Tim Burgess


If you don't run, Dan, you must be a coward. That was rude.
No modals verbs: Run!
I heard Tim Burgess speak at Nick Licata's forum last fall on the Mercer St. project. All the other speakers (councilmembers and department staff) were talking various forms of pablum, except for Burgess who was refreshingly succinct, candid, and on-point. I came away thinking here's our local Barack Obama -- exceptionally bright, clear-thinking, and principled.

Too bad he's backed down so quickly on this one. I like Greg but the worst Tim could do is make Greg a better mayor. Free rides don't do anybody any good.
Run Dan Run!
You're going to have to run now, you coward.
Run Dan-
you're leaking on the carpet! :(
you really should run.
I wrote you in for Supreme Court Justice in November. I would LOVE to see yo' ass on the ballot for mayor, D. You can count on my support.

PLEASE run!! I would be so proud to live in Seattle and I would be shocked if you don't win. Greg Nickels' approval rating is 28% and he barely got 50% of the vote last time, even with freaking Al Runte as his only real competition. The Internets (including myself) will pour money into your campaign.
I would totally vote for you too!!! You would make city government so much more fun and exciting!!! Only, would you still get to keep your column? And I'm sure the city would have a COW about you posting here all day- big loss for us sloggers!
Do what you gotta do...behind you all the way!
No banning pitbulls if you become mayor!
Start a FB group and a "public" page and go for it.
Yes to banning pitbulls if you become mayor!
Dear Dan;
Please run.
You kind of have to, now. I will move to Seattle if you win.
Don't do it, Dan. It'll turn you into a pod person...
Sign me up to campaign for Savage4Mayor!
Remember, the great thing about being Mayor is you get to travel a lot and everyone reads stuff you say ....

OK, I'm trying to figure out how that's different from your current job, but I hear it pays well.
Dan - don't be a dick. Put up or shut-up.
Seattle as a political entity, like King County, is too big, unwieldy and unrepresentative.

A real issue would be to fragment "Seattle" into more localized "cities" such as Rainier, Lynnwood, Wallingford, Ballard...
I think that the combined resources of every single left of center blog will more than outweigh whatever Nickels has in his coffer. Do it, Dan.
please breathe some life into the suffocation of Seattle city politics...
A sex columnist might just do the trick to sort out our city's clusterfuck.
If Dan Savage were mayor of Seattle, I'd move out of town, just so I could move to Seattle. I have my doubts about electability, but I'll do my part if you run, Dan!
You all live in a fantasy world if you seriously think Dan could get elected mayor -- even in Seattle.
they said the same about Arnold Schwarzenegger in CA. (Not to compare Dan with Ahnuld)
I'd love to see you run, Dan... But we all know you don't have the guts.
So this means Peter Steinbrueck is running right? Yes, I think so. Hope so.
But can you convince the MuniLeague you have the ability to build consensus and be an apt administrator?
Either Steinbrueck or Licata, @29.

What a disaster. I'd just convinced myself Tim had a chance and was worth campaigning for.

If Mr. Savage runs, will that Judy McGuire gal from the Weekly feel compelled to run as well?
Dan, you're an asshole and a dick and inconsistent and I hate you forever for your perpetual Nader-hating long after it was over (and thus perpetuating the loser syndrome of 2004), but honestly, as a recovering aspiring politician, I think you'd be a great mayor, or at least decent or at least better than Nickels. Of course, if Steinbrueck or Licata get in the race, you should bow out, but if it's another unchallenged election like '05, please Dan please run.
run, run, run - into the dark hole that is any city in a depression with NO money to spend - and many stupid voters who don't get it

run, run, run - into a mangled society based on race, class and hipspter ideas of beauty

run, run, run - into a solid political organizer who has been in politics learning from the best for 20 years, who works like hell on the trail, and raises tons of money

on, he is gray - so are his voters ...oh, he is overweight, so are his voters ... oh, he is concerned about business in Seattle, oh, today, SO are his voters

Nickels can't be beat by this rag bag of posters.

