Where the Hell Has MacAdam/Cage Gone?


I thought this was a story about Rachel and Nick. Paul, if you hear anything about them, please also report it here. Thanks.
Troubling rumors about MacAdam/Cage have been swirling for some months. Much financial trouble, apparently; not terribly surprising, but they had a great list most seasons, and it's sad if they've actually closed down completely.
I know the sales director was laid off months ago and the rumor at that time was that anyone not based in the main office was let go.
This sucks if they have gone out of business. But I'm glad someone is reporting it. I think they were going to release the new William Gay book, too.
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uh, they publish The Time Traveler's Wife and they're having financial problems? WTF? That's a popular book and the movie just came out and the tie-in should be raking in the bucks...what the hell are they doing wrong?
MacAdam Cage owes me money for graphic design and HTML newsletter creation done over 18 months ago and I cannot get anyone to call me back from the pub. Do not do business with them, vendors and contractors!
MacAdam/Cage is being sued in federal court, Feb 11, 2010.

I published a novel with them. They've quit returning my phone calls, answering e-mails, and even responding to registered letters. No royalties since 2005.

This week one of their authors, Susan Vreeland, sued them in federal court over royalties and copyright. Susan Vreeland vs. MacAdam/Cage:

May justice be served.