A Letter to the President


Response: Well, first let me say thank you for that warm letter. It's people like you that make this country a great place to live.

Now, as I've said in the past....blah blah blah blah blah blah...outdated...blah blah blah blah...Congress...blah blah blah blah...
Yawn......so go vote for Palin 2012.

I know you all voted for Obama because he was black and cool and god forbid you actually looked at his record and notice that he was 1. a politician and 2. a moderate one.

Didn't you know you were just useful idiots to him before the election?

Are you all feeling stupid because you fell for all the 'hope' nonsense? Thank god he's leading from the center, it means he'll get reelected in 2012.
I'm sorry, but we can either wait and get both healthcare and a weakening/repeal of DOMA, or push now and get neither. That is the choice. Push for weakening of DOMA/DADT now and the swing districts get freaky and it's bye-bye national healthcare, and a much longer wait on DOMA etc. So suck it up. We win by choosing our battles and standing together, just like the Republicans did. Grow up. We may never again get this confluence of factors (war,economy,Katrina, Palin) that gave Dems so much power. Don't fuck it up.

A letter sure makes a difference.


Actions are all that count.
Thank you for your support. Sometimes the oppressed community forgets about it's allies in the majority, but we do appreciate people like you.
No one should be discouraged from speaking out for equal rights. I hope our president listens to you and understands the people you represent.

What actions do you suggest, Will?

A letter may be just a letter, but it's an excellent letter, and a great place to start.
Will in Seattle is basically a troll, and a rude one, on this topic. Please don't give him the attention he so desperately feels he deserves.
great letter.

what are the chances that it will actually make it to obama's desk, or that it will be read by anyone within obama's inner circle?
You are either a progressive politician, or a successful politician. We all love Kucinich and etc. and they're great folks, but pragmatism is ugly and unwieldy.

Also Dan what happened to posting about things other than Obama! I know that he's been a huge disappointment on the gay rights front, but it's getting to the point where it's regurgitating the same thing over and over -- besides that here you're largely preaching to the choir. Get back on CNN or MSNBC or something.
It's pretty idiotic to say things like "go vote for Palin in 2012" or, that the Republicans aren't going to do any better for you. There is a spectrum of how much support you can give a candidate -- if Obama doesn't deliver on GLBT issues, maybe he still gets this couple's vote, but not their time/money/advocacy. I think it's important to let the administration know that all of those young-ish, politically active people who were happy to give of their time and money in '08, won't be there in '12 in the same way if he doesn't keep some of his promises.

And Will? Shut the fuck up. Seriously, why do you keep commenting on these posts? You don't think letters letting your elected reps and the President know where you stand is important? Really? Obviously actions (demonstrations, activism, lobbying) are also critical (likely even more so), but letting your rep know that a large number of people in their district care about an issue actually does matter. Letters and phone calls are the best way to do it (not form e-mails).

Ugh. Will has replaced his "FTW" schtick with something that's a half-step up from "ur doin' it wrong."
@3 I concur.
Dear Santa... WHERE'S MY FUCKING PONY!!!???
" maybe he still gets this couple's vote, but not their time/money/advocacy."

Be my guest. I wouldn't mind another Republican tax cut if offered.
I see comments 2, 3 and 9 are continuing the apologia apace.

Look, folks, I experienced this from that Other Big Party a few years ago. It's nothing but scare tactics and empty promises. "ZOMG look over there! Republicans! (or Democrats!)"

The Big Parties are counting on you to gripe and complain...and then go pull the lever for them anyway.

There are third-parties in this country, and not only are you free to complain about the Administration, but then you know that you have clean hands when it does something repugnant.

How many times are you going to let people like #3 up there tell you "Sit down. Shut up. Wait your turn. Obama will do stuff...you just GOTTA BELIEVE! Oh yeah, and don't rock the boat."

Fool you once, shame on them...fool you twice, well...
@ 10, I'm glad I'm not the only one who found that to be tiresome.
Keep up the blog posts! Imagine all the people who read this blog that wouldn't know half the issues or how they really effect the actual gay community if you weren't talking about it.

