Glenn Beckwatch: A New Website Emerges


When it comes to people like Glen Beck it is better to IGNORE them. If you engage people like him, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, and Anne Coulter in any form of debate you are allowing them to frame the conversation. It's best to ignore their ranting and stay on message.
@1 I agree. But relentless, over-the-top mockery like this is not "engaging" Glenn Beck, in the sense that engaging a person requires you to take them at least a little bit seriously. This is more like Tina Fey's Sarah Palin impressions. The idea seems to be that if you use these people's tactics to mock them way that exposes the absurdity of their ideas, you can marginalize them in the public consciousness and have a few laughs at the same time.
@1 - I don't think just ignoring them works too well when the person you're ignoring still has a governorship (well, until recently), a nationally-syndicated daily radio show, or a TV show on a major cable network. People are already hearing them; it makes sense to show why they're wrong.
Well @1, I wouldn't exactly characterize this as "engaging (Mr. Beck) in any form of debate" so much as I would consider it abject mockery and ridicule.
Triple Jinx!
hahahahaha! This is the 2nd best laugh I've had all day, right after Dan's exchange with the hatemailer.

If Glenn Beck jumped off the Empire State Building, would you jump off the Empire State Building, too ?!?!

You know, when I was talking with Laura Bush about how she ran over her boyfriend repeatedly, she confirmed that Glenn Beck raped and murdered that girl.
@ 7, huh?
slog's obsession with beck is way boring
This is outrageous!! For people to joke about RAPE & Murder of LITTLE GIRLS--that's just plain sick. So you don't like Glenn Beck, so you think he's an idiot, a racist, a fear monger--fine--you have that right not to like him. But how low do you people have to go to feel good about yourselves--WOW. I think you've hit rock bottom with this allegation. Glenn Beck has called people out for things they've actually said, written, or done and has proof of it. If you don't believe him, do your own research. I have. And I really don't understand why anyone in America would think it is a good idea to have these advisors advising OUR President of the United States. Take a look at these individuals yourself--they truly are a bit looney, to say it nicely.

And of course you have 84% of the people who took the poll believe Glenn Beck did this horrific thing--look at the people you are catering to!!!!
@11: he could make the whole controversy go away by just releasing the documents
@11 Catching trolls is easy, as you've just proven. Go back to staring through that keyhole with both eyes.

Get off your high-fucking-horse. It's fucking CLEARLY stated the this is satire. I'm so happy you did your research (although I dont beleive you) and you trust that Beck is calling out people on real alligations. Glenn Beck is a fucking joke - much like this website. Get over yourself.
I agree that Glenn Beck is getting wayyyyy more ink than he ever deserved.

but...I'll play along...he does look like a serial killer.
Obama is a socialist and Glenn Beck raped a girl in 1990, these are the facts. Go ahead and try to disprove them!
Oh and he KILLED her too!
JOKE--yes I get it!! But it's a VERY SICK joke (at the least). This all stems from the basis that you don't believe the statements he makes, even though he can back it up. Nice use of the F word--really grown-up. That is the only thing you can resort to--name-calling and bad-mouthing Beck and anyone who listens to him. Again, NICE. And you don't have to believe me--or him. Check it out for YOURSELF. You still can't say why we need these people advising OUR President.
@19: sounds a lot like Joe the Plumber:…

You can't just say ridiculous thing and then say "well look up the facts for yourself" and think that's a reasonable way to argue.

If it's so easy to research why don't give us all a push in the right direction ... tell us where you got your info so we can see for ourselves. I mean, if you did the research than you do have sources right?

It is far more childish to claim (or lie) about doing research and finding facts but not provide any of it and just use lots of CAPS and ---s to "prove" your "point"

Use your big girl words and show us what it is that you have found ... or do you need the special pill for that?
Thanks internet, this is the funniest thing today. Everyone else on the internet can go home. Mission Accomplished.
@21: you mean 19, I presume?

I agree that the rape and murder of little girls is not a laughing matter. The dry cleaning costs alone are enough to make you cry.
@ 2 I agree site like this probably doesn't qualify as engagement but generally speaking when the major news outlets bring on Dem/Liberal guests and ask them to respond to people like Beck/Palin/Limbaugh et. al. instead of defending against their insane assertions they should ignore the question and talk about ISSUES. It is an effective way to take away the crazy's power to control the news cycle and frames the conversation correctly.

@ 3 Tactics such as ignoring crazy people and staying on message do work, it's what got Obama elected. He didn't address the most outrageous claims of the right or if he did it was merely in passing before he moved on to the pressing issues of the campaign. He was therefore able to frame the debate and win. He needs to do more aggressive framing to win on healthcare reform and he seems to be planning on doing that next Wednesday.

