And the KC Exec Is...


Ok so exactly one year ago the Nate Lippens scandal broke out, and the Stranger has yet to say a word about it. How about an update? You know your archives still say you are working on it as quickly as you can.
Interesting that all the Seattle Democrats voted for Triplett, and not the ex-Seattle Mayor. Royer is well resprected, but did he have a pro-business perspective that was not acceptable to the Dems?
I'm glad to see Larry and Dow, two fine candidates in their own right, agree on Triplett.
So did the other three vote for Royer?
Royer was/is an empty suit.
The unions bought today's vote. Everybody knew this vote was rigged, but no one had the guts to stand up and say so. The only question is did the unions buy Phillips, or Constantine, or both?…