Miss Californicate


Maybe she should re-read that part about casting stones?
Yes, but only MEN are allowed to be turned on by those images of her.

I suspect that most, if not all, of these religious people are hypocrites.

Unfortunately, most of them aren't hot enough to have their hypocrisy captured in glossy print.

I want those fucking photos. I want the beav shots.

Are there beav shots?

Oh, please, Dan! Please tell me there are beav shots!

Well really, wearing a cotton/poly blend is disobeying the word of God. There is a lot of useless crap in the Bible, but if I recall from Sunday School, the main commandment was to love others. So anyone obsessed with spreading hate to their fellow humans is kind of out of line, accordingly.
I have never before in my life said this, and I never will again, but, I'd really like to see what Perez Hilton has to say about this....

We knew she was dumb, but really? Naked pictures? When your goal is to be a pageant queen? At least wait until after your reign, honey...
Yeah..that wasn't very bright...but, I'm also a believer that she didn't do well on that question at least partially because of how she said what she said, not what she said...

But, I feel like people often try to decide for themselves that whatever they're doing is okay. For example, my roommate my Freshman year of college was extremely anti-gay, because ya know, the bible said so, but then she would go have sex with guys every weekend. Which clearly is fine. And I'm sure there are many other people who do the same thing and condemn homosexuality because of the bible, but do many other things the bible condemns.
And I'll bet that she eats shellfish regularly...

p.s. Dan is right on, as usual.
Her official pagent bio said she worked as a model. Maybe, this is a less than professional looking lingerie picture from her portfolio? Or, not?
Some news is good news.
The real question is: did she do the topless photos before or after the fake boob job?
Raise your hand if you're surprised by any of this.
I'm just waiting, waiting, waiting for the gay porn pictures of Rush Limbaugh to surface That my friends will be a joyous (if nauseating) day.
Something about the photo doesn't seem right...it looks like the face may have been photoshopped -- see the unusual shadows? Still, she's a hateful skank, or so I've heard.
If those are modeling shots...well, the photographer should be beat about the head and shoulders with wet newspaper or something. She looks pretty unattractive...from the cheap underwear to the un-perkiness of her side (fake) boob shot, to the scrawniness of that shoulder blade. I mean, I know I'm a het-gal, but I swear I could have taken something that showed her off in a more attractive light. Nice light on her whitened teeth...for what that is worth.
Fucking slut. Feed her to the birds.
I can't believe you all aren't running this YouTube video already. It's been out all day and really hilarious. Great writing AND acting. You see/hear more with each playing.


"I didn't win the Miss USA Pageant but I won something much, much better. No one even knows that other girls' name now..."

Sorry that video link broke. Trying again.


It's naughty, embarrassing fun to find despicable people, people you would spit on if you met them on the street, sexually desirable.
Just found out that unregistered comments can't have active html links. No problem. Hopefully third time's the charm.


or http://tinyurl.com/cvy59l
Nice Rack
First Timothy: "I permit no woman to teach or have authority over a man."

Divine!!! Yes, and I love this registered thing. The pictures are a little confusing...
still a boner killer zombie.
i guess it's some weird inner wired thing about breastises, but i wadn't interested in the what she looked like until just now.
a freakishly orange zombie, whose wing of doom is about to pop out of fleshy lower shoulder joint.

Obviously you guys at the Stranger aren't the sort would be checking out the Victoria's Secret catalog at 2:00 am in the morning...because shots like those are regular for any standard catalog including the flyer in the Sunday Press from Target.



Surprised it took this long for something to surface, really.
And we're bound to see more explicit pics eventually.
Still waiting for the incriminating video of Carrie "Opposite Marrige"
Prejean and Elizabeth Hasselbeck inflatrante delicto. Either that or Karl Rove fucking a (male) goat.
No, no, you don't understand. Those pictures are of her old boobs. So she totally gets a pass on this.
This doesn't make any sense. She just had the implants for the contest, right? But the boob in this shot looks pumped up already.
There's nothing inconsistent in her message: If your sexuality is legitimate then you're entitled to flaunt it. Let's see her photos from the opposite-sex pride parade float!
How dare she...
Only Dan is allowed to be hypocritical and criticize others for doing things he thinks are OK...
What does she think she is;
a pissy punk ass faggot?
I hope the woman has an excellent sex life - shows her tits to all who are interested - and - apparently that is a big herd.