That being said this post is about the website, which does serve to poke fun at Beck's absurdist theories about Obama by creating an absurdist theory about him...unless he is actual a master-criminal rapist/murderer and as the website states there is no evidence that he isn’t.
This is the point of the whole thing. This man does not argue with facts, he does not use reason. And if you're trying to defend things that aren't even defendable, you de-railed the conversation completely. While I agree it's a bit childish to accuse of heinous crimes that he obviously didn't commit (or did he?), people are hoping to bring to light that this man shouldn't be taken seriously.
@24 - If I'd read your comment a half second earlier I would have spewed coffee everywhere. That has moved to the top of funniest thing I've read today.

And yes, I am going to hell.
Interesting that "raped a girl" has been turned into "raped a LITTLE girl" by those who say the satire goes too far...people not only see and hear what they want to see but apparently they read what isn't there too...


YES my comment @21 is meant for @19


@19 see @21
Holy crap! I think #11 was written by the Palinator herself.
Dear Glen:

It's spelled O-L-I-G-A-R-C-H-Y.

The missing letter was a FUCKING C, YOU MORON!
Holy shit to #13. HA HA HA HA HA HA.
@28 - well, the website does say a "young" girl but that's a far more subjective word than "little" - the word "little" brings to mind a child pretty specifically.
"Dear Glen:

It's spelled O-L-I-G-A-R-C-H-Y.

The missing letter was a FUCKING C, YOU MORON!"

Conservatives prefer having homeschooled and/or non-college educated people to tell them what to think.
Given his complete lack of denials, one has to ask the obvious question: is there anyone that Glenn Beck has not raped and killed?
"This is outrageous!! For people to joke about RAPE & Murder of LITTLE GIRLS--that's just plain sick."
Posted by Heathermc

It is sick, sick and cruel. This is a terrible subject and shouldn't be taken lightly. The girl's family shouldn't be afraid to come forward and defend the honor of her memory.
I heard it was Sarah Palin drove the getaway car...
Glen Beck did predict the "Crash in the Stock Market" one year before it did? Before he talks he does check and recheck his comments. History does repeats itself sometimes. No one believed Joe McCarthy in what he was saying but what he said is coming true. No one believed Winston Churchill what he was saying but what he said came true. Glen Beck is saying some scary stuff and it has evidence. What are you going to do, just ignore it and don't pay any attention to it. Or just make fun of it and call him a racist, nut case or insane. Joe McCarthy and Winston Churchill both spoke scary stuff and were called names and made fun of. "History repeats it self" and this means our freedoms are being chiseled away slowly but surley since Joe McCarthy found that Communist were trying to take over our Country. Socialist and Nature fanatic's taking over Europe and millions of people were being put to death before Winston Churchill was taken seriouly. I say read your history and see what can happen to our world. I love my Country and my fellow American's but I hate when I can see that "History can repeat itself" right now in front of all of us.
Nobody is saying glen beck raped and murdered a young girl in late 1990! We are simply asking, "Why is this raising so many questions? Why do so many people seem to believe this, if there is nothing to it? Why can't Glen Beck simply show that he is innocent and we can all move on?". There are probably perfectly innocent explainations for all this, but it would be great to hear them, so that we can focus on other, equally pressing issues, such as Death Panels
I don't care for the idea of joking about a girl being raped and murdered. Why are you so sadistic? Where has common decency gone? Why don't you make up a rumor about something else? People with sick minds like yours make the world shitty.
Of course, you won't find it in any newspaper archives. The liberal media is all for raping and murdering girls. Ever since Woodstock, you know. No values! This is what happens when we take prayer out of schools! And he wears makeup like that? Isn't that faggy? He's a gay child molester member of the immoral, perverted media!

And The Joker on the TV series was played by Cesar Romero, a known socialist and homosexual! Wheels within wheels, maaaan!
@38: what, specifically, is Glen Beck predicting? He bitches about "freedoms" as very nebulous things that are being "taken away," but I've never heard him get all that specific.
I hate Glenn Beck and should be in a straight jacket like the rest of everyone at Faux News, but I really wished this meme was spread using a different crime, not one as traumatic and inappropriate to make fun of as rape. I would never wish rape on anyone, and find that while I wish Glenn Beck was beaten with shovels, to make up this rumor may trivialize the fact that rape is still a statistically significant violent act against women (and men). A better alternative would be for Glenn Beck to be under suspicion of murderering an amish family, or some other homicide act against an equally bizarre victim.
There's also no evidence that Glenn Beck did not murder his mother, sister, and first wife and made it look like suicide.
A new poll designed to gauge the impact of the rape/murder allegations on Glenn Beck's viewership an be found here:…
Don't forget to check out a site connected

Illegal Alien, mombassa kenya
Have we, as a nation, finally become so boring, so starved for drama and victim hood, that we take the likes of Beck and McCarthy seriously?

