Gary Randall: Not a Washington Voter


Great reporting, great post. Thank you!
It's NAZI TACTICS to report this stuff! Real Americans put rights up to a vote and don't care that someone is carpettbagging. God bless this man and all true xtians send him $$$ now!
Geeeeez Dominic. Way to be a giant nazi by like totally investigating a guy who has thrust himself into the public sphere by his own volition and then reporting facts that literally anyone could find out if they spent 10 minutes trying. You're totally like the same as Hitler and shit.
Do we still invoke Godwin's Law, even if the comments are totally snarkastic?
It's chilling. First they came for the Oregon voters who try to file a referendum in Washington but I didn't speak up because I'm not an Oregon voter and I don't want to file a referendum in Washington but if I did I'd at least be a Washington voter. Then they -- hey look a kitty! Kitty kitty kitty!
Good job, Dom. Great reporting. I'm curious: if this doesn't nip the referendum shit in the bud, what would be alternate avenues FFN might consider? Can they get a proxy here in-state to file the referendum?

As much as I hope this signals the failure of their idea, we all know that this type of wingnut tends to fight until the bitter end...
Not when I post them, COMTE.
Someone should find a way to spacegoat Gary Randall.
Faith and Freedom Network has a full time lobby in Oregon as well.
@6: As a preview of what's to come for them, his fundraising letter was released on his own behalf as a non-voter from the state of Oregon and can be construed as the beginning of the referendum process, which in turn would mean...

I won't finish that, it would spoil the surprise. Suffice it to say, this will turn spectacular.

Unfortunately for the punishment-gluttons, he's still getting a nice paycheck out of this. Hell, he could send a fundraising letter tomorrow and never file and still take a pittance of thousands and thousands of dollars.

Somehow, I'm sure he knows that. Most fundraising is first-push, not last-push. The big donors are already lined up, it'd be smaller donors after this point and in a state this size, he'd not get much more than he has today.

Not filing would make him more money than filing, basically.
@10 Ah, I see what you're saying. He's already getting what he showed up for, referendum or no referendum.
If you go to the WA Public Disclosure Commission's website, you'll see that Gary Randall has set up "The Faith & Freedom PAC" with Senator Dan Swecker and Jennifer Lee. Interestingly, although his communications say this will be the PAC to receive referendum funds (it hasn't yet - he is still funneling contributions to his orgs), this PAC isn't set up as a Ballot Committee but as an "Other Political Committee". I wonder if there are strict rules about using a non-ballot committee for a ballot effort?
@11: He said he'd decide to file when he found out through polling if there was support, but he's fundraising in advance of that.

It hearkens back to all those PACs that spring up before elections claiming to have XYZ agenda but legally disburse funds as administrative expenses after doing jack squat, sitting on an interest-building fund for future go-nowhere initiatives that basically pay out annually to their very tiny and well-padded board.

Essentially, he's played his hand. If he can advance enough money through fundraising, he won't bother with the referendum. If he's going to lose money through filing, he won't bother. If he'll have leftovers, he'll sit on them and put up a half-hearted push. It just doesn't add up in terms of going at this full-bore. He's going to pocket a big wad.

And for a time, with this issue, his take will increase. The more marginalized a group feels, the more they'll give. In this case, I'm sure he'll pull the referendum and blame a concerted smear campaign and ask for fundraising to help future fights, saying "it's only a matter of time" and such.

Not to play campaign manager for him, but the biggest gain would be him releasing one more fundraising letter, doing some kind of op-ed circuit, then releasing a poll that says support for blocking gay marriage is high, but people don't realize that this measure is gay marriage and would "wrongly" uphold the bill, proof, absolute proof, that the blogosphere has tainted everyone's mind. Then he'd come back and say to his funding base, "a smear campaign, my friends, has brought our chance to protect marriage to a temporary halt. You can help by giving $5, $10 or $100 today to ensure that this is the last stand, and when they come back, we'll be ready."

If he goes ahead with the referendum, opposition would be high enough that he'd reduce his visibility and the virulence of the campaign in hopes the pro-equality side overworks and in winning plays into his hand that solidifies his funding base for years to come.

That's how Steve Forbes and the flat taxers ended up hauling in cash well into the mid aughts, playing victim without spending too much cash.
@12: Aha, it's clear now.

Basically, violations of any sort would mean a jail sentence of less than one year and a fine of less than $5,000. Enforceable insomuch that he's a resident of the state, technically (he holds a residence here). A pittance, especially if he makes some kind of bargain to push his sentence to 0 days and 0 hours.

For Swecker, especially, it would help assist in flagging numbers and for Lee it would give increased visibility.

Nobody loses.

Interesting to see that they're serious, but it's fairly true that they'd lose. Still doesn't mean we can let our guard down.
Hey! As a member of the Faith and Freedom Network, I take offense! Also as a member of the Liberty and Security Society, the Association for Transparency in State Secrecy, the Automotive Industry Executives for Green Energy, and Feedlot Operators Against Cruelty to Animals.
Great story, Dom! Way to shine a light.
as usual,
all screaming hissy fit,
no real world smarts.

how hard will it be to now find a Washington resident to file the referendum petition?
not hard at all.

had you held on to this information until Randall filed the petition you could have had it nullified.
@17: As it is, it just points out to reasonable, moderate people -- the majority, who are really going to decide these issues -- how sleazy organizations like these are.
@17 when you cut and past the same message on more than one place, you lose all credibility and looks like a troll. now go and tell gary randall that you failed in your mission to undermine our joy at his idiocy and incompetence. run along now.
I hope I have as much credibility as you when I grow up
Like the sleazy 55% of California that passed Prop 8?

(or the sleazy Brownshirt thugs who opposed it?…
@18: Yeah, not much for the reading are you? I said sleazy organizations like Faith and Freedom. But I guess they let trolls into schools. They eat too many children.

By the way, was there a big sale on brown shirts that I missed out on? It seems EVERYONE on both sides is being accused of wearing them.
talking to yourself in public again?
@23: Thank you for pointing that out. Everyone? I meant @21, not @18 in post 22. My thanks to "remember..." for pointing that out and keeping the Slog nice and tidy.
God, I love you guys. Real reporting! It's like a daily miracle.
I can't wait for the day when our interweb technology is so powerful that we can automatically predict that we have enough equal rights voters to snowplow a referendum like this.

Then we can start egging these people on. They'll go to work, take home a paycheck, and spend their money to get these anti-gay referendums up and marketed, only to lose horribly and find they totally wasted their money.

All this works because we're smarter and therefore should make more money. And we're better marketers.
A friend of mine made an interesting point - will the campaign name against this jackass and his ilk borrow from the past, and at the same time be a literal interpretation message to these money-funneling outsiders - HANDS OFF WASHINGTON???