One of you is a washed up bitter old hack.

I'll let you figure out which.
I propose a beer summit at the SAM library.
What song is the title of this thread from? More specifically... I've never heard of Dave Mason or his song "We Just Disagree" so what cover version of this song was I likely to have heard?
If you think you can regularly see good art in Seattle, then your sadly fooling yourself.

Save your money for a plane ticket to Madrid, or somewhere viable.
I'm with you on Hogarth; his illustrative tendencies go so far that they seem eccentric and kitsch - in a good way.

However, I would agree with 'gina that you should (as a journalist), avoid the use of the word "awesome" for art.
I thought any Frye director was laboring under a mandate to show only figurative art and always dedicate a certain percent to the permanent collection, correct?
As to the Hogarth charge, his art is fully competent, fine for what it set out to do. The epitome of middle brow satire, it was meant to be preachy and he was a bit of a prig.
Hogarth fucking rules.
I realize this may mark be as uncool, but I personally don't have a problem with the occasional museum being controlled by the dead hand of the past. That's what museums are *for*.
Hogarth does in fact "fucking rule", so it's clear Regina was just trying to be provocative. Or she's an idiot.
@Regina: There are ways of looking down your nose at art that you think is low -- and that's not it. Just scoffing loudly (which is what you did) is tacky and vapid.

Fuck you.
Regina's art historical sensibility is surreally inappropriate too often. I don't know how she got around to feeling that she could correct(!) and inform(!) us all so very often, but it irks me to no end. Her opinions and sloppy blog posts are forever half-baked and/or tacky and/or incendiary. She dares bring up bad taste? The queen of street signs and Robert Frost ditties? Please.
Its like two old ladies on a life raft fresh off the Titanic arguing about the color of the boat--"its ORANGE!" "no its OCHRE!" sigh.
Regina Hackett? Is she still alive? As I recall she was one of those "Everything I learned about art I learned in a Survey of Modern Art class" reviewers. You know, one of those sad relics who view art as some Darwinistic evolution from representational realism to abstraction to whatever "avant garde" silliness is currently being embraced by art cognoscenti, not realizing that she's a cliche'. She was (and appears to still be) the perfect caricature a mainstream newspaper art critic.
I can't believe someone actually had the nerve to state that opinion about one of the greatest and most prolific printmakers of all time. Hogarth was no simple school book illustrator. He was a fucking satirical genius.
How disappointing.
If only today's conservative douchebag talking heads could be more like Hogarth...
Just to let you know I really like William Hogarth's work. I've seen some (alot?) of it at the Tate Gallery in London.
The problem with someone like Hackett, apart from woeful unsuitability for her job, is the widespread assumption that striking the right pose can compensate for virtually any deficiency. True, this approach can work, after a fashion--popular culture is rife with examples, which are hardly admirable but still successful, certainly commercially. However, pop culture poseurs tend to avoid getting in too far over their head. It's called common sense, which evidently is not one of Hackett's strong points.

Furthermore, it's a pity the pugnacious Hogarth is not here to respond to such a critic. As one who hated fashionable posturing and affectation, no doubt he would have risen to the occasion with another memorable series of pictures or engravings. I can see it now: "The Hack's Progress," or "Incompetence à la mode."

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