Westboro Comes To Washington


Why does God hate cigarettes?
Of course god hates jews. The whole point of the jewsish god is that you can never live up to his expectations and that he hates you for it. He just hates everyone else a lot more.
In that top photo, underneath "God hates Jews" there's a sign that says "bitch burger." Did I miss something? What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
@7, 5, and 1: thank you for not being spam.

Hooray for the trannies on the hood of the car! Classic.
Whatever it is, I'm hungry now. Some restaurant needs to make one right away. Or better still Slog needs to host a Bitch Burger Cook Off Competition.
OK I went and did some searchin' and I guess it has something to do with those 50 ways to eat your children. (but seriously, still ... WTF?)
Forgive me if this is something everybody already knows, but how can these people AFFORD to fly all over the country protesting people? Where's the money coming from?
Is it bad that I really believe the guy in the brown t-shirt looks like any one of a number of Marines who appear on 'gay-for-pay' sites?

Yeah. I'm slightly ashamed (and moist) to say I'd do him.

Are you allowed to be dragging the US flag on the ground like that? Bad cute wingnut!
@ 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10

dude, haven't you heard? GOD HATES YOU!
#16, feel guilty if you want, but I'm in total agreement. I'd let him be the meat in a bitch burger sandwich (redefining the term, since I don't know the original meaning) with me and my boyfriend. Maybe my bf could fuck some sense into him, maybe not, but we'd have a good time trying.
Listen, #18, he's obviously a straight-ish or in-total-denial wingnut. I think it only fair an opposite-sex person of undisclosed age and indeterminate standards gets a crack at him first.

I mean, come on, *everyone* knows gay guys have the best sex. Let one of the ungays have this one, 'k? I will gladly hand him over if the the only thing he knows what to do with his mouth is to spew bile. That would just be too freakin' fetish-y Japanese-y even for me... .

But if I send him over to you, I insist on video of this forementioned Bitch Burger Bingo! scene. Please?
He can't spew bile if you duct tape his mouth shut before you grudge-fuck him.

Oh, and I too totally love the trannys on the hood. Fabulous!
i'm sorry that i didn't notice it, but while i was busy with the protesters and the counter-protesters and all the silly circus celebrations of free speech, my girlfriend was chatting it up with the rabbi whose synagogue the wbc were protesting.

the rabbi said to her that he doesn't want to give the wbc any more attention. they are making a circus of some serious issues. most importantly, that you cannot fit the entirety of the jewish faith on a billboard.

and i guess some other guy made the comment, 'why are the shiksas so hot?'

i wish i was there to observe this conversation. not so i could lay claim on my girlfriend or protect her from all the shiksa lusting jews but because often the true message of love and compassion is quiet. you won't see the message of love on a protester's sign. it hangs back and watches, waiting for you to notice it.
Well documented, unpaid intern! Well done, Camaro commenters! Damn.

It's possibly good you started to untangle some of the threads of their theology. Because... isn't the unforgiving, angry god the old testament god? Which is the god of the Jews. Isn't it schizophrenic to love hate, or at least to exhibit that behavior? Yet schizophrenia isn't passed on in families. (Except I suspect it might be; I'm from PA and there was extra.)

The kids in those photos: the new Aleister Crowley?
Strangely enough, God LOVES trannys.
"We're the only ministry that preaches the hatred of God."

Well hell, if preaching God's love isn't working this is obviously the next logicial step!
I have to think humor is the best thing for these folks.
@15 - From what I hear, every so often someone becomes enraged by a protest and Bops a Phelps, and are subsequently sued. I believe this is how they subsidize their entire church.

It's actually a pretty enviable lifestyle. Spend your days pissing everybody in the country off, take a few hits, and earn a wad of cash. All while presumably fucking your cousins behind the walls of your church to propagate the clan.
@ 9,

It means something in hanky code.
Jael appears in Louis Theroux's documentary "The Most Hated Family in America". Along with the rest of the younger members of the church, she seems to be a perfectly nice and polite girl, when she's not claiming that picketing funerals is a loving thing to do.

Though she's contradicting Shirley, who claims that the protests are 'all 10s'
those westwhatever church people are fucking hilarious! wish i'd come up with that shit first!
Nice legs, tranny #2. Damn.
Is the guy with the God Hates Israel sign wearing a skirt?

As for the Bitch Burger sign - the bottom piece of bread appears to be a baby. I think the point they're trying to make is that women who have abortions are the same kind of bitches that eat babies for lunch.
@12 They fund their "ministry" by suing people who harass them at protests. This is why any counter-protest worth its salt has to be peaceful, because otherwise they end up supporting this craziness.
It may be hilarious to a lot of you, but there are some Holocaust survivors who belong to the synagogue. If they happened to be there at the time to see it, it couldn't have been too funny to them.