Burgress polled, the polls said no chance, Burgess is a PR savant and will bide his time.
Dude, Dan, do it! I don't know if I can still contribute to political campaigns of Seattle politicians, since I don't live in Seattle anymore, but I would SO raise money for your campaign if you did run! You didn't run The Stranger into the ground, so I'm sure you'd wouldn't do that to Seattle -- plus you'd do all the stuff that Nickels is too much of a wuss to do... and dear god, those press conferences...
What other elections will there be this year for the netroots to throw their money at? Run, Dan.
I'd totally vote for you. If I lived in city limits. But I'd still root for you. I will not, you'll be glad to know, pray for you, though.

@21: Lynnwood is about 15 miles north of Seattle, Mr. Geography Whiz. It is not a neighborhood, nor is it even in King County.
Do it! Apparently the bar is pretty low for who can be elected mayor!
Do it!
Do it!
Do it!
Do it!
Do it!
I'd vote for you if I could.
Dan, you piss me the hell off most of the time, but you being in the race would be great for the city. Who knows, I could even see myself ending up voting for you.
Dan, if you run, please bring back Josh Feit so you know what it's like to have an asshole on your ass. Only fair, big boy.
I don't live in Seattle, of course, but Nichols is a fucking embarrassment and I've thought for a long time that you have the temperament for leadership. Run. But just remember that you will attract crazies like @32.
Do it! Seriously.
And build the fucking monorail, already.
Dan would be the Jesse Ventura of Seattle politics.
I'm good for a $100 campaign donation if you run.
You should run on the "F**k Power" ticket.
It is not about Dan running.
It is about Dan musing out loud to give his groupies a chance to shove their brainless heads a little further up his ass.
Dan gets off on it.
Dan, if you run, I'll chair the Ladies Auxiliary for your campaign. I have a party percolator, and some card tables. It will be fun!

If elected, I'll expect you to appoint me Superintendent of City Light. Jorge can stay on as my assistant, for I really have no idea how to run a utility. I just want the campy title. And I want a dam named after me.

Let's Roll!
If Dan got elected, he'd just bog Seattle down in Iraq for another 500 years. Don't do it!
Ms. Fluffbottom beat me to it. If you win, Dan, I will move myself, my spouse, and my four kids to Seattle, shitty weather be damned.
Editorial correction: "I, Dan Savage, may have to personally persuade Nick Licata, who is reportedly considering a run for Seattle mayor, to run."

Do it, Dan! Do it!
@ 49 - you're right. I'm seeing a lot of Slog commentors wearing brown lipstick right now.

Look, I love Dan, too. Been reading Savage Love since '96, when I lived in Denver. Kept reading as I moved to SoCal, then the Bay Area, and now the PNW, and now follow the Stranger & Slog every day.

But the fact is, Dan's a prick, as any good truth-teller should be. Like, A LOT of the time. He's not too much of a prick to run an alternative paper. But I think the level and frequency of his "prick-ness" is such that he wouldn't be able to get much done in City Hall. He'd be too polarizing and would alienate too many people. I think it would be very hard for Dan to "tone it down."

I can't wait until you have to show up before The P-I's editorial board and be questioned by airhead D. Parvaz and gluttonous Joel Connelly.

Oh, wait.

You won't have to.


Greg Nickels 64.15%
Al Runte 34.84%

Just sayin...
Even more annoying than reflexively anti-ECB and reflexively anti-Mudede posts are the fuckheads who say that anyone who says something positive about Dan are brown-nosers. I also note that most of you are cowards who hide behind different handles for each comment.

Hey, jizzmoppers- it's his fucking web site. We wouldn't be here if we didn't GENERALLY like Dan. I rip on him for a bunch of specific things, but if you genuinely dislike the guy, fuck straight off someplace else.
Well done.
It's a possibility. Would get national attention, and national money from netroots/gays.

Dan would have to take some tough positions, though, on the nitty gritty issues he can avoid in his current post. Lots of boring stuff to deal with. but if Jesse Ventura and Arnold can win governorships, he can win mayorship. He's articulate and media saavy. If he puts on a suit and shows people he is actually serious and into the nitty gritty, if he could get the collective consensus to agree he's "viable" and not a joke, he could win. There is a huge untapped reservoir of anti Nickels angst andhe's got the core constituencies of labor, business and enviros so the only way to win is with someone who vaults up over all that crap and generates huge excitement.

Btw totally mobilizing a core of gays into ardent activity (like Obama and his base) would help, too.