I think it is a scam..... sort of normal now in the era of a million sites, and Creative Suite.

She will make tons of money, marry well, and be forgotten in ten years.

Her speaking fee is most likely more than Dan Savages ... and who is dumb?

Maybe Dan should do porn to pump up his street value.
At least in this photo she looks more human. In the pageant photos she looks more like an inflatable sex doll than a real person. I don't see how one would find her attractive unless one had imprinted on Barbie as a sexual ideal.

btw, are there any rules in pageants concerning how much of the contestant has to be made up of actual human tissue and how much can be collagen, silicone, and spray paint?
is that it? you can see more during a day at the beach. and i agree with a commenter above, this thing looks photoshopped.

look at the larger version of the photo at the dirty, you can see on her chin a distinct line separating two different shades of orange where someone pasted her face on another body. plus the bad airbrush work at the top of her shoulder near where the chin meets it.

while i'd love to see this bitch get her comeuppance i don't think this is going to be it.
Never thought we'd see Dan going all Bible-Thumper and calling people to repentance but if Slog is all about quoting our favorite scriptures here's one for you Dan-

Jude 1:7
Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire. (King James Version)

The New International Version says:
In a similar way, Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns gave themselves up to sexual immorality and perversion. They serve as an example of those who suffer the punishment of eternal fire.

Strange Flesh.
Sexual Immorality.

Dan is fond of going on TV and squealing how unhappy God is with Christians who bear false witness with their mouths.

how does God feel about Sexually Immoral Perverts putting Strange Flesh into their mouths?

Preacher Dan,
what does Eternal Fire feel like?

Congratulations on your new gig as Internet Soul Saver and Bible Quoter.

So Dan is Mr Erotic Art and pimping the SEAF like there is no tommorow but then gets all "look who's topless" on us.
In fact, if you link the Wiki entry for 'hypocrisy' you'll see some clown has inserted a picture of Ireland's Favorite Son.

37, Did you feel that breeze in your hair?
39, See my post at 39.
Okay, I blew that one.

38, see my post at 39.
I guess some people are really thick headed. Do you people not understand hypocrisy? Dan is not saying that posing nude is wrong. He is not saying that the bible is right. He's saying that a self rightous girl that claims to believe in the bible and uses it to promote bigotry is being hypocritical when she poses half nude.
@38: Did you get the license plate on that point that just whizzed past you? No? Too far away apparently.

The issue is not that she did saucy photos, the issue is she's holding up the bible as her rock and her shield amidst all the evil homos that are trying to do her dirt, BUT she still manages to whip out the titties when it suits her, despite the usual take by the Bible Bunch that profligate titty-whipping-out is not supported by The Lord.

People have such short memories of their own peccadilloes. If they just tended their own gardens instead of trying to tend their neighbors' they'd be so much better off (and yes, I admit that includes me here, now).
Preacher Dan;
I appreciate you sharing your insights into the Holy Word. Can you help me with a passage?
When the Bible calls for homosexuals to be put to death what method of execution do you think God intended?
That part of the passage is not clear to me...

Leviticus 20:
13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be PUT TO DEATH; their blood shall be upon them.

Thanks in advance!
Hardly something scandalous, every model has taken some type of nude pictures or posed for paintings since days of yore. This has nothing to do with her views on gay marriage and it reflects poorly on any news source to be seen siding with the likes of a Perez Hilton who not only obviously has an axe to grind with Miss Cali but is himself someone who has no morals and makes his living by tearing up others.
most bible thumpers are hypocrites by nature, since the bible contradicts itself many times over. literal interpretation of this passage or that is completely useless.
44, You miss a lot, don't you?

