Goodbye, Brain! Sorry I Accidentally Exploded You!


But if it were all auctioned off to different people, it would never be experienced all together in one place again. And when the new owners showed off one piece of it and said it was Michael Jackson's, you'd think it was just the delusional work of a dotty fan. Nobody would believe he was really that crazy without seeing the whole lot.
holy shit
I'd heard that fairies dance and goblins sing, but until now I'd never seen proof.
Hey Lindy West:
Here is a video too if you are interested in posting:…
Thank you and ohmygod! More please! More!
So I guess we know what Reagan meant when he prattled on about traditional values...

And whats with the one monster child in the third picture?
More! More!

What the motherfucking FUCK is with the statues? of the the crazy-face redhead girls? in the glass case? with her hand up bunny's ass? Appalachian Death Camp For Kids?

And the weeping woman -- you can't design these details, they can only be handed down to you by God.

Wow. WOW. You've gone too far this, time, Lindy. I think my gums just started to bleed.
Are the signed catalogs still for sale even though the auction is apparently closed? They were selling for $500 or so.
Who doesn't go to view a bankrupt celebrity's possessions while wearing a red rubber dress?

That auction contains enough material, both props and story ideas, for 5,000 horror flicks. I call dibs on a movie starring the red headed statues.
Fine, exemplary work.
I think that I wouldn't mind too much if for one day, Slog consisted of only Michael Jackson auction items.
Does anybody else find the Sam Phillips quote scrawled on Elvis ("If I can only find a white man with a black man's sound, I could make a million dollars") really unsettling? Obviously it applies to Elvis, who got that magic by appropriating a black man's sound, but it also applies to Michael Jackson, who seems to have tried to appropriate a white man's look.

Things like this make me think he must be the loneliest guy in the world.

Dear Lindy,




Never die.
Unreal. He's even more fucked up than we imagined him to be. Creep-tastic.
more, please! muchas gracias!
And yes. Please post more pictures. I need more to gawk at.
When he dies, hopefully soon, his carcass should just be unceremoniously dumped into a sewage treatment pool or a landfill. What a horrible human being.
Roddy McDowell? As a child?

Ohhhhhh.... NOW it all makes sense.

Thank you.
This is what happens to your brain when you have more money than god and have spent your entire life living outside of reality.

Then it all turns to shit and we get to see it on display.

Bizarre, thy name is Michael Jackson.
C'mon, Lindy, write the book. Somebody has to. Have you seen that documentary that Brit did a few years ago, where they wander around the world's ugliest antique store in Vegas, with Michael pointing at every single monstrosity in it, saying either "I have one of those" or "I'll have that, please". Not to mention the perv stuff -- I mean, he's the world's weirdest person even before you get to the perv stuff.

"Don't Stop Til You Get Enough" and "Shake Your Body Down To The Ground" are still the world's most perfect pop records, though, which just makes the story even better.
@17, what a philistine. When MJ dies, his body should be covered in gold and placed on a rotating plinth with hundreds of lasers shining on it on the Mall in Washington, DC.
I feel like I just walked thru an old-timey freak show. It was horrifying but I couldn't look away. Thank you so much for posting these - more please.
my idea of hell is viewing this stuff while on a bad acid trip.
I crapped my pants.
it just makes me so happy that his costume designer just took a normal, economical sock, and then made it a bedazzled masterpiece. IT IS NOT A SPECIAL SOCK. IT IS JUST A NORMAL SOCK WITH ADORNMENTS.
Up until now, I really, really thought I knew what "bat-shit crazy" meant. I was wrong.
i've seen graceland and pictures of liberace shit..but this joint right here?'s the sistine chapel of crazy town. it's's... it's...
...and people dropped off their kids here to play and spend the night ???.. i mean .. and this is the shit he decided to sell ? what did he get to keep ?
Is that a huge sculpture of Michael Jackson as a cowboy in the background of the ring of children dancing?

Was the woman in red held in the Neverland prison as a child?

Holy Shit...The California Raisins memorabilia are the least bizarre items there.

The Little Orphan Annies with the bunny rabbit hand puppet look like they are screaming to get out of that glass case. There's a creepy metaphor in there somewhere.

I recognize most of the cartoon characters in the first painting but who is the green duck in the lower right corner? And why is MJ aiming a slingshot at him?

The auctioneer's catalogs are online, so you can take a look at many more of the creepy fantastical things

(… )
I need that triptych. Oh, my.

Aren't most of them Tiny Toons? So the green duck would be Plucky Duck.
You know, if had a lot of money, I would totally collect weird and funny things. And I could never even get close to Michael Jackson being completely serious.
Am I the only person thinking that the gate-weeping lady looks pretty fine from behind..?
Thanks, keshmeshi, I guess Plucky Duck and the Tiny Toons were after my time. Still wonder what's up with the slingshot. Doesn't Jocko know he could shoot someone's eye out with that thing?

