Maybe Michelle Won't Let Him Tap That


beavis and butthead style humor.
"He said Tap."-Jon Stewart
I would have liked it better if it were:

"Obama Taps Clinton Ideas, Beer Keg, Shoes, but Not Clinton Herself."
Wow, Dan, did you miss your morning coffee?
Would Bill object? Or join? Or sneak off to tap Michelle?
Obama is too busy screwing American investors to waste time on Hillary.
@6 - I think you meant American speculators.

Investors are doing fine.
Always pick the freshest FLOTUS.
I miss Cleavon Little.
I just threw up a little bit.... My brain needs a serious purging right now
Yes, investors in for the long haul who had the misfortune to be invested when the Democrats took over Congress a year and a half ago doing fine with the 45% of their "investment" that they have left. (For the math challenged they have lost OVER HALF)
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wouldn't be so bad if equal but really do we want to make fun of male politicians and tapping them?
Do we want to make fun of Obama and tapping him?
No we don't.

But women are fair game, is the message.

**Kinda dilutes that whole equal rights thing btw.**
@11, investors only lost more than half if they bought *only* at the very top of the market. Which would make them more than slightly retarded if they had even a single opportunity to invest before or after the bubble.

Of course there are a lot of people hurting right now, but let's not pretend that the sky has fallen--and that it's the fault of those who are trying to clean up the mess that was handed to them.
@12, I'm pretty sure you have some good points in there, PC, but you have terrible technique for getting your point across (i.e., making a point without sounding bitter and batshit crazy).
Real investors shifted into bonds around October, @11.

You'd know that if you weren't a speculator like most Republicants.
It made me laugh out loud, therefore it is good.
Well, but, seriously, who the hell would tap that?

seriously, who the hell would tap that?

I'm sure some women find Barack Obama very handsome. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

While I'm sure Hillary knows her way around a strap-on (and is probably quite useless without one) the headline was quite clear in who was not tapping who...

But I wouldn't tap Obama either. though at the rate my taxes are going up, I'm preparing to feel completely tapped-out.

I just think its rude that he didn't even kiss me first. And didn't anyone ever tell him that lube is a common courtesy?
i am so thoroughly sick of people bitching about taxes. like to look at the *small* picture, don't you?