45, Posing for topless photos, being in a beauty contest then pretending to follow the Bible is as honest as claiming that gay marriage will harm opposite marriage when you are in a demographic that brings us an 80% out of wedlock births and broken homes.

Also according to AP, Miss Prejean admits the photos are real.
@45: that is an absolute falsehood. There are many models who refuse to do nude work because they have a certain moral standard and stick to it. But way to equivocate. When the sex tape shows up will you explain that away, too?
So it is wrong, even hypocritical, for Miss Cali to hold homosexuals to Bible standards if she will not abide them herself.
So it is wrong, even HYPOCRITICAL, for Dan to hold Miss Cali to Bible standards that he does not adhere to himself.
Dan may be being a hypocrite in order to snare a hypocrite but it does not change the fact that he is a HYPOCRITE.
Days of yore, huh? Funny how the nutjobs like Loveschild go all "oh that? It's nothing" about stuff like this when it's one of their own. The stupid woman had pictures taken of her shiny new post-boob-job titties -- an enhancement paid for by her beauty pageant -- but yeah, she's still a hero to the likes of Loveschild. How's the view from that glass house, Loveschild? Fucking hypocrite, you and her.

It is, however, HILARIOUS that this is who you've picked to be your spokesmodel.
LC, there's nothing a gay marriage opponent can do wrong, is there? You hypocrite.

Here's the issue: If you're going to use the Bible to justify ANYTHING, then you better be living in line with the Bible 100%.

THAT is the issue.

'Days of yore'?

49, Perhaps you should have read on to the last paragraph before the update?
Hardly something scandalous, every model has taken some type of nude pictures or posed for paintings since days of yore.
How many of these "models" claimed to follow the Bible, and wanted to deny others rights based on their selective cherry picking scripture interpretation?
@ 49, Dan is NOT holding himself up to Biblical standards. Therefore he does NOT have to meet them.

Miss California IS holding gays up to Biblical standards. Therefore she HAS to meet them too.

God, homophobes are fucking morons.
Dan is quoting the Bible and calling out Miss Cali.
Dan IS holding Miss California up to Biblical standards. Therefore he HAS to meet them too.

God, homos are fucking morons.
This is so dull. Who is this woman anyway and why does anyone care? Boobs, marriage, the Bible, hypocrites, Homos, Heteros, it's like a bad romance novel. The ONLY kind I read!
56, Really? Do you really not get the point? It's pretty obvious. That it's spelled out and still zooming over your head says more about you, and your poor reading comprehension than Dan.

As long as we're cherry picking scriptures, this is one of my very, very favorites!

Ezekiel 23:20
20 There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.
Here's the truth for all you guys here who seem not to know anything about women (figures), I've seen far racier pictures in lingerie catalogs. The warped view that some of you have of people of faith (specially women) surprises me because you seem to think that we have to be bland on all covered up like the women of the Taliban LOL. Here's another FYI, people of faith have just as much fun as any of you, we are young, love live and can balance it with having kids and work. We just do it in a healthy way.

You can cry foul all you want and all you'll accomplish with it is

1 Look like the aggressors and wanting to harm this woman

2 Equating gay rights with Perez Hilton

3 Coming out as women haters

Perhaps that's what you really want.
I love this Prejean woman. She's forcing all us civil rights proponents to finally stoop down to the level we need to to win this thing.

I mean, this has to be a ploy. She can't be so dumb tto not see that everything she's doing is working vastly in the opposite way she wants it to.

She has Dan namedropping Perez Hilton. She's a ringer.
56 & 57, it's called holding a mirror up.

LC, have all the fun you want; just know that you're not living by Biblical standards when you do.
Um, 61, have you ever read the Bible? It specifically says not to do all of the things you just listed. Oh, yeah, only gay people have to follow the Bible. You get pick and choose, and ignore what you don't want to follow. (Maybe that's why your demographic brings up over 80% of their children out of wedlock, and in broken homes?)
@57 -- No he's not:
But if "biblical values" are the standard by which Carrie Prejean wants to judge others—and limit their rights—then she should be judged by the same standard and called out if she fails to adhere to those same biblical/traditional values.

