UWPD Wants Your Help Finding Stolen Bikes


Good smart community policing. Way ta go UWPD.
Doug Schulz is a fabulous bike theft investigator. He helped me get my stolen bike back- 8 months later from Arizona! IMO cracking down on bike thieves should be a top community priority, and we should all make an effort to support UWPD in this. They are doing the most of any jurisdiction to keep our steel steeds safe.
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My bike was one of the ones stolen. I found it on a CL ad in Portland last week, went down there to try to buy it back, but just missed it.

You can read about my Portland Adventure (there are pictures!!) and help me recover it by sending the link to your friends!

== tinyurl.com/stolen-redline ==

Thank you!!
. I know how it feels now, I have had 2 mtn.bikes stolen from me on Capitol Hill in the last 2 months, an older purple and green Trek 930 and a newer red white and blue Trek 6700. I does not feel good! Thank you UWPD for helping us get our bikes back.