I'm still marveling at the Reagan letter. It isn't every day the President of the United States writes a sympathy note to a celebrity whose hair caught on fire.
i love those socks, though.. seriously, if i had the money and the auction weren't canceled and all, they'd be on my feet right now.
Oh my god, you just made my month.

That was fanfuckingtastic.
That's the most incredible piece of wow I've seen in a very long time.
Wait, what the fuck, Ronald Reagan "knew from experience" that "these things can happen on set"? DID RONALD REAGAN'S HAIR CATCH ON FIRE AND I MISSED IT?

(I will have hideous nightmares about those redhead Exorcistic face-eating Orphan Zombies for the rest of my life.)
These photos must still be a poor representation of what it must be like to walk among that stuff. Oh, my god, Lindy, you'll have to write a full article about it.

John Waters once quoted someone else about Ike Turner, saying that he was the only person who could spend a million dollars at Woolworth's. This shows that Michael Jackson is the only person who could spend a billion dollars at a flea market.
It is unfortunate that he actually had the money to flaunt his insanity whereas the millions of others of similar persuasion are just too poor to seem anything but sane.
.......what do you even say to that?
That man is a national treasure.
All that money, and all he bought was crap.....

This child molester is a piece of shit. He deserves nothing more then a long, miserable, lonely life, duct taped in my basement receiving meal time beatings....

"It rubs the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again."
Who would've ever wanted to buy any of that shit???
The ring of bronze children is a copy of the one in down town Stalingrad…

It is amazing this made it through the worst, longest fighting in world war two!
The man is one sick mother fucker.
Who would have that shit in the garage.

oh my god... listed in the same catalog for sale are a butter churn and a crystal ball. He is a walking mad lib!
i think the wax figures of the little girls are the Olsen twins. Oh the humanity.
Please learn french before automatically assuming that "child size chaise lounge" means nude kids in a chair, it means a child size lounge chair, in fact only one word in there was french, and that's chaise. Which means chair.
"Original paintings by Michael Jackson (top) and Macaulay Culkin (bottom)."

@ Andre - please read the actual post before commenting.

So yes, what a wonderful collection of junk. There are hordes of lunatic fans out there, feeling perturbed and saddened that they are never going to get their mitts on a piece of tainted trash.

Is it just me, or do most of the illustrations look like those on those travelling carnival rides?
The man is clearly disturbed and in desperate need of psychiatric care. I question his mental status and worry for his children.
@51. Calm down. Chaise lounges are frequently the furniture of choice in classic nude paintings. Therefore, a child size chaise lounge could only be used to paint a reclining nude portrait of a child. That said, ick.
We've all heard of the man who has everything. It appears that Michael Jackson is the man who had ANYthing.

God, what a bunch of junk!
George Washington with a jeweled glove and aviator shades... that series of portraits is amazing.
they need to make a museum, and MJ can just charge people and make money that way

Geezus fuck that's amazing.

This is, like, a tour of the inside of the brain of a person who spent 30+ years at the pinnacle of our popular culture. Isn't it scary? It's not that HE'S that fucked up. WE are that fucked up. Frosted and twisted and completely disconnected from reality. And bankrupt.

Dark doesn't know how to get any darker than that. Magnificent.

I think they should use his whole place as a detention center for fundamental terrorists. Talk about punishment.
violet..i think you're on to something.
i just figgerd out that that the painting of him as peterpan is on his momofriggin car.. lindy, what kind of car is that ?
No, @32, the green duck would be Fucky Duck.
@ everyone: I have more pictures. I'll post a part 2 when I get the chance.

@ 55: exactly, thanks.

@ riz: IT'S A GOLF CART! or just a miniature car. i don't know what the distinction is.
Horribly, the first thought that came into my head was, "So what do you think Tom Cruise has in his attic?".

Obscenely rich, disconnected from reality for years, worships strange gods and practices strange rituals. Which one is crazier?
i am befudled, amazed, disgusted, enlightened, happy, sad, jealous, nauseous, gassy, god I dont know what to think! aaaggghhh!! other than that i wish i was MJ's therapist, that person probably has almost as much money as MJ himself!
How come so many people with gazzillions of dollars have such abominable taste? Oh! But the whimsical old white people are SUPER SCARY. Ha ha ha...[the auction was CANCELED?! But I had a bid on the filthy doormat!]
MJ is a victim of character assassination. Job well done. He abused kids didnt he?......didnt he?
Holy smokes dude that is insane!

