Susan Hutchison, Partisan Republican Religious Wingnut


For many years, Susan Hutchison attended University Presbyterian Church. Not sure if she still does, but that's pretty mainline. Not a lot of wing-nutters, more mainstream Republican and conservative Democrat types. Bill Clinton attended services there when he visited Seattle.
Ellen Craswell lives!
I wonder what she thinks of a free shopping trip to Victoria's Secret this weekend at Southcenter.

Any bets on whether or not Dawkins and Hutchison fucked?? Seriously, she wouldn't shut-up about him. Also, dark matter is not unlike Jesus Christ.
You stole this story from, which posted it yesterday, and you posted it without a hat tip (attribution).

After your recent appearance in court for stealing wine from QFC, and given the conditions set, one would think you would be more fastidious. Apparently not. The judge in your case will be duly notified.

I did not know that Horse's Ass owned TV Washington.
We got the video in the same email that HA did. ECB waited to post until late in the day because she was editing and writing her section. No h/t required.
@2..."Ellen Craswell lives!"

Actually, my first impression was to hang a pair of expensive Japanese frames from each ear and you'd pretty much resemble another Palin in appearance. I was terribly disappointed with the speech. I thought its delievery and content was shallow. Another road to nowhere? We'll see.

As far as I can discern, she has said absolutely nothing of substance regarding the state of the county; what motivates her and why she would be the best candidate to replace Sims. I do hope there is more so we can make an informed judgment of her qualifications and abilities.
Allow me to summarize: There's lots of stuff scientists don't know about, so there must be a god. God pays attention to college athletes with bible verses written on their faces. Lets all pray for Richard Dawkins.

I don't know how the governor sat through that without hurling.
An Anita Bryant for the new millennium?

She's had work done and I'm pretty sure - looking at her make-up - she's been in the hands of Republican publicists and doll makers. They have plans for her.
I'm sure Anita is a LOT nicer than Susan.
bauhaus - she always looks like that.
Oh come on. Calm down.

Christian doesn't always equal crazy wingnut.

The reason I know this? We go to the same church. And no one gets up on Sunday and says "fear the gays!" I've never encountered one person there who doesn't think that science should be respected or that we shouldn't be accountable for our environment and the world around us.

The very nature of Christianity is that you believe in something bigger than yourself. So yes, she's going to come off as weird and spooky because if you don't believe, someone who prays and seeks God's guidance seems weird and spooky.

I'm annoyed that she donated money to people I don't agree with. I'm conflicted about her candidacy. But calm down! Save the incendiary rhetoric for something worthwhile. Geez.
Your comment makes no sense. posted yesterday, more than 24 hours before ECB's post.
Have we not had enough of government run by people who don't respect knowledge. Poeple who believe in "Christian" fairy tales don't respect rational thought, empirical or scientific evidence. They also put their religion before the well being of our citizens.
I believe she is running for County Executive, not the Council.

They got the info from the same source. Just because Horsesass got a story about something out first doesn't mean they own it.
So whom do I get to vote FOR so I can vote AGAINST this woman? Please tell me there's a decent alternative...
At this point I bet she polls close to both Dow and Larry - look for a horse race ... oh, God, not a real campaign in King County for exec.

Might be interesting. This area LOVES women in politics, name rings a bell.

And she surely is NOT Ellen ... stupid comment.

The issue will be who can clean up the mess that is called King County?

Mess makers of note, or new face? New ideas, new approaches, change of politics.

Susan is a plausible R candidate.
@15 You know, when you try to paint millions of people with broad, uninformed stereotypes, you come off looking just as paranoid and ignorant as the conservative evangelical shysters you're railing against. Seriously, Vince, you seem to be absolutely consumed with hatred for religious people. That's not healthy.
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@1 University Presbyterian Church is a mega church with a multi-million dollar budget and anti-gay policies and teachings:…
At least they were 20 years ago when I would hear them specifically preaching to college students about how terrible being gay is.
@22: You need to be more informed. The Presbyterian Church (USA) prohibits the ordination of gay ministers, elders and deacons. It's not up to the local church. Many local churches are currently trying to amend the national church's rules to change this, although that attempt is likely to fail.

So the Presbyterian Church is pretty much like America: we have DOMA, many states prohibit gay marriage, some permit it. While University Presbyterian certainly is not a progressive church, neither is it a home for bigots and wingnuts. It is, as I described it, mainstream.
Listening Susan I realized that I miss Sara.
Look, Sara was practicing foreign policy by watching Russia from her backyard. Susan funds new gigantic telescope to find the God in dark mater/dark energy.
She actually spends Simonyi’s money. Does Simonyi share Susan’s interest to cosmology as a mean to find the God? If yes this would explain his often visits to space.
There are simpler ways to move close to the God and he is still eligible for a Darwin Award (…).
She heads the chair of the board of directors for Seattle Symphony. Time to cancel you subscription.
Interesting, I watch Hutchison's speech and I see a kind, friendly, intelligent woman, asking life's big questions about faith and science, who opens herself to both. I hear a caring woman speaking of tolerance and promoting good for others.

And I look on this blog, and see hate, intolerance, selfishness and close-mindedness from authors and commenters alike. (with, fortunately, at least a few exceptions)

Says a lot.