Greg Smith Buys Stake in PubliCola


"And I have some ideas about how to get there."

Does Smith know he's a silent partner?
I sort of wish this were a non-profit rather than for-profit model. At least that way greater transparency would be required about the financial infrastructure of this kind of new journalism. And it would less the potential for investors to make unreasonable demands because they see their money as investments to support their private interest rather than donations to promote the public interest.

Thanks for this report. I think that conflicts of interest aren't as much of a problem in the online world as in print -- because access to online is so much greater than access to print.

If PubliCola coverage were to be skewed because of conflicts, someone else on another blog would call them out and readers could stop visiting the site. Also, the comment section of stories would light up with accusations of bias.

Thus, it's in PubliCola's best interest to NOT let conflicts influence the coverage because the Internet forces transparency.