Hey, Maria! There's a Bunch of People Outside Who Really Want to Talk to You


Happy Beard Man! Yay!
Looking at those people, seems like most won't be around by the time Cantwell finishes her term, so why bother voting them expensive health care?
good pictures, thanks
what a sour looking bunch.
it would be tempting to tell them to fuck off just to see if they could look any more sour...
why no cry for full nationalization of health care now? and when the insurance, pharma and AMA get in line and realize that 5 or maybe 6% tops is all they can ever should hope to get as a return on investment(shit thats better than municipal bonds and some mutual funds). we charter and give them the ability to operate, not the other way around.
IMO Single payer is still within the paradigm that brought us to where we are @ now and gives too much over the same big corps/entities. I think "reform" is too little too late, & bolder steps are needed if we want to really fix the broken apparatus.
They were there to "support the public option"? I saw more single-payer signs and slogans than public option ones. Just because Big Pharma has used its huge advertising leverage to banish all mention of genuine health care reform (e.g., single-payer) from commercial TV and radio doesn't mean that The Stranger has to go along, too...

And by the way, the "public option" is a cosmetic compromise to a fatally flawed handout to Big Health. Anyone who has actually studied the issue, isn't cashing in on the current system, and doesn't have a political axe to grind knows that HR 676 -- Rep. Conyers' single-payer bill -- is by far the most socially fair and effective, fiscally responsible, economically efficient plan developed so far. We just need to keep nagging Congress to get the Congressional Budget Office to score it and cost it out for everyone to see.

But what do I know? I'm just a guy who doesn't like being bled dry by what amounts to a legal, politically connected extorsion racket.
Full Universal Coverage is possible.
i'm not a Mariners fan, but I still cringed when I saw the dude wearing the "Best Record in MLB History" shirt. Was his Sonics Pacific Divisions Champs '94 shirt dirty?
I think something like this should be on the table...


with revisions of what Insurance, HMO's and the like should be able to expect for serving a public function/good.
Huh, a crapload of old people.
They should be worried. Old people vote.
Bunch of old smelly socialists.

Nothing to see here.
a Public Option or a Single-Payer is the same thing. Just two different ways of saying it.
@12 Nothing worse than the stink of moose drool and rotting salmon guts wafting off the quitter from Alaska.