Woman Calls Police 500 Times Over Neighbours Nightclub


"retired" at 56?

nice work if you can get it!

She's retired, getting subsidised housing we all pay for a bitching about the noise. Move into subsidised housing somewhere else! I'm sure many people would kill to live in a subsidised apartment on broadway and pine.

If you like peace and quiet, move to the sticks.
This old crone is just like that douchenozzle Dennis Saxman - crochety old people lashing out at things they don't personally approve of. Is it news? I guess, but the less attention we give these people, the better.
I thought the ordinance restricted noise to no greater than 49 decibels (from within neighboring buildings). The police should bring a decibel meter next time and show it to her.
After that many calls, why hasn't SPD cited her for either malicious harassment or abuse of the 911 system?

I mean, hell, the "McDONALDS WON'T GIVE ME MY CHICKEN McNUGGETS!" lady only had to make three or four 911 calls to get popped - but this old crone gets to make 500?
um...shouldn't she be getting in trouble for excessive calling of 911 like that guy posted on here the other day for calling 911 over lemonade at burger king?
pretty sure it's higher than 49 decibels.

I know the type - this behavior from a retired nurse at 56 says she probably took a dive on the job and is working the entitlement/disability system in addition to fucking with other peoples' entertainment.
Disco sucks!
of course all she hears is bass. she needs to move closer if she wants to hear anything but bass
I wonder if her dogs ever bark.
People in low income subsidized housing have rights. Unfortunately for her, living near a night club and not hearing the bass is not a right.

#2 I would kill for that apartment. I miss the noise of Capitol Hill. You stop hearing it after awhile. If she moved next to the freeway, would she call the police about the traffic noise (ECB might).

I am 45 and have been disabled for the past year and a half. I would rather work, but odds are I won't make it to 45. I was told my disability check is too much for subsidized housing, but an apartment in Seattle will take 65% of my check.

This woman may in fact not be able to work, so don't judge her on that level. One other thing, though you can say what neighborhood you prefer to live in, the Seattle Housing Authority tells you where you can live, so she might not have chosen to live above Neighbors. Still, she should have known before she moved there.
I have to agree with everyone hating on this 56 yo.

Don't want to live near a bar?

Don't move in next to Neighbors - it was loud on weekends back in the 80s.

Seriously, get a clue stick.
Here's how you fix it:
Go to Safeway.
Spend $2.79 on the cheap orange earplugs.
Insert as needed.

Works like a charm, and saves police resources for those who actually need it.
uh , yeah, earplugs. and, um, she should be told to stop calling, rather, abusing 911 for this issue.
This lady should be cited for over using 911.

I can't get the mental picture of someone bleeding out waiting to get a hold of 911 while they're busy fielding this whack job's calls.
sounds like the cops are right on this one - right not to sweat Neighbors and right to ignore the merit-less complaints of an old, lonely and possibly nutty woman.

what's up SLOG? is this a shout-out to SPD?
This is how otherwise normal, decent people become Republicans. They read stories like this and just lose it.
The Broadway Crossing Building at Broadway & Pine is not run by Seattle Housing Authority (SHA). It is run by Capitol Hill Housing (CHIPP). Their website is http://www.chhip.org

Noise (bar and street) was an issue raised by one Pike Street bar owner at the last Bar Owners/Managers meeting with SPD. It was a good discussion with SPD. Neighbours was not represented at this meeting.
I'm with #13 on this one. I was injured on the job, and pharmacists always give me the stink-eye when I fill my prescriptions using worker's comp, like I'm "working the system." I promise, it wasn't my fault - not that I should even have to defend myself. Like others in my position, I have enough other things to worry about.

I agree with all the others, too, about abusing 911. I used to live in an apartment next to a crazy guy, and the cops came once and threatened to arrest him if he didn't stop calling 911 for no reason. Now that SPD has explained to this woman that Neighbours isn't causing a noise violation, shouldn't they threaten to arrest her if she doesn't stop calling?
I know some folks don't have a choice about where to live when they are in subsidized housing, but she should be bitching at CHHIP (I'm pretty sure it's a CHHIP building) to place her elsewhere, not at the cops. If she likes the location and doesn't want to move she needs to chill out. I also want to know why she has not been cited for 911 abuse.

Oh, and nice mention of her dogs and apartment smell. That really has lots to do with the story.
Is this the same woman who threw dirt on me when I was walking through the alley that one time? I wasn't even coming from Neighbours.
@19: huh?
Retired @ 56 and living in assisted housing = Nutcase or scammer

The difference is that she's bitching about a business that's already been there for over 20 years, and Mr. Saxman is trying to get DPD to enforce its own rules with regard to proposed new development projects.

One does not equal the other.

#25 Or she is disabled. Did disabled become the new gay? I mean, is it OK to hate on us?
She doesn't have a problem with gay people. Yeah right, that's like Rush Limbaugh saying he's not a racist. She just manages to call the police 500 times trying to shut down a gay bar.
@28 a gay bar with horrible, horrible music
I am the DJ at Neighbours on Friday nights. It seems thats when all the complaints come in. I get yelled at by staff and police both because of this lady. I went as far to turn off subwoofers on her side of the building, and turned the volume down far below what we normally play. Oh well, I'm more that glad this was published.