Keep pushing! People are getting pissed off and even Will in Seattle has stopped cawing "Talk about healthcare" and his new rant is borderline helpful "TAKE ACTION PEOPLE"
I was willing to wait for a better time on these issues. But then he goes to court and basically calls us perverts in defense, yes defense, of DOMA! Now I want an apology.
"Now I want an apology."

Rubus @3, the term "pick your battles" is used when an individual or group does not have the ability to accomplish everything they want. This is not the case with the Democrats right now. We have a recently elected president with a high approval rating, a majority in Congress, and a public galvanized on the idea of "change". JUST WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT US TO WAIT FOR? Must God himself come down from on high with a full choir of angels to publicly embrace homosexuality in order for us to act? Whatever happens, whether we enact sweeping reforms or do nothing at all, it is a fact of life that the political pendulum will eventually swing back to the right. The Republicans will eventually regain their power, and if we wait too long our chance at real change will have been lost. The time to pick our battles and wait was during the last 8 years, it is now time to act.
@3, to add to Brandon J.'s point, an overwhelming number of people in this country support gays in the military. Polls for the last four years have shown support between 75%-79%. So, what, exactly would Obama be risking by taking action on DADT? Angering the 20-25% of people who are probably going to hate him no matter what he does?
I thought it was a great letter. It was far more eloquent than either mine or my husbands, and far more comprehensive then either of my children's post cards. Yes, I recognize that Obama may not see any of them, but it was still empowering to send them. And, yes it's just a start for us, we aren't sure of the exact roles we are going to play in this fight for civil rights, but we are committed to being a part of it.
Look at how much Reagan did with a Democratic Congress, and you have to wonder how what Obama's problem is.

when was the last time a party had 60 votes in the Senate? A lopsided majority in the house? And the presidency?

Come on now, gay folks. Don't kid yourselves. If Obama wanted this done, it would be done.
1)Civil rights is equally important as Health Care dumb fucks.
2)Go, Dan, go!
3)The public supports the repeal of DADT; there is NO reason for Congress and the Administration to not work together to end DADT by the end of the year.
4)Go, Julie, go! Will HAS been a larger asshat than usual lately...
@2 If you voted for Bush for both terms, maybe you are used to being used for your vote. Maybe you expected to give money for empty campaign promises that could not and would not be fulfilled.

Perhaps you came to accept that your president would contradict the very core princples he campaigned on.

But I voted for Obama because I believed he was different. My friends and family voted for Obama because he was NOT (or seemed not) like the Replublican liars of elections past.

I still believe in the Obama I voted for. And I plan to hold him to the promises he made. I plan to hold him to a higher standard than he holds himself at the moment.

I am glad that people are mad at this administration on these issues. I am glad that people are saying "enough". I'm glad that people are reminding him of who he presentred himself to be and who he CAN be.

He IS a leader. But WE need to give him a reason to lead the country to embrace the promises he made to the GLBT community.

@ 21, While some people may think that reaching out to the OA (obama admin) is useless, it IS at least doing something. Better than sitting around twiddling one's thumbs as others began coming together for real change (and no, not the paper!) The OA does get those letters, and although Obama can't respond personally, I'm of the opinion that he wants to hear from the masses, he wants to hear from the oppressed, and he wants progress. I for one am pissed off about the lack of action and can't believe that DADT wasn't done away with by March. He needs to stop being such a weenie about it and get it done! What is the OA scared of?
Why vote for Palin?

Obama won on his grassroots support. If people grow disenchanted what's to stop those grassroots for mustering a Primary challenge? Presumably with enough support Obama can lose the Democratic nomination.
i'm considering voting for palin in 2012, although i worry she might not be black and cool enough. i only vote for people who are black and cool.
The only thing I find frustrating is this letter, it's crass comparison with the Civil Rights Movement and the refusal to acknowledge the helpful descent initiatives that the President has afforded to gay and lesbians partners.

1 Have the decency to acknowledge the gracious gesture the President showed.

2 Acknowledge that the President does not have the power to repeal DADT, Congress does and the generals input needs to be taken into account since it is them the ones that will have to deal with it.

