Local Sportsblogger Secretly a Nerd


The Cheater's Guide to Baseball (by Derek Zumsteg) is a really fun read. Even if you aren't a huge baseball fan you'd probably enjoy it.
Nerds in one thing tend to easily cross over to nerds in another thing. I am a baseball nerd, but also a scifi nerd, and comic book nerd.
Secretly a nerd? I guess you've never read UssMarniner, that's pretty much the nerdiest sports blog ever.
Zumsteg also had a story in last September's Asimov's as well. Only one more story needs to be bought and he can join SFWA.
Andrew is right. USS Mariner is very nerdy. The only blog I've ever known to combine baseball and math.

Yeah, that's exactly like Adam Lambert being secretly gay before the Rolling Stone piece.
@5, you must not read very many baseball blogs. USSM doesn't have much math at all, though they rely heavily on the work of those that do, particularly Fangraphs and Tangotiger. What they specialize in is the implications of that research, not the calculations themselves (which are really boring in themselves). What's interesting isn't "math" (mostly just +, -, /, and *) but how to think about problems in baseball. Dave Cameron's the big stat guy at USSM, anyways, and excels at it; Derek's main contribution is writing excellence and funny.
Y'all haven't seen Agony and Ivy either (a Cubs blog). I didn't read much of it because all the posts were too damn long.
What kind of a sick bastard wants to read a Cubs blog? That's like collecting My Little Ponies or something. It's just not right.
Derek's a cool guy to have a beer with.