The cup of human kindness runs over in this thread.
It's obvious most of you have never lived with the anxiety and stress of music thudding into your house on a constant basis. Good for djericsantos for actually caring enough to do something.
The rest of you; karma will suffice.
She seriously needs to be arrested for abusing the 911 system. That she hasn't is highly disappointing.
I lived (until) I moved to Texas in 2001 in Jefferson Terrace Apts. Next to James street and Harborview Hospital. 24 hr. ambulance sirens, plus the constance freeway noise.The first year I lived there was bad, but after the first year I was used to it. I would LOVE to trade places with this Nag ! I now live in the country, and it is so quiet I am going crazy ! LOL
And doesn't it just figure that the homosexuals would mercilessly attack a poor, physically-challenged citizen whose anxiety is caused by their need to damage their hearing. Pathetic, pathetic homosexuals.
The fact is she has called 911 500 times to complain about noise (which can scarely be heard ) from a gay bar that has been there 20 years. Disabled, retired or whatever has nothing to do with anything.There is more to this story, my friends in the building have taken her to court for harassment. This is not some poor old lady, she is hateful and devious but smiles sweetly to your face. Hey #4 great Saxman comment, I've seen him at City meetings what a nut job.
It doesn't matter if the place had been there a thousand years....it's causing her hyper-stress and it's an obvious public health-hazard to have the homosexuals hanging out in the alleyway, contaminating everybody with their numerous and deadly STD's. The CDC should also get invoved in this mayhem.
#36 she hangs out with homosexuals! and smokes pot and god knows what else she takes, this poor citizen as you put it is the one attacking other citizens with the same brand of intense hostility that you spew. Or are you the same person?
Either way shame on you, I'll pray that God forgives your hatred towards your fellow man.
Wow I can't believe how rediculous this is! 911 Is for emergancys, you know like people who are hurt or dying! We live in america for goodness sakes every one has rights here! Those rights include going out to a club to damage your hearing for a night, regardless of your sexual prefence, as well as living somewhwere quiet and peaceful! Assisted living is a program designed to aid those who need it and it is a great program!(although often abused) But geeze people this woman is abusing 911 to report an almost inaudible bass thumping at a club where not only the staff but the customers are paying through thier taxes for her to live there!! Hello ear plugs some people are so ungrateful!!
56 isn't old unless you are very young, this woman is a fussy person but it hasn't a thing to do with her age so don't be ageist . However, she is a pest and may be homophobic? what ever... she needs to move, or insulate her house, buy a white noise machine, make sure she isn't hearing the bass from some where else, fix her rattling windows or bug her land lord to, and stop fussing about something she knew might be a problem when she moved in.
It's one thing if you move into a place knowing that there's a night club next door.

Unfortunately for me, I've moved next to a place that--as I was told--"never played loud music".

It's just plain rude to your neighbors if your bumpin' music until 4 am. Is it too much to ask for a urban environment that is somewhat livable? How do you argue for the urban density cause if stuff like this slides?
uh, why doesn't CHIPP move her to the first available unit on the OTHER side of the building, away from Neighbors?

And, why am I guessing that it's highly likely that CHIPP has offered to do this, but she refuses.
I have been there many times. When ever I come back to Seattle I go out to the clubs on the Hill. This lady is sitting in her apt with 2 stinky dogs that need a bath. She lives in a partially subsidized apartment building at East Pine Street and Broadway and knew exactly what that area was about before she moved in.

If it was Rock and Roll with Whiskey Tango in the club she would be first in line every night to get into the club.

The Police and 911 need to arrest her for calling so many time. She is calling about a club that has a legal permit and its not like she is calling about Not Getting Chicken McNuggets.
This lady is calling 911 for NON Emergency issues over 500 times. The Police need to tell her if she calls 911 she will be trown in JAIL. Just like the McDonalds Chicken McNugget Lady this week and make her show up to court and pay a fine.

I will be in Seattle April 5th and 6th on vacation and I will make sure I make some noise in the alley just for Crazy Kathy to hear.
I bet this bitch smothered patients who annoyed her.
This lady should definitely be cited for abusing 911 if that lady with the McNuggets was. I personally think the McNuggets lady had a semi-valid case if the McDonalds took her money for the McNuggets and then refused to give her money back. This lady is just a bitch.
@30, speaking as someone else who lives in that crazy lady's building on the side facing Neighbors, thank you for "turning down the subwoofers on her side of the building, and turning the volume down far below what we normally play." I don't know if this specifically is it, but I do know it used to be a lot louder when I moved in (April 2007) and lately it's been better.
Must be one kick ass dj
#9, disco does NOT suck. You just can't dance!
#46 did the Crones Oscar Party bother anyone in the building?
I was there and did not know she was up to these 911 calls. I won't be going back to her place and let all my gay friends she hangs out with, what she is up to.
Bass won't keep me up like classic rock will
Shes abusing the 911 system. She should be penalized. You know shes not gonna stop until it happens.
"#25 Or she is disabled. Did disabled become the new gay? I mean, is it OK to hate on us?"