3 No where in our Constitution does it say that gay marriage is a right.
Equal protection of the law does not include the right to define marriage as one sees fit and have the government recognize it also. If we say that gay marriage is equal to heterosexual marriage then we are also saying that men and women are also biologically the same, and that's not true because there are attributes that are solely of females and there are those that are solely of males. Manhood and womanhood are complementary to each other, and therefor not the same. Both are needed for the propagation of the species and since that's the way in which our species propagate then our progeny deserve the right to have both a mother and a father in their lives and that's at the heart of the vested interest that every government (including the U.S), has in preserving traditional marriage. That's why the President, as the head of state of our nation needs to protect it.

@6 - Mr. Herriman knows that I'm actually talking about real actions - if you go to the top ten SLOG threads, you'll see I've posted about ten different possible actions you can do.

My fave is the Seafair one where 100 gay couples line up in camera view so that they can't avoid showing them on TV - yes, this mean risking arrest, but you must be Present and stand firm for change to occur.
@16 - actually, national single-payer healthcare IS being decided this week. But you guys missed it, where the Senate basically gave us more of the same and ignored 70 percent of American citizens that wanted it, in favor of Big Pharma and Big Insurance getting what they wanted.

Bygones - now you live with no coverage for HIV/AIDS - not my prob.
#3 you make me choose between fighting for my rights, or for your healthcare agenda, I'm choosing my rights. Progressives that really care about health care know they can't afford to lose gay support.
@28 Loveschild.

1.) You can both acknowledge something and protest that it is not enough.

2.) The president does have the power to stop DADT from being enforced during times of war.

3.) Get over yourself. Your statement is naive, and homophobic. Next thing you know you'll be asking for gay people to use separate drinking fountains and sit in the back of the bus, because why should they be afforded the same luxuries as straight people?

You're right, marriage is not a 'right' it is a luxury with benefits to the two people involved. You are discriminating people based on the sex of their partners. You are denying people benefits because of who they are.

How come you're allowed to define marriage how you see fit but no one else is? And don't hide behind your false sense of religious implications because the governments form of marriage has nothing to do with religion anymore.

I plan on marrying my boyfriend someday and I am a woman, but I have no intention of having religious ceremony or having children. Ever. Therefore I am defining marriage as I see fit and taking advantage of the benefits of marriage, as MOST people are doing in this country of ours. THAT IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE. Marriage was redefined ages ago.
28: Yes, Loveschild. We are aware that see this as an illegitimate freedom struggle and that you believe that its insulting the African American experience and all other legitimate freedom movements, you've made your position abundantly clear. Must you really keep repeating it here? You're inability to recognize that this issue is far bigger than marriage equality, is also equally tiresome. You sound like a broken record, go find yourself a blog that will appreciate your redundant posts.
@28 in addition to my comment @ 32:

And you know what the really sad thing is? The really sad thing is that the ignorant statements that you make reflect the same statements people used to make about why Black people should not be allowed to get married or vote: "BECAUSE THEY ARE DIFFERENT FROM US AND LESS THAN HUMAN."

But hey, if you support oppression, you support oppression and are not likely to have your mind changed. I mean, look at how racist many cities in Southern states are to this day.

Yes, Loveschild. We are aware that you see this ..
Beautiful and eloquent. Thank you straight people... you're the freedom riders of our generation.
34 I see gays just as humans as I am, I don't discriminate, people who believe in traditional marriage are not about homophobia or believing that lesbians and gays are inferior. The problem is that there seems to be a refusal in acknowledging how important marriage is for our nation and why we shouldn't experiment with it. To go over this and impose what some believe is a "right" is to ignore the importance of man and woman unions that all societies recognize as marriage and the rights of children.
@37 There you go again, saying the same things that kept black people oppressed for so long. The passive aggressive anti-show-of-support version this time.

"I can see that they are human, but they are not the right kind of human, therefore they are not equal to me."

Human beings are human beings. Equality is Equality.