Or is it that we just highlight the poor deluded souls that actually buy that crap?

It reinforces my theory about spam: We have spam because there are people who, against all common sense, click on it. For every million Nigerian emails sent out, there is one idiot who gives his bank account number.
@42 he is predicting that this is the first time a President appointed 32 Czars that the congress does not have to approve. The Stimulus Bill is giving over 5 Billion Dollars to start up an Army of Civilians (Acorn, Youth Org etc) to help build up this country other than the US Military. I know of another Leader who done this also and it was in the year of1938. @48 read the Stimulus Bill, (failing) The Health Care Reform Bill (a health care system that 76% of American's don't want. Why does the President want all of us (except government wokers and Union representatives) under this Health Bill. So that the goverment can keep their eyes on all of us through the paper work we would need to fill out. Freedoms that will take 52% of our pay checks in taxes. An if the Cap and Trade Bill passes we may all need to be on welfare and capitalism will be lost. Did you know that a freedom that was lost was the start of the Income Tax Law in 1917. It was started to help pay for the First World War. It has never been dropped and it is unlawful by our 16th Amendment to even have a Government Income Tax. I can go on and on of Freedoms that Glen Beck has talked about that we have lost. Gun laws, Smoking, Paying to use Hideways etc. Just read and listen and you will learn or maybe not. Bring your mind out of the nebulous and and invision a possibility of a "Change" that you may not like. Remember the "War On Poverity" which has doubled 8 times since it's birth to this nation. If you don't like what is going on, I hope to see you in Washington DC on Sept. 12, 2009. And if you like the changes that are coming, than beware conrade.
i just saw this headline on the PI website: Glenn Beck to get keys to city of Mt. Vernon. OUR Mt. Vernon.
Minute man, look at it this way: If I'm in a room alone, I have the freedom to fart, scratch myself, jack off, pick my nose, etc.

As more and more people enter that room, I still have that "freedom", but I look like a real asshole if I decide to engage in it.

That's a lot like the way the world is: In the ultimate sense, we're all in the same "room", and believe it or not, we all have to figure out a way to get along. We're not "surrendering" freedoms - we're working together as a society to have a good common life. If you would pay attention to real life, you'd realize that a lot of the things you cite: smoking bans, gun laws, etc, come out of a public desire to limit undesirable behavior in the public square.

If you want to be a paranoid sociopath, fine. But don't try to paint yourself as some sort of patriot, because you're not.

And I'll pass on September 12th, thank you. Cheap publicity stunts that depend on the stupid and the self-obsessed just aren't my thing.
@38 Did you really just try to make Joe McCarthy into a wrongly maligned hero? That is the stupidest thing I have ever read. Well done.
I am a conservatiave and I watch Glen Beck's show all the time. I really dont think Glen Beck raped and murdered a girl in 1990, but I fear that it is true. I mean, I don't THINK he did it, but I FEAR it is true. Know what I mean? It's subtle.
While I agree with you in principle, I think the right wing's hangups about sex pretty much require that Beck's (alleged) crime must have involved rape somewhere along the line.
I just have to ask... is there any group, in the history of crazy right-wing conspiracy theories, where the reality has been so utterly disconnected from perception as it is with ACORN? Jesus. What is it with you people and ACORN?
Drudge confirms:…

And we all know Drudge doesn't make anything up...
Drudge confirms:…

And we all know Drudge doesn't make anything up...
is it too much to hope that Glenn Beck would do the right thing & burn himself at the stake?
Here are some eerie coincidences regarding the rape accusations that are worth checking out ...
@50: so he's predicting that this president has delegated?

As in, "predicting" a fact that has already occurred?

Glenn Beck could settle this by releasing the long form arrest report.
Glenn Beck's family has a history of taking their own lives. Now I'm not saying I want him to do the same BUT certianly we should take that into account with any website that starts rumors about him.

Just sayin' there's a history there of mental illness..... *ahem*
@50 spews:
The Stimulus Bill is giving over 5 Billion Dollars to start up an Army of Civilians (Acorn, Youth Org etc) to help build up this country other than the US Military.

