I thought fetishes came from the nuns forbidding you to see or think about something, not from putting it all over the TV.
Oh man. Dibs on that.
I'll bet he's hung like a...
If you really want to fetishize this half man, check out Double Impact. Click on the octopus if you're a Cthulhu fetishist.
I thought fetishes could not be created from seeing something in the media or on the internets, they are just sitting there waiting for you to notice them?
Its wrong .... Its just so wrong.... But I like it....
This is what leads to tragedies like the horse fucking in Enumclaw...
but you were already a centaur fetishist.
Do centaurs have two sets of internal organs, or is the abdominal cavity of the upper, humanoid torso empty of lungs and viscera (if so, why the extra ribcage)?
I'm so glad I'm not the only one.
Horses and fryers and lairs... oh my!

" Get your bread on the table boys.... your all enabled to fight crime and injustice.... damn my ass is smart!
Centaurs were hot before this campaign, but now because of these ads I get to see them without watching Fantasia. Thanks, Old Spice.
In the science fiction series Titan/Wizard/Demon by John Varley, he has an extended explanation of centaur sex and procreation. First thing to know is they have front and back genitalia, thus there are four gender combination: FF, FM, MF, and MM.

The centaur egg, approximately the size of a marble, requires both front and rear fertilization for successful procreation. This allows centaur colts to have from one to four parents -- the solo option requiring an incredibly egotistical MF to manually fertilize and implant his/her own egg.

So if Alex Rodriguez were an MF centaur, he would jerk off on his egg, then stuff it back up his own cooter. And we'd have litters of little A-Rods cantering about.
if you get raped by a centaur, is it bestiality?
Better than the vampire fetishists we have now.
Wow. Thanks, Smartypants. Informative AND topical.
I look forward to the episode of Inside The Actors' Studio where James Lipton interviews this guy about his subtext. I'm mean he's really In The Moment here....
The horse has no penis.
@ 18,

Also, he's a gelding.
I have the exact same dynamic going on for this actor that I do for Jeffrey Donovan of Burn Notice: He creeps me the fuck out, and at the same time, in spite of/because of that, I think he's hot as hell. I want to hate-fuck him so bad.
Half man, half rusty old time cannon on thier web site is pretty hot. I mean, that's a BIG cannon.
i'll be calling you about my centaur fetish problems anytime now...
On that double impact site linked in an earlier comment, I think the mini-tank half body with the tank's gun positioned as his dick (it even fires) is the most disturbingly frank. They didn't even try to make that one into a joke...all the guy says is "I'm not sure what this is," and then it fires. *facepalm*
love to be in that shower with him...
Love to be in the shower with him, what a stud...

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