The End of Internalism


But why stop there?

I will retreat and deny (or hyperthesize) that any formlessness or nonobject inside of me is temporally disoriented by physical out-subeversion and other-identity. A formlessness is inside because I am inside. I hear this formelssness because I am where this that is not. My body, which is the form of my mind, expunges none of the void inside me with identities of mynonself. I am immeasurable from no thing. What is reponded as an inner mind experience is in illusory a functioning of the abnormal way of hearing formlessness in the void and in thought. The outside of myself is always inside of myself. Hegel's relativity is this incomprehension.
Personally, I think that discussing this should be restricted to Hegel being undressed while we snuggle under the covers and ignore the other cast members of Grey's Anatomy.

Oh, ok, the actress who plays Meredith can get under the covers but only if she doesn't pout.
I think Mudede is really the timecube guy.
I understand your theory, Charles. It's similar to what I rooted out for myself down in the Amazon jungle with an Ayahuasquero Shaman. :)

Your reality (the "I" or eternal now) is constituted of three coordinates: location, time, action. Everything outside of your current coordinate-location is mental abstraction of the self aka a thought projection. This includes people, locations, experiences. Anything and everything that isn't happening to you *now* is just a projection of yourself and your thoughts, expectations, and opinions about that thing.

This is true for everything physically or temporally separate from you. With will, you can move your experience along any of those three axis (time, space, action) to see what exists there but your 'home coordinates' is always your current physical location, current physical time, and current action.

These thought projections take several forms including 'memory' (revisiting coordinates that you've actually experienced), 'imagination' (visiting coordinates that you have not actually experienced) and of course 'now' (your current coordinates).

Using this paradigm, there really is no division between internal and external.
"A thing is out there because you are out there. You see this thing because you are where that this is." Very like 'A Course In Miracles.' Or as my friend Tall Fellow likes to say, 'That which appears to be coming at you, is really coming from you.
You know, Bergson was very emphatic about this point throughout his whole career. In Creative Evolution he writes:

"A priori and apart from any hypothesis on the nature of matter, it is evident that the materiality of a body does not stop at the point at which we touch it: a body is present wherever its influence is felt... The outlines we find in objects simply mark what we can attain and modify in them. The lines we see traced through matter are just the paths on which we are called to move."

I really love Bergson and hope you include him in your mix.
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