J'aime les etats francais, anglais, aleman (sp?), suecais (sp??), norwegiane (sp???) et seq.
Self organizing entities organize toward only one end: their own replication. Any other effects of their existence is incidental. Any energy they expend that does not aid in self replication will eventually be weeded out, or the organization will be out competed by other organizations.

The Catholic Church is one prime example. The teachings of Jesus are incidental to the organizations structure, hellfire, recruitment, guilt, tything, and pomp. It's an organization that has been streamlined by time and complex decision making by thousands of indiduals to evolve into something that perpetuates itself.

Any organization with a chaotic and/or decentralized decision making structure will eventually evolve into a form of virtual life.

Of course I'm just pulling this bullshit out of my ass. I have no idea who thought of it before me. I'm sure someone did.