OMG!!! Civil Service??? Building up the country rather than tearing it apart? Teaching kids the value of service and responsibility? Working to improve the lives of the poor and under-served?

OBVIOUSLY Obama = Hitler. How could we have been so blind.
This is not satire, this is proof that our president is a RACIST, who fears white people. Right Glenn? I sure hope he didn't rape and murder that girl, but he has yet to deny it publicly or show us the police report so....
I heard the girl he raped was an under age tranny.
@42 In February, he predicted that by 2014 all banks would be nationalized, unemployment would be at 12% and the DOW would be trading at 2800…

Whoops. He wasn't "predicting" it, just making sure to "prepare us for the worst" so we could all stock up on ammo. I am not predicting that Glenn Beck will be found guilty by a jury of his peers for this heinous crime, but I hope he is preparing for the worst in case he is.

@50: "Freedoms that will take 52% of our pay checks in taxes" - So we'll have the marginal tax rate equal to when Reagan was president? Isn't that ok? I mean, REAGAN WAS THE BEST PRESIDENT EVAH, RIGHT?

Also, that is totally a BS number.
@66- HOLD ON! There is absolutely no evidence to back-up the alligation that it was a "girl".
Attack the messenger!!!

The worst thing about betrayal is that those most deeply in love are the last to know...
concider the president's stand on
*gay rights
*indeterminate detention without charges,
*Afganistan militarization...still no Osama as promised,
*Black Panther prosecutions
stayed tuned kool aide drinkers more 180s to come

WHY hasn't Glenn Beck refuted these claims? The police report is out there. That's a fact. All GB has to do is prove that he didn't RAPE AND MURDER A YOUNG GIRL IN 1990.

Glenn Beck Is An Idiot
This rumor has assumed a life of its own. There is a tragic snowball affect. All he has to do is step forward and do the manly thing. Refute the rumor once and for all. PROVE it is not true.

America is a forgiving nation, Glenn. Why is it celebrities always wait until the damage caused by their silence cannot be undone?
@52, when you say "beware conrade," are you warning your comrades or perhaps my cousin Conrad? I'll be sure to pass on the message.

True, it's disgusting to joke about a rape-murder. But I sure had fun posting on that website.
We have yet to hear glen beck deny these accusations. Why has he not denied these accusations? Please, would some of you beckbots please explain that? Can you not accept the fact that your messiah beck is holding back information by not answering this. All he has to do is prove these charges false. Yet he does not. Just start to think for yourselves, please, for once. And glen, produce the proof, show us the police report, the full, long form where you did not. That is all glen beck has to do to put this to rest. Yet he does not. Why?
mr. beck did not - DID NOT - savagely rape and murder a 9 year old little girl in 1990. his DNA will prove it, and this scandal will go away. we are WITH you mr. beck! don't get discouraged. i know you didn't do it - because you are a very good christian.
@75 I agree!! Glen, oh saintly one, just provide your DNA to be compared against all rape/murders in 1990 and we will all know that this was a crazy left wing fantatic stunt. Lets get back to uncovering the insanity of 32 Czars (well, appointed officials who have been called "Czars" since Nixon coined the phrase to make it easier to understand complicated titles), Death Panels (well, making sure any public health plan gives you the opportunity to discuss your end of life choices with your doctor) and Obama's REAL birthplace (another birth certificate has shown up, THIS ONE must be real . . . right?).
I read on a website where it said we might never know the truth as after the "alleged" Rape and or Murder, Mr Beck, or in truth I can't prove it wasn't some other white haired pundit at Fox News, ate the person and the genitals were so mutilated they couldn't tell if it was a male or female. The website said it didn't actually believe Mr. Beck was capable of such a thing, but had a hard time disproving the rumor. As such they were waiting for Mr. Beck to produce truth of his innocence or the bloody dental floss. Which ever the case may be. I know that this of course is ridiculous as who keeps dental floss for over 10 years.
Your supposed understanding of slander doesn't provide protection in the case, or even because you simply couldn't get your own NAMBLA site registered. Good luck on hiding on this one. I hope he hires the right people so your noticeable futures become just as interesting as you think your satire extends.
He (allegedly) got my dog too. But killed first then raped, allegedly. He never allegedly apologized or denied killing and raping my dog. Some family values patriot he turned out to be! And now we hear he teabagged his high school gym teacher allegedly.
And where is his birth certificate? How do we know he isn't a german nazi or russian communist or albanian? How do we know he isn't a Shiite? HE HAS NEVER DENIED BEING ANY OF THESE, SO THEREFORE WE BETTER ASSUME HE IS UNTIL HE SPECIFICALLY SPEAKS UP. Not to mention him allegedly being the brains behind ACORN. And didn't he help out the unibomber allegedly?
Beck is not stupid. He's a super rich charlatan. He knows how to push stupid people's buttons and appeal to their base instincts. The people who believe in him are ignorant of the fact that they are getting played. They're too proud to admit it. The idiot demagraphic has always been easy pickins. TV preachers, snake oil salesmen, blowhard political pundits, and conspiracy theory booksellers are eternally cashing in on the gullible.
The point, to me, is that Glenn Beck is a sick and dangerous man who hurts other people...and has no conscious or sense of his self and his actions. I'm not an expert, but that might be anti-social, socio-pathic behavior by definition. He obviously hasn't gotten the message from the sponsor boycott, so perhaps this will be the "thing" that makes him hit the reset button. I guess it goes to prove...what goes around, comes around...all the bad karma, lies and hurt he has put out into the universe must be grouping somewhere for a big splat back on him...maybe this is it?
By the way, Mount Vernon's Washington mayor, Glenn Beck's "home town" has decided, to give Glenn the keys to the city on 9/26/09. I'm embarrassed for the mayor and the town and will make every effort to not spend a cent in that town. I support the boycott of anything to do with furthering Glenn Beck's tenure on the airwaves. To consider this man a worthy role model for success is a sad day indeed. The mayor's address?
should you wish to express an opinion.
#40 Posted: "I don't care for the idea of joking about a girl being raped and murdered. Why are you so sadistic? Where has common decency gone? Why don't you make up a rumor about something else? People with sick minds like yours make the world shitty."