He's not holding her up, he's saying that if she's going to hold OTHERS up to those standards then she should be held to those same standards. You know: Let [s]he who is without sin cast the first stone? I bet if she slithered back to the silicone-enhanced rock she crawled from, Dan wouldn't waste another thought on her. I know I wouldn't.
First to the hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is the act of being less critical of oneself than of others. That means that if Miss California says "biblical values" are the standard by which she wants to judge others, she should follow them. Dan points out that he is pro-toplessness, so he's not enforcing any set of beliefs on anyone, just enforcing the set of beliefs that she has claimed to put upon herself on her, which isn't hypocritical.

@ 44 First of all, do you know how many things Leviticus says you shall be executed for? A married couple having sex during a woman's period, both should be executed. If one is a medium or spiritualist, stone them. Oh, and you can be executed for cursing ones parents. Leviticus forbids so many things, many of them food rules - such as following kosher, which somewhere back in the day Christians decided they didn't have to follow, so how did that one sentence of Leviticus become fair game?

But, beside that. Basically everything in Leviticus was written for one of two reasons: health or to differentiate Jews from Gentiles. Two men engaging in sex meant to be like the Gentiles. It was seen as a religious crime of idolatry, not a sexual offense, and that was why it was serious enough to merit death.
And Dan is the one holding the mirror up.

And Dan is the one holding the mirror up.

@ 68, That's right. He can do that and not be a hypocrite.
Did Loveschild's handle get scooped up by a pretender? She's not usually such a equivocator.

Loveschild: As our resident Krazy Kristian, when does it go from "fun" to "a sin"? I mean, I'm all for boobies and have no moral issue with seeing them and enjoying them in the context of consensual adult norms, but the KKs tend to have a more restrictive view on boobies and wave the magic book of stories around saying it proves that ladies should keep their boobies reserved for their husbands. Could you please explain at what point the magic book kicks in and for who?

Yes- he is:

"then she should be judged by the same standard and called out if she fails to adhere to those same biblical/traditional values."

Dan is judging her by Biblical standards.

He's IS holding her up, and if he's going to hold Miss Cali up to those standards then HE should be held to those same standards.
@ 72, you don't get it. Let's just say that you're really, really wrong, which is typical of someone driven to illogical conclusions by emotion, and leave it at that.
72, Let me see if I can dumb it down enough for you to understand.

Miss Prejean claims to live by the Bible, and says that others should too.

Dan doesn't claim to live by the Bible.

Now the next part seems to be where you get lost. Dan is saying that if one claims to live by the Bible, (Dan doesn't claim to live by the Bible) and wants to force others by law to live by the Bible, (as Miss Prejiz does) then that person should actually live by the Bible.

@ 74, don't you get it? Dan is AUTOMATICALLY signed up to live by the Bible when he turns it against Miss CA.

I see the light, o worthless troll! Hallelulia!
Apparently, she didn't read her entire Ms. Cali pagent contract or she had some reading comprehension issues. Contestants are not permited to pose for any nude photos, partial or full. I wonder if they regret helping her obtain her, to boost her self confidence, breast enhancement?
@72: No, he's not. Perhaps you are being purposefully obtuse, perhaps you are just stupid, but this is what is called an "if...then" statement. If X happens then Y should happen.

Like this one: IF he said "She has posed for racy photos and should be stoned", THEN he would be holding her up to biblical standards. He is merely pointing out the fact that she is cherry picking morality and ridiculing her for it. No bible necessary.
Cherry picking.
Like quoting Timothy to condemn Miss Cali but ignoring Leviticus?

Dan is the one quoting the Bible.

I know, we'll make it an "if...then" statement:

IF Dan is going to quote 1 Timothy 2:9 to condemn Miss California for dressing immodestly
THEN he should be willing to adhere to Leviticus 20:13 which calls for homosexuals to be killed."