Yes, when you are being an unreasonable asshole. Being disabled doesn't excuse you from acting reasonable.
@ 39 where in the article does it state that the woman is homophobic? I think that is something that just was assumed since the club in question is Neighbors, I have a strong feeling that she would be complaining if it was a hip hop club- or anything else for the matter. I am not sticking up for her, but I do understand her disdain of "teh basses". I am a huge hip hop fan but hated it when my upstairs neighbors would play the jams cause all I could hear is the fucking boom boom boom of the bass. However, living on the hill (esp on Broadway and Pine!) one should know better. Unless, of course, you are # 40. That really sucks, and I totally agree that living in an noisy 'hood or apartment complex can be a pain if you get the unexpected- late night noise can really affect your entire life after missing a full night's sleep for days, weeks, months- but then the lease is up! Yea!!!

@52, 27 was retorting to 25 who stated that if one is only 56 yrs old, "retired" (disabled?) and living in subsidized housing they must be a scammer or nutcase. 27 simply stated that sometimes people really are disabled (like my dad who herniated two spinal discs at age 41, is 60 now. The back injury has gradually became has disc degenerative disease and my pops has lived with chronic pain since the accident -and he has been fighting the state and L&I since day one of the accident just to get his Dr's bills paid...whole other story though). So yeah, sometimes there is a lot more to the story than an asshole complaining. I am sure the woman has a host of other issues (besides the nightly music) that ruined her livelihood - hopefully she can get moved out and over to 1st Hill- more sounds of the crackheads squabbin', but less disco bass inferno!!!

The homosexuals are merely trying to evict this poor, retired lady in order to further their twisted, perverse agenda. They figure if they damage her hearing with loud, obnoxious and substandard music...that she'll just go away. She should stand and fight the homosexuals..they need to learn that it's not all about THEM, and that they don't deserve special treatment merely because they are mentally defective.
If she were male, everyone would be screaming "closet case" and making snide remarks about he was rejected at Neighbors and that's the reason for the vendetta.
Um, fuck this lady and her whining bullshit?
You don't move to France, then complain about all the French people and French music doing all their French things. This useless sack of humanity moved into the gayest neighborhood, over a gay bar that plays gay music. Deep bass is part of our culture, and she is clearly anti-gay because she hates bass.
Stupid trailer trash. Send her back to Enumclaw.
#54 MJ you should be ignored too!
What's with the couple of loony homophobic comments (36 & 54)? I don't know why I'm always amazed that people can be that ridiculous, hateful, prejudiced, and just plain stupid. Yep, "the homosexuals" are ganging up on some crazy lady who doesn't bathe her dogs because, uh, that's what "the homosexuals" do, since they think it's "all about THEM."
Hey Lady! Learn to dance...........
I have lived in this building for two years. I KNOW that she is not the only one who has complained to the SPD about this problem. Not by a long shot. When we first moved in the bass noise was audible Fri-Sun. Last summer it stopped and it was blissful. About 6 mo ago it was worse than ever. I asked around and found out they had soundproofed the club. WTF? Before it was bad only Fri-Sun. After soundproofing it was Tues-Sun (every night they are open). I agree the club was there first and that does count for more than a little. Part of the problem is that many of us were unaware that we were moving in right next to a nightclub. I think this was negligence on the part of the building management. Also Neighbours has says they want to work with us. I believe this is possible because it doesn't start becoming a problem until 11, then (on nights they are open till 4) it becomes WAY lounder right at 2ish. I think they are unaware of what it sounds like for the tenants because you can't tell by being in the club, the alley way, or outside the building. The bass is only audible inside the apartments so no doubt the club staff and SPD, who can't hear it from outside the club, probably think someone is hearing something that is barely there, if at all.
Part of the problem is that
That corner was zoned for commercial use, why the hell would they put apartments there? The city should have at least had the forethought to require the developers to have some sort of sound insolation. I really think it's a problem with the building itself rather than the sound outside. If you CAN'T hear the club while you're walking up to it than I think Neighbours complied with the law. Remember, a person talks about 65 decibels. The noise ordinance is around 70 -75 decibels. If you can't hear the BOOM BOOM while someone is talking to you, then you're good.
I wonder how much of the taxpayers money her 500 plus calls have cost us all. She should be told to stop it or be charged with 911 abuse.
I thought 911 was for emergencies....Noise is an emergency??!!!?? Hope she is not making her nightly call when the pedestrian is by a car on Broadway and Pike after the blinding traffic cramera has failed to work....... just saying.
nightclubs are businesses and should be in commercial areas, not residential parts of town; likewise apartments need to be in residential only. city officials need to step in and decide who should go.