinbrueck, Steinbrueck! Andrew, your mom is stupid.
Nickels will win. None of those folks can bring him down. He's generally pro labor pro density pro environment and he manages to dance around issues like the Viaduct very adeptly.

In particular, coming out for a bored tunnel that he does not have to impose taxes to pay for, and that is actually a nondecision for a few more years, until the other actors figure out tolling and costs and how to fund it etc., was a brilliant political stroke. He basically served, and cultivated, downtown business + labot + enviros (or parts thereof) so he's very strong. Anyone running against who doesn't know how to raise a million right off the bat is just a lost cause.
The problem is nobody with guts wants to be on the City Council, even though it pays better than most similar jobs.
"he's charismatic, funny, extroverted, and comfortable in his skin in a way Nickels is not."

What ... The .. Fuck? Why is this even a consideration in voting for a mayor? This kind of thinking is how we wind up with Gearge Bush's in the Whitehouse.
I would get on my knees and BEG for any of these three -or anyone else for that matter. Hell, I'd even reconsider Sidran -horrible politics, but at least not so obviously a Vulcan pawn. Where's the draft campaign? How do we get Run Peter Run to actually run? Or the Run Nick Run? Or the Run Mike Run? Or Run Anyone Run? Fuck, is this not a democracy? In 04, Bush had less than 50% approval and won. In '05, Nickels had less than 50% approval and DIDN'T EVEN HAVE A SERIOUS CHALLENGER!! Fuck, if I wanted to live in a dictatorship, I'd move to Cuba. This is fucking embarassing. (And PLLLLEEASE, STranger folks, don't endorse him if he's NOT opposed! He will only take that endorsement (again) and use it to fuck us over (again) and again (and again). Hvae a backbone this year, will ya?
Steinbrueck drove more miles while a councilmember than any other. He lives in a single-family home. He is Seattle's equivalent of Al Gore.
Peter may be progressive, but he was a horrible council president by all accounts. I don't think he has the temperament to be mayor.

Nick isn't a republican in general--only on one of the most important issues--transportation. He likes the elevated viaduct and hates light rail.

Mike McGinn is a nice guy--but I think he would be a better council member first rather than a mayor.
You're "bummed" a developer didn't run for mayor? Why? Developers running by proxy had become old hat?
Ray Liotta showed moxy during his brief tenure as Mayor. He's my write-in vote.
"Licata is not a republican on anything except the most important issue, transportation" IDIOTS. Nick has the intelligence and that most amazing of skills in a politician----, independent critical thinking. He always asks where is the money coming from, what else do we lose if we spend the money wastefully, and who benefits.

Mike McGinn is a lazy piece of shit.
So are you saying that Mayor Jowly is uncomfortable in his own skin because he's so obese he's on the verge of exploding, or what?
Nickels failed to bring suppport on the viaduct. A test of his political might is not getting together with photo-ops with other mayors. The test is if he can work out a deal with the governor on the viaduct. He failed on his big dream as well as is failing on crime, esp with youth and gangs. Nickels is asleep and out of touch with the realities of families in Seattle. We like his progressive politics but his execution is complete disaster and unaccomplishment.