Batshit crazy, definitely. But if this stuff had been found in Andy Warhol's basement, it would have been declared evidence of genius.
I'll bet that some of those paintings/sculptures are gifts from deranged fans over the years. That doesn't make *keeping* it any less deranged, but I'm just sayin'...
andy roo posted a video at the top of the comments and it gives a more detailed tour of the almost auction. simply epic. but the nightmares i will get from the bit about the MJ mural of him being dubbed king or whatever will haunt me forever. FOREVER.

but be that as it may, lindy, you are my favorite person. you made my day.

and about the redheaded child statues......can anyone say.....CHUCKY?
Please upload these somewhere in a higher resolution. I'm dying to have some of these as a wallpaper.
Look, the man has a commitment to blowing minds. On stage, on recordings, and in his collection of fantastically, tragically, unbelievably, abominably GLORIOUS comissioned artwork of himself. It doesn't matter how your mind gets blown, just that it gets blown.

Christ he had to wake up one day and think, "I need a painting of myself as a knight kneeling down to myself as a king, and monkeys". This didn't just HAPPEN. This was MADE.

I am jealous. When is this display over? Please, please post all your pictures.
@ 36 - Ewwww! I would NEVER put my feet in socks that were on Michael Jackson's feet! Ewww!
Oh, "laterite" and "meags", I laughed forever.

Even the comments on here are mind-devouring. Forever. I could. Not. Stop.
Page 96 of the catalog. . . tell me that kid doesn't look like Macaulay Culkin. Ooogie.
Just lock him up and throw away the key
This makes me sad. I believe that he is just a normal person that went eccentric with fame and lonliness.
Wow. This is what happens when you grow up as a kid watching cartoons of yourself on tv
Xanadu - stately home of Charles Foster Kane. Price? No man can say.
saying all that is said -remember he thought he was a women -we buy that s**t, being rich that junk is a social status -duhhhhhhhh !ever been seen other mansions -same s**t without the wax --lol
Is Michael and Janets head okay.
The doctors can be sick in the world at times and they may have sickness in their family however I need a doctor can he come see me for my kids and me.
He can get in touch with me through others.
I think he helped many kids. How much money has he and his friends raised for sick kids world wide and how many.
Michael dont touch kids. How many have you touched and how many have you and all your famous friends helped in the world financially when they were dying . Come help me I still love you but I hate you too.
This stuff is just too bizarre for words. MJ being there aside, I would be totally freaked to live there with that stuff. Having the eyes of those statues and paintings watching you... ugh. ::shudders::
My english is messed up. I need Michael and a doctor.
I want his help. I hate him though. My head hurts.
Does his at times. Head injury is bad. The social workers and doctors are getting to me are they getting to him to. Help Michael. It is hard having
kids. I am great. I need to see you because I am a
genius. I love you Michael but hate you two.
I would never go to your concert. I never have seen a concert in my life for many reasons.We must meet I
am beautiful youd love me. You can look ugly in some phots.
It's all 'shopped. I can tell from the pixels, plus I've seen some 'shops in my day.
Can You Say Pedophile
Actually, I totally want those scissor-hands. I loved Edward Scissorhands (the character, not the movie - most of the movie sucked).
The "I'm a multidimensional creature..." painting strikes an oddly familiar and frightening resemblance to the painting of "Vigo" from Ghostbusters II
If i was an eccentric millionare id probly buy some fucked up useless shit too
this made my night. the letter from reagan is pretty awesome, but e.t. really rocks those aviators.
@88 *gasp* It did NOT suck! That is a false statement! Repent!
Could it possilbly still be that he was not a child molester, and just a weird person? There's certainly no crime in the latter, but MJ damn sure takes weird to a far extreme.

If however the allegations of child abuse are true, the real horror is that he got away. And if so, it's hard to find much humor in all this. At least for me.
I had a migraine before I (ill-advisedly) looked at those pictures. Now I sort of feel like I've had a stroke. I got off the bus at the wrong stop and can't figure out how to exit Crazytown.
@21 Fnarf is a genius.
@93 I always figured that if he really did molest children then his handlers ought to go down with him. This is a man who does not function without assistance. If he was molesting children he had lots of help getting them there, taking care of them, keeping them quiet, etc.
@Lindy. I adore you!!!!!
That collection is like the perfect storm of crazy. Or the aftermath of an ether binge.
Tudo aqui é lindo e ele merece mesmo ser coroado como rei
de elisangela para meu nenem michael jackson eu te amo beijos e fique com Deus
Absolutely amazing! A true narcisist!

A debt of gratitude to Ms. West - for posting this 'collection'. Could we have Ms Graves weigh in on the artistic merit of these works?
I was there this weekend too - so freaking amazing! I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT! Everyone should see this stuff!