The theme: change. And jobs. "We will now deal smartly with urban issues. This means no more highway boondoggles like the tunnel or the Mercer real estate project; it means smart density; it means a new generation; it means a bit less nanny state; it means municipal health care like in San Francisco; I am a bit above the political parties so if there are libertarian (no priority at all on drug laws) or Republican ideas that are good I will take them (charter schools, anyone?)." Kind of Obama-ish but at municipal level. "Let's make a change" -- it writes itself. "No longer will Seattle be afraid of the future..." etc.

He definitely makes it into the runoff general election. He could raise a few million . He's a writer and a thinker. He's thought about the whole urban nature of Seattle. He'd have to fess up immediately about all prior drug use etc. and say "we're changing now, no more hypocrisy, no one cares about this stuff anymore." If he has said he's for kinky sex, well, that's the issue he gets hit with -- expect a barage of "he's not one of us" ""right now, that's a bit too much change" kind of ads showing normal frumpy "liberal" Seattleites esp. the oldsters who look all worried. People who look like, and who admire, Joel Connelly. Duh. "He hasn't been focused on utility costs, I'm just not sure he's *oriented* to what matters most to *us*". That kind of ad all over TV 24/7 for two weeks.

If he hasn't VOTED in every little election, um, that's usually a pretty strong hit against, too.

Bottom line: If he's serious and grows and learns he could be a contedahhhhhh.
@58 the sad part is that trolls can't read. Just react. They will never know how brilliant that response was!

Also I would totally vote for Dan Savage. He can't be more of a douche than the normal white, sexually repressed old men who usually run.
@57 -- Funny Sven, you were one of the biggest annoying shithead advocates for "No Dick" day -- was that just a desire to have someone regulate *you*? And don't presume to speak for me, you asshat -- I don't GENERALLY like Dan, although I do like a lot of the policies that (I think) he would try to implement.

BTW, it's Nickels you fucktard.
calling people jizzmoppers - is that - the new insult from nice Seattle straight white guys?

Seven, that ain't nice. But, it is true, JIZZZZ in addictive, the more you get, the more you want.

In politics, Dan could not fill a paper bag with real votes. Fiscal disclosure means he would have to tell how much he OWNS of the Stranger Inc stuff. And all the other trivia about his life that must be divulged. Fees for speaking, free travel perks, what he does not donate in cash of his own to charity, etc, etc.

So glad Burgess polled and found that voters don't know his name, think he is right wing, and could NOT beat Nickels. Does the Stranger have the guts to get the poll and print it?

Wait for Burgress to run for Congress, more glitz and fame.
@61: I never advocated for No Dick Day. In fact, I said it wouldn't work. You seem to have me confused with some other old, fat, white guy. Will in Seattle, perhaps?

@62: a "jizzmopper" is someone who mops up the congealed semen that gets deposited on the floor of peep shows and/or porno theaters. You know, like @61. It has nothing to do with orientation.

@61: See? You're a moron.

@62: See? @61 is a jizzmopper.

Besides, every day is 'no dick' day in the Sven household.
'Big' is what they call an ironic nickname.
Sock puppetry is an automatic admission that you've lost the argument, @66. And then to make a 5th grade joke about dick size? Tsk, tsk. C"mon, use the fact that I'm fat! Or that I'm from the suburbs! Your ad hominems should really be based on *something.* Please try harder next time.
@ 57 - Sven, I didn't say that ALL those saying, "Run, Dan, run" were brown-nosers. (What would someone hope to get out of brown-nosing behavior here, anyway? The occasional guest-post? Oooh, pinch me!) All I was saying is that I see an element of that right now, and that people here don't seem to be thinking very hard about Dan's real "electability," and how his often blunt and abrasive manner would play in the real world of politics. Think about it, could you imagine Dan refraining from saying "fuck" in public for an entire campaign? Not gonna happen...
Of course, you should realize that anything I say about Dan is stuff that he would freely admit about himself. Dan, care to jump in at this point?
CdiTC@68,69: I dunno. Seattle is a *very* liberal town. I think that if Jesse Ventura can get elected in staid Minnesota, and Al Franken can (knock on wood) get elected Senator, Dan could get elected mayor here.