@ Sally,

I'm sure they had some choice words about the Westboro nutters themselves.
Suddenly, it all makes sense to me. The Westboro Baptist Church people aren't about religion - they're about performance art.
i want a bitch burger for breakfast. why were they here again?
You know, if God hates everyone, shouldn't there also be some "God hates Fred Phelps/Westboro" signs out there too? It just seems appropriate given all of Romans Ch. 3 (it's short, you can read it here
somebody should set up a kool-aid stand across the street. or is that too obscure?
I still think the best counter-protest would be a huge poster board with a cult deprogramming hotline number on it, that says "IF YOU NEED TO GET OUT CALL 1 888 NOCRAZY". Except, you know, with a real number in case someone wants to escape.
@29: Then why the hell is that not called a Baby Burger?

And here I though Fred Phelps was a rigorous thinker.
The trannies just made my day...made my fucking day. FANTASTIC SEATTLE! Makes me wish I was a tranny. A protesting tranny.
Sally, The Stroum Jewish Community Center is not a synagogue. It's a community center. Much more like a YMHA than anything.

They do some great work in the community at large, and are a fine organization. That in itself is its own sweet rebuke to those Westboro nutjobs, and I think it would be a great comfort to any holocaust survivors that might have been there.
@39, there's no reason why you can't be a tranny . . . it's not hard.
I'm going to try to do some documenting of the protests up here on 19th today (Sunday).(Westboro is protesting St. James, Mt. Zion is mounting a counter protest and marching down 19th. Exciting!)

If I get anything worthwhile, I'll post on facebook at facebook.com/joe.gallagher1
Cataline at 40: The Northend JCC is now located at a Seattle synagogue. That's why the rabbi was quoted.
#9 i just googled it ..
from the urban dictionary..
"bitch burger- an insult directed toward people who are mean or rude to everyone for no reason. someone you want to smush into a burger and fry them up nice and good. "
The guy on the left looks like Mike Myers in drag.
Is there a God Hates Fags Greatest Hits compilation on Itunes yet?
Just thought I'd say hi and that it was super fun to be out there. It was great to hear from a friend at the protest that the Rabbi was looking forward to seeing us there.

Something that surprised me though was that I didn't feel what I thought I would feel when I saw them. I thought I would feel rage or anger - but instead I guess I was surprised by how cartoonish and sad they seemed. They had no real power.

Aside from that - I can't describe the feeling of being right next to those wacko christianists with I Feel Love blaring while putting on Mac Lipglass in the side view mirror of the camaro. HOT.


@ 47,

Damn fine legs.
@41 I think I'm too short to be a hot tranny.
Nah, 50, that's perfect - strap on a pair of killer heels and you're good to go.
here's a fun little bible trivia fact that made me giggle.

In the old testament, Jael is the name of the wife of a soldier, who killed her husband by driving a stake through his temple. It used to be my favorite bible verse to pull out in the tenuous memorization contests in Sunday School.

Kind of funny that the mini-me wingnut for this group is named Jael.
Seattle needs more trannies and hot cars.
If this group comes to your area, DO NOT get anywhere close and especially DO NOT touch them. This group funds their protest trips by trying to get people to attack them and then suing the "attackers". They'll claim you attacked them if you even try to shake one of their hands. Also, make sure you know your rights and the rules of where you will be. Don't give them any legal ground.

Great ideas for counter-protests:

1. If you can legally get between them and what they're protesting, use the "Guardian Angel" approach and physically block their signs from being seen. Some counter-protesters have constructed angel outfits with 7-foot wings that hid WBC's signs. Using your own posters, signs, or even large groups of people can work too.

2. Hold a Phelps-a-Thon. Ask people to pledge money for every minute these wackos are out there (say, 25 cents a minute). Put up a huge sign they can see showing how much money has been accumulated, update it every five minutes, and have someone on a bull-horn say something like "Thanks for your support, Westbro Baptist Church!" Donate the proceeds to pro-GLBT charities, or directly to whatever group WBC is protesting.

3. Use the Power of Silence (remember WBC loves to make people yell at them). If you've got a large group for a counter-protest, have everyone where a T-shirt that says something like "Silence Defeats Hate" (or print it on paper and stick it to everyone's back). Then when the WBC idiots start yelling, your group lines up across from wherever they are, turn your backs to them, and join hands. Stay like that as long as they are yelling.

4. Have a huge pride-fest right in front of them, with music, songs, dancing, whatever you want.