Just Encountered: David Byrne Riding a Bicycle Down Pine Street


David Byrne loves to bike.

Even drunk, which is better than driving drunk but still stupid.
Was he wearing a helmet? Was he riding a fixie?!
Are you sure it was him? He's been looking sort of extra-special freaky-deaky lately.
I saw David Byrne biking in New Orleans years ago. I'm pretty sure he bikes around the cities he's playing. Very cool!
Does he rent, or does he trust his bike to the airlines? Or does he travel in a big ol' bus like Willie Nelson?
#2: He was wearing a fabulous hat.
Was he wearing a pink fur tux?
I saw him ride up to the Hammerstein Ballroom for a Belle and Sebastian show, circa 2000, in a seersucker suit. That was sweet.
i jsut wish his music wasn't so multiculti boring now. it meant a lot to me in my yout.
@6, isn't it illegal to ride without a helmet in Seattle?

@9, I'm with you on the boringness of most of his own music, but the music by others he has collected, particularly from Brazil, is a spectacular service to mankind.

That new collabo with Eno ain't half bad. It's the best thing either of them has done in years.
4: True. I interviewed him years ago in Minneapolis once and he showed up on his bike, telling us he likes to ride around the city before a show. I guess it beats crystal meth.
i heart that god damn nerd.

bike byrne, bike!
I read an interview with him a while back where he said that he always bring a folding bicycle with him on tour - and I think he said he brought them for the crew and band too.
Maybe he'll write about biking around the Hill on his blog: http://journal.davidbyrne.com/

Maybe he won't. My God, what have I done?
Oh man, sorry I missed that. I should be out biking instead of reading Slog at my desk. It looks gorgeous outside too.
Mike Watt cruises around with a folding bike while on tour, too. Those old farts are super duper fly.
It was him! It was! I saw him too, at the Pike Place Market.
Can you say cult of personality?
The dude is riding a bike down Pine St. Big frigging deal.
I agree, MAN. The only thing worth blogging is people getting into fist fights. Man.
Well @19 & 20, considering he's actually accomplished something with his life - which is more than we can say for you.
His recent work is not his best, and some of his fine art is a tad esoteric (and I say this as someone who saw him perform the Knee Plays in MN in the mid 80s), but it's hard to think of more influential band of the last thirty years than the Talking Heads- the Clash, maybe, or those crazy kids from Aberdeen. The Heads were the shit in the day.
@22 and you know this how?
I am extremely sad that I wasn't even in the US when my beloved loon was on the Hill. Gillian, I am so jealous!!!! I saw Malcolm Gladwell on E Pike a few weeks ago but this is MUCH bigger. Shit shit shit.