Sunday Football Open Thread


But more importantly THE GIANTS are playing the Redskins at 1:15 PDT!
go giants! where is a good spot to watch the giants game out here?
Fox Sports Grill downtown is a happening place. Lots of testosterone just like the gridiron, and a ton of TVs. Who knows, maybe the Islam vs. Anti-Islam game in London will be broadcast.…
That place Sport in Fisher Plaza has TVs everywhere, including one at each individual table. Yup. Also, Coopers up on Lake City Way is pretty nice when it comes to changing the channel on one of their sets.
Football! I often feel like a pariah in this town, but I just love the game. :-)
I didn't realize The Stranger allowed football coverage.

Shouldn't you be posting about the latest book reading or Capitol Hill club news?

Sorry, ECG....Fox is carrying the Seahawks game in the Seattle area, but I'm up in Vancouver and Pacific Sportsnet is carrying Fox's Giants-Redskins feed.

I couldn't recommend a sports bar because I don't go to them. I want to watch either at the game or at home. Sports bars get on my nerves a little bit.
Vikings won!
So, has the Stranger dropped covering the Sounders completely? An Open Cup win in DC, another win yesterday in DC, and you respond with... the fucking lame-ass, loser-loser seahawks?

A 28-point shutout is lame-ass?
Go Hawks! That was a great game after the sloppy first quarter. Good to see Curry get some good hits, Housh get some touches and Nate catch a ton of balls...But most importantly our D looked solid, albeit against the Rams...Im happy!
Colts won.

Da Bears' defense would like to hang Jay Cutler from the Water Tower.
@1, @2: GO GIANTS!