But in the past when asked about public office, he's said he's got some skeletons in the closet (so to speak), so he might not be willing to run under any circumstances...

I can't be impartial. I've been a fan of Dan's since I read "Hey Faggot!" in City Pages back in the nineties, and he's one of the (many) reasons I'm proud to now live in the PacNW. If that makes me a brown-noser, w'ev.
i love to see big sven masturbate like this. very probably a predominant cause of the moisture in the northwest. where's my umbrella?
I would volunteer a minimum of 10 hours a week for this cause.
Coward? He decided not to run because he discovered be could raise the $500,000+ necessary to do so. He wants to run. But he also wants to win and not make it a vanity project. That seems to make sense.
Hey, I just thought of something: Dan could show his family (not "use" them or exploit them for political gain; that all depends how it's presented), and be perceived as a "pro-family" candidate. Now THAT would be cool!!
Dan, please please please run. I will help. The people will help. Tell Stewart. Tell Maddow. Don't let the city become a bad example of liberal politics. It's not like it will be hard to beat him. Plus who will endorse him when the papers in town are failing.
I hope you run. I will vote for you.
Kelly O and Ari Spool give Dan Savage can of Rize, Dan Savage drink Rize, freak out, Hulk out, DAN SAVAGE BECOME HULK!


And no, I'm not letting it go.
Run. I'm in for the maximum legal contribution plus campaign work and would happily leave my well-paying job to work in your administration. If that truth puts me in the brown-nosing column, get me some kleenex.
But isn't Dan bisexual like Mayor Adams in Portland, he likes men and boys?
@79 - see, he's obviously well qualified.

And since he is/was a Republican, he's bipartisan!
I'm not a Dan fan.

But barring a better candidate, I'd hold my nose and vote for him, if only because he'd be a LESS EFFECTIVE asshole than Nickels. Given a choice between an asshole who actually gets bad things done while pissing off everyone in sight on both the left and the right (Nickels) and a politically inexperienced asshole that may WANT to do bad things but lacks the savvy to accomplish them (Dan), Dan looks pretty good.

It'd be nice to have a candidate worth a damn, but in Nickels vs. Savage, Dan comes out way ahead.

The only problem is viability. Dan will need more than blogger support, he will need money, and he will need allies from both sides of the aisle - which requires that first he have something to give something to potential counter-intuitive allies, and second, that such allies believe his word is worth something.

None of the above is easy, and Dan has not been spending the last few years gathering political support or building cash-producing relationships.
Dan, If you ran and won, you would have to actually drag your ass downtown to a bunch of soul crushing meetings with city bureaucrats and attend numerous crappy events around town and open the new Banana Republic at Northgate and meet with business leaders and pretend you care deeply about the Mercer Mess and the citizen's committee for something in Laurelhurst. I would vote for you if I thought you would actually show up to work.
You do have to run, Dan. Please. Please.
Just noting: Jesse Ventura was mayor of a big suburb before he became governor.

I can't explain the Governator. Something about jizzing in a Kennedy gives you political chops or something.
gay sex pee pee butthole foie gras mudabe priests pitbulls
@ 81 & 82 - thank you.

Look, I AM a fan, OK? But I'm also realistic enough to take a hard look at the kind of skills it takes to be able to run for political office and serve effectively. And then I think about the way Dan comes off in SL, on the podcasts, and on TV appearences. What obviously is wildly entertaining to us in the context of a sex advice column would be a major, MAJOR negative in the political world.

But the campaign would be pretty entertaining, I'll admit. And if I lived in Seattle, yeah, I'd probably vote for him. But overall, I say stick to your "day job", Dan. You're infinitely more well-suited to that than dealing with the endless font of bullshit that goes with holding political office.
And Dan, don't do one of those "I know I can't win, but I just want to get my message out there" kind of campaigns. Those are pathetic.
How about a "I know I can't win, but I just want to get my horse-face out there" kind of campaign?
@ 88 - Well yeah, there's a bit of that, too!
But then, doesn't virtually EVERYONE in politics have a big ego?
Of course not, Chris.

And they never run for one office and use it as a stepping stone to either a bigger career or further office ....
Dan, you're our most prominent citizen. Please run. Seattle will elect you, don't even worry about that.