art = a game of one upsmanship, name dropping, and being more quick to term your detractors vulgar before they term you vulgar.

Oh, and getting public money to do it.

Gotta love the 70s.
I learned nothing about dildos in Ruthie Newman's art history class. No fair!
the title for Lynda's dildos should be "double standard"
When I worked at the Armory Center for the arts in Pasadena, they had a huge stash of old Artforums awaiting dismemberment for collage class. about 20 years worth.

I hauled from home a stash of something, Southwest art I think, and traded these off for the AF's. Every issue was there but that damned November 1974 issue.
I remember that photo with Lynda Benglis, she was absolutely naked except for a pair of cat’s-eye sunglasses and the earring with diamond. I remember her oiled sexy body and her stylish moussed hair. She was holding a huge double-ended dildo extended from her own genitals. Great work!

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