Candidate Survivor Live Slog!


Was there last night, it was freaking awesome. P.S. who is this Dorsal Plants guy and why do we love him so much!?!?
Wasnt really awesome- way more fun to read the live coverage than actually being there- I left right after the Conlin rap. Luckily this is still an auxillary skill when it comes to running the city.
Which is really my point: I get the attempt to the youngins an informal side of the candidates, and yes the event did get me to come when other voter forums havent, but I find it a little ridiculous and sad that most of the folks in the room are going to remember the candidates downright pathetic talents more than who has the political chops to navigate the crazy huge bueracracies, budget oversight, as well the crazy neighborhood activists. It seems a pretty tricky job and one-arm push ups just dont seem that relevant.

Did I just get old?
The moderators were hilarious, particularly Dominic. I was baffled by the pre-show entertainment, though - why the hell were 3.5 mayoral candidates on stage playing hoops? And does Underwood always get that flushed rubbing up against another man?

Miller cheated on the talent portion - it was clearly visible from the corner of the room that he pulled his pre-made "fudge" from one microwave while slipping his uncooked "fudge" into the other. Likewise, Bobby Forch pulled out trays of his pre-made cookies to pass out to the crowd.

One quick question - Plants declared that he was the only one on stage without health insurance. As a military veteran, I'm assuming he's eligible to receive medical benefits from from the VA.
I was there. Two things I learned: David Bloom rocks and David Miller's a bit of a square.
have you heard mike o'brien talk? he never smoked pot? right, right.
I learned gobs...David Bloom nailed the talent contest. Robert Rosencrantz is the most conservation on all issues and needs to be stopped.

The third section ruled - the questions were on-point and probing. Twenty second dance parties may be the future of all political events. And Saba, and SABA- he killed it. Toby and panelist ruled. 700 people at a candidate forum is kinda hot. Props to the Stranger, the Recording Academy and the Washington Bus. And to you...
conservative (that is)
pictures from last night coming soon!
Thank you for such a wonderful event last night!

I am a combat veteran, but I do not have a service connected disability and the extend medical coverage from the VA only last 2 years from end of service(only applicable if you served in a combat zone). I; like several veterans I know or work with at my shelter, have fallen to the wayside minus VA medical benefits.
Fudge, fudge, fudge. Fudge, fudge, fudge! Miller should put that on campaign buttons.
Dorsal was great, but I missed out on the fudge, even if it was a plant.