MacAdam/Cage Is Still Publishing


so glad that is straightened out!
I hope this is true and that they will be out of financial trouble soon, as they owe me money for work done for them over 1.5 yrs. ago, and I cant get anyone from the company, including Pat Walsh, to call me back!
Any updates on M/C? They haven't released anything new since January 09.
MacAdam Cage is indeed a lovely company. They published a novel by Suzanne Hudson which had a comic rape scene--impossible as that sounds. And of course The Time Traveler's Wife is grand. I hope that the Borders fiasco won't impact them too heavily and that they do get back in the black, insofar as money.

Joe Taylor
Never did hear back from anyone at MacAdam Cage, and they still owe me for the design work done several years ago. I know they are still operating in some capacity, but they are still definitely not paying their bills!