In Non-Mayoral Campaign News


After being convicted and exposed as being a shoplifter and law-breaking, I just can't imagine how the Stranger feels that you warrant credibility on law and police reporting.

What a joke
Go read the Weekly, Janine.
I will not read The Seattle Weekly.

You see, the same discerning mind that equips me to distinguish between bullshit (and helped me to choose the Stranger) is the same discerning mind that helps me distinguish between the Stranger's bullshit.

God, I'm a more epic writer than Erica and I have no shoplifting charges.
@3: If this is an example of your epic writing, we'll stick with ECB.
you go for it J.R.
Epic? OK, then.
Wait, does this possibly explain something about Erica's tormentors? They WANT HER JOB? That's hilarious.
I'm so glad Holmes is stepping up. It will be an uphill battle against Nickels machine money, and the likelihood he would get the ST endorsement is low. However, a Stranger endorsement and a rising tide of reform impulse by voters could sweep Carr out of office, and Holmes would provide a breath of fresh air.
Carr isn't gonna be getting any Nickels machine money, I'd bet.
@9: Really? I don't pay close attention, but I can't remember a single public disagreement Carr and Nickels have had. Any further info would be appreciated.
@10: You're right, you don't pay attention. And based on your numerous comments on this and other topics, you know very little about most things.

Would you be so kind as to name one public disagreement between Nickels and Carr?

It isn't what's spoken publicly--it's what the Nickels machine says about Carr behind his back that matters.