Is that how it works?
I wonder if Miss California ever claimed to be perfect.
Or a perfect Christian.
I wonder if "Christians" would be inclined to extend forgiveness.
Or is that a favor only extended to "Christians" who support homosexuality?
@78: Dan referenced JoeMyGod, who offered the quote. He didn't say he believed it, nor supported it. Sorry. Go troll there, maybe you'll have better luck.
78, 79, Do you really not get the irony that don't follow the Bible, yet that isn't stopping you from quoting it.
Dan already linked JoeMyGod which had the verse.

But that wasn't enough for an indignant Bible-Thumping Sin Condemning Dan...
He also quoted 1Timothy 2:9 in full in his post and commented on it.

Admit it.
Dan is going all Anita Bryant on us.
82, again you are quoting the Bible, (Thumping, as you put it) yet you don't follow it.
I am a bad bad man.
This is the answer she gave that night:
"I think it's great Americans are able to choose one or the other," she said. "We live in a land that you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage. And you know what in my country, in my family I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody there, but that's how I was raised and that's how I think it should be, between a man and a woman." The issue then was about marriage and her answer was not advocating to hate another person... as for the photo, if she has returned to the God of the Bible (repents) she is forgiven and so will anyone else.
@ 85, that depends on whether she's sorry for posing for the pictures or for having them made public. Knowing these opportunistic people, it's probably the latter.
84, I wouldn't say you are bad, just not too quick on the uptake.
Ugh. I wouldn't fuck her with Pat Robertson's dick.
@ 89 has no new pix but a lot of annoying ads and popups.
@88 cont
Because I couldn't bear to have it out of my mouth for the time it would take....
It seems some commentators missed the point of Dan Savage's post. He quotes the Bible as an "if... then" (as pseudonym Bible study is so much fun! used) to refer to Miss California's use of the Bible to relate to her character. I think it's superfluous to post that sentence here, especially since Dan Savage's piece is two paragraphs long, so try reading it again (second paragraph) so you understand what Mr. Savage was trying to say.
It would also seem that some people here have a really poor understanding of the Bible. Specifically the nature of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. In that story the tradition of hospitality was violated by the citizens of those communities. A man had envited the messenger of God into his house and the rest of the community came to violate him, but the man offered up his daughters instead. this is a story of hospitality. When we are inhospitable to even the messenger of God surely we are deserving of his wrath. To parallel it to another teaching, think of the story of the good Samaritan who helped a robbed and beaten man despite the fact that he was of a people conisidered enemies of the Samaritans. So don't bring that shit up like it condemns Gays, you miss represent both Jews and Christians who have a God of love and inclusion. As for Carrie Prejean, she is a leotard. Maybe they should get her and Octo-pussy to do a film together, because thats their only hope for a financial future based upon their past merits. If they pass on that, then they should begin to fill out those Wal-Mart greeter applications.
I don't get the appeal of the skeletal form, myself, or the appeal of those rock-hard lumps of Barbie plastic on the front of the skeleton. But each to their own.
I think it's cute when people respond to the anonymous posts. It's like giving a quarter to a leper in Calcutta.
A quarter to a leper.

You're a big man, Sven.

A big big man.
A Big Brimming Boy.
A Bulky Copious Commodius Creature.
An Enormously Full Filled Fellow.
A Massively Mammoth Mound of Mankind.
A Ponderous Packed Pile of Person.
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A Hefty Hulking Humongous Heavyweight Heap of Husky Humanity.

A Big Fat Waddling Slobbering Tub of Jiggly Goo Sorry-Assed Excuse for a man.
86, we really don't know, cause that's ultimately between her and God... if her relationship with the Creator is genuine then mercy is promised, and the price of her transgressions will have been paid for by Yeshua (Jesus) at the cross. As this scripture states, Daniel 12:2,
"Multitudes who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake: some to everlasting life, others to shame and everlasting contempt." It is about the Way that we are to have a relationship with God, the Truth it reveals, and the Life that it will provide. God bless!
What is funny is how all of you fucking ass-to-mouth cocksuckers in these posts hate anyone else who has a different opinion then you, then you call everyone else hypocritic haters. Well, hey, if you like sucking shit-stained cock go for it because soon you will die and the rest of us won't have to smell your breath anymore.

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