Deal with it.
Yes, it's just as discriminatory.
I am an American. And as an American I deserve to be treated equally under the law as any other citizen. To say that I cannot marry another legal adult who I love is to say that my love is not as good as yours. My love isn't as human as yours.
And marriage is a civil right in this country, not a religious one. If one group of people are given certain rights denied to another group based on an arbitrary moral judgment, than that is discrimination. And all discrimination is based on bigoted ideas.
if we let gays get married, heterosexuals will cease to exist. and then who will raise our children? even worse, WHO WILL MAKE THEM?? think about it, people. there are consequences to ingoring the importance of man and woman unions. scary consequences.
Well, i think letters like this DO make a difference. All the protests seem to have pushed the administration to move a little bit this week. Certainly nothing would have happened without the feedback from Obama's supporters. I sent an email to whitehouse.gov.
@37 i experimented with marriage for about three years, my parents did for about thirty and now all of us are divorced. i certainly agree that people shouldn't experiment with marriage, but i don't think i mean quite the same thing as you...
you'd think straight people have done enough fiddling about with traditional marriage that homophobes would just drop that angle already.
oh laurel and lorne!!!! you are missed in seattle! come home soon. we need more people like you here, people who aren't afraid to stand up and be loud. who is anyone to assume that they are just going to send a letter? trust that they are doing more than just sending a letter...look at what they did here by just adding to the debate. as a strong heathcare and gay rights supporter, i agree that you don't have to choose one or the other. lets fight for both and hold obama accountable to his promises. how you might ask? by keeping the conversation alive amongst friends and family and annoying the hell of your reps. just like laurel and lorne.
@ 37,

dis⋅crim⋅i⋅nate [v. di-skrim-uh-neyt; adj. di-skrim-uh-nit]

–verb (used without object) 1. to make a distinction in favor of or against a person or thing on the basis of the group, class, or category to which the person or thing belongs rather than according to actual merit; show partiality: The new law discriminates against foreigners. He discriminates in favor of his relatives.
2. to note or observe a difference; distinguish accurately: to discriminate between things.

Jesus Cripes, Democrats need to grow a freakin' spine already! If these people were Republicans, they'd have no problem rail-roading through right-wing legislation! But silly, weak Democrats don't want to offend a minority of approximately 12% of the country that didn't vote for them and never will vote for them! And how do they try to appease the far right-wing? By alienating the people who did vote for them!
Loveschild and Blip should get married because their recessive traits would combine to create a humanoid mule, incapable of much but work and unable to reproduce. Loveschild, your particular bigotry isn't that special, and Blip, if gay marriage keeps Levi and Bristol and the world supply of their ilk from mindlessly rutting out some kids to beat on and ignore then I say we have done the world a service. Marriage is such a success between "opposites" that giving all the genders an equal chance to swim at that riptide, shorebreak and shark infested beach should be a no brainer. Regular marriage isn't in the Constitution, but the pursuit of happiness is. Of course, black skinned people being considered 3/5 of a human for voting purposes is.
your inability to understand blatant sarcasm is rather alarming, dick. you should get that checked out by a doctor.
That letter brought tear to my eyes. Thanks.
Wonderful letter. Thank you.
Drop DADT today and how many Capital Hill queens here will be signing up with the Marines to defend this country tomorrow?

.......that's what I thought.
I've wanted to join the AF since the 8th grade- without lying.
I know a drag queen at RPlace that was kicked out when he was outed.
Don't presume you know we "Capitol Hill queens".

thank you, decent straight people.
Blip @ 40:

your sarcasm might still need a little work; it's not as blantant as you've thought.
Unfortunately, Obama and the rest of the Dems have no political motivation right now to advance GLBT rights. They know that those of us who support them will fume and do less for their campaigns, but we will still vote for them because the alternative is still worse.

I don't think gay rights will truly advance until either the pro-gay sentiment in this country becomes strong enough so that it is a political liability to not support gays, or until the social conservatives stop having so much influence in the Republican Party and the Republican Party starts courting gays.
Thank god I did not give Obo one dime. I didn't like him before and I don't like him now.