Book News for A Good Weekend


Haha. This is among the best news of the past 10 years.
The target audience won't notice.
almost but not quite makes me believe in God.
Stephen Colbert is the greatest satirist who ever lived.
stephen colbert is also a very staunch Catholic
Donohue most likely solicited the blurb. He trades in controversy and notoriety, and will add anything that works to his shtick. It got the book cover plastered over this blog, so it's working for him.
@6: That's akin to saying that dodos are famous for being extinct.
Of course it was a woman publicist eh Matt?
I do believe... Donohue has his thumb up his butt.
yep -- and apparently that hasn't harmed his senses of humor and reality in any way.
@ 8, you're just pedantic enough to hook on that.
@4 I second that motion.
WAIT, it can't be liberals who are destroying America. What would the Homos have to do then? Put on a play?
I really wish we could destroy religion. It'd solve a hell of a lot of problems.
Just wondering... Who covers the publishers' losses after these wingnut books invariably top the NYT bestseller for a few weeks because of bulk ordering by wingnut groups that soon after return the books for refunds ? I mean, do these wingnut publishers phony up the bulk orders in the first place or do they trash the hundreds of thousands of returned books and claim a tax write-off at public expense?
I am willing to bet there's not a word how the Catholic Church has aided and abeted the rape of thousands of children by priests as the cause of people's awareness what a scam religion is.
And their hate campaigns against gay and lesbian American's rights is turning off an ever widening segment of the population. And how about the fact that religionists tried to stop stem cell research that could save the lives of thousands or more.
And I bet not a word about how the religionists offended millions of people with their interference in the case of Teri Schiavo.
I could go on and on how religion has become it's own worst enemy, but people like Donohue are so irrational it would be a waste of time. Besides, I hope they continue down the path to their own destruction.
I just went to check it out. Sure enough, it's still there. As pointed out before, their target audience won't notice.
· “SECULAR SABOTAGE is an absolute must-read for anyone who believes the Judeo-Christian ethos is the very heart and soul of civilized society.” – L. Brent Bozell III, president, Media Research Center
So, so messed. Are Christians not allowed to own history books as much as they arn't allowed to own science books? This shit is fu@king embarrassing. I couldn't imagine what being a Christian must feel like. It seems like you'd have to be vacant upstairs or in complete denial of intelligent thought. Holy sh!t
Mr. Constant, Couldn't you have brought a worthy book to our attention instead of this drivel? Seriously, why give this clown any publicity? How about a nice recommendation for a rainy Saturday?
Some number of these folks DO watch the Colbert Report, and just pretend he's not faking. That broaden's Colbert's ratings. I don't think this is a gaffe.

Some fraction (I'd like to think 5% or less) of those who watch Colbert like it's really a right-wing O'Reilly-ish thing don't know that it's satire.

And even if you're not clued in to when he's faking, it's funny in a bunch of nonpolitical ways, too. I mean, who can't laugh at a styrofoam coffee cup that, after a week of radiation, comes back 6 feet tall and ready to do combat?
The publicist would have to get in line after the book jacket designer. ((shudder)) That photo...
If I were a publicist, and this douchebag's douche-umentary came across my desk, I'd be tempted to put a Stephen Colbert quote on it too. Even if it meant losing my job. (Hey, I'd reckon that would be worth it, don't you?)
"Some number of these folks DO watch the Colbert Report, and just pretend he's not faking"

I've heard that but really, that's like claiming all of OReilly's audience watches him out of sincerity. Plenty of stupid liberals love watching OReilly to get angered. I imagine the not insignificant number of Conservatives that watch Colbert are in on the joke, but want to see what he has to say.