That's really the whole point. What Glenn Beck is doing - except that it is not done as parody, is sadistic, lacking common decency, and is making the world shitty with his sick mind.

The people who fail to see the point being made have the same problem that the Beck followers have - they are unable to separate fact from fiction.
What I can't figure out is why Glenn Beck spent an hour gloating on the badness of the ACORN and the prostitution thing yesterday...and yet, one of HIS program sponsors is a certain company that sells "escort services" when "divorce is not an option" (I'm sure you know who I mean), maybe that's a religious escort service that helps people find comfort outside the marriage, but I....don't In addition to being a "crazy" dangerous person, he's also a hypocrite...know that's no surprise...but, there, I feel better now (LOL)
Seems simple enough, Beck brings the girl on his show. Or, is she dead, killed and raped in 1990?
So far I've seen no proof that Glenn Beck did not rape and murder a young girl in 1990. All I've seen is evidence that he it may have been possible for him to do so. The evidence.

Glenn Beck raging on a disagreeable woman on his radio program.....and, calling for killing people with a shovel…

If he is able to rage so quickly in public what evil hate and rage is he capable of in private?

And some quotes to quantify Glenn Beck's state of mind in 1990....Interview given by Glenn Beck in 2007 discussing his past..,514…

Actual Quotes from Glenn Beck:
“I was the one you didn't want to go out with your daughter but you didn't know it." (page 3)

"I was a monster," says Beck. "I just wasn't a good guy. I was a scumbag." (page 3)

"I was taking drugs every day of my life since I was 16 years old," (page 3)

"I'd buy Pope John Paul's book and then ask myself, who would the pope tell me not to read? Well, probably Nostradamus, so I'd buy his book. It was the library of the insane," says Beck (page 4)

The Urban Dictionary defining the term GlennBeck showing the growing use of the term in our lexicon.

I've been reading that Mr. Beck's attorney fees are in excess of $200,000, trying to put a stop to the GB1990 movement! Why would Mr. Beck spend $200,000 on a goon-squad of high-priced fancy-pants lawyers if he didn't in fact rape and murder a young girl in 1990? What are you hiding Mr. Beck? This story is NOT going away!

I also think Fox News Channel should reveal what they knew, and when they knew it with regard to the purported rape and murder of a young girl in 1990 by Glenn Beck. What do they have to hide? Why aren't they releasing any records? I smell a cover up and it stinks like a rotting corpse raped and murdered in 1990!
Too bad they cut the links for the post above. However, every single thing said is true.
Stay off Glenn Beck! He is very even minded because I heard that his grandfather slept with a Black lady and he supported her secretly with the help and advice of the late Mr. Thurman. Glenn , for the record has never raped a woman, I cannot vouch for men or boys but he does not look like a murderer - but then again his heritage is at conflict with itself.
Isn't it possible that Glen Beck murdered and THEN raped that young woman? Has he specified in which order it happened?