Fattening Up Capitol Hill: The Conspiracy Continues


Urgently requested information:

What do they mean, "Snag an invitation and there'll be free beer from our neighbors at Elysian Brewing Co." ?
Ah, found it myself.. The info's here:
@1: I was given to understand that all you had to do was show up (and, you know, be 21).
I'm so miffed that all this yummy stuff went in after I moved off the hill!
Custard place ain't all that. Moon's is ok but not mind-blowing.

However, the idea of Elysian Stout ice cream intrigues me, and I wish to subscribe to its newsletter.
For vegans and other progressives [not confirmed vegan but they sound like it]:
Roasted Veggie & Hummus
zucchini, red peppers, mushrooms, and onion on organic bread with tahini hummus and organic olive oil

Thai Veggie Wrap
marinated tofu and a colorful explosion of veggies, tossed in our house-made peanut sauce and wrapped in a spinach tortilla

Delivered fresh daily from Macrina Bakery in SoDo, Seattle. We also feature vegan brownies from Domovoi Foods, and coming soon, Seattle's own Mighty O Vegan Donuts!

Almost every day we feature a different soup, [REDACTED], toast, jam and iced tea. Stop by our shop to see what's cooking.

Our fridge is always stocked with a selection of fresh salads and [REDACTED].

Along with their teas.

(My mid-year's resolution is to be nicer to BJC on Slog comments, so I am trying to be constructive instead of bad & mean. No promises though!)
Holy shit Ashley Merriman rules! That just made my day!
i'd trade them all in for a good, basic, non-yupped, American diner...
My old office (book store) used to be in that same location...I used to take dates up to my office late at night when I was out galavanting...I wonder if they have a flavor for that?

I remember when the smell of roasting coffee from Cafe Vita would mix with the brewing beer from Elysian in our office loft on Friday afternoon and we would know it was time to leave (2pm) and get high and drunk. Now, there has to be a flavor for that.
@6: just curious -- why would you ever be "bad and mean" to BJC? She can write, she enjoys food, she's a good editor from what I can tell.

Are you just jealous?
OK Capitol Hill can't get even one damn fast food joint. What's the excuse now? Certainly not our weight.
"OK Capitol Hill can't get even one damn fast food joint. What's the excuse now? Certainly not our weight."

We need more cheap to-go, quality food like the pirogi place on broadway had. It was a nice balance between local and tasty and convenient/cheap. Fuck the fast food chains. As much as I like molly moon, cupcake royale, and old school custard, there's way too many sweets places opening. I guess they're all good so far, so hopefully they all do well in the market.

I guess for fast food, Rancho Bravo is the closest thing we've got.
I've heard that Seattle is a soon-to-be Top Chef locale, after the upcoming season set in Vegas.
@10: We're all entitled to our opinion. I don't agree with Lizzie on much, but I suspect I agree with her on this.

@8: I would do just about anything to get a real diner, ESPECIALLY one that's open 24 hours and serves breakfast all day. Anyone want a first-born child? A kidney?
One scoop ice cream cone... $3+change
I like streets paved with sugar cubes! Rock on!
@6: That sounds nice, Lizzie. Send me an email if you want to talk about my, um, meat agenda—or lack thereof.