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if Joyce Carol Oates wins, I will projectile vomit...
Amos Oz sets tone better than God. (At least, if God were to ever choose to focus on that while writing his next burning bush tractatus... Come to think it, God seems to have the tone thing down.)
What I love is how in England you can place a bet on just about anything.
@1: Co-signed.
I love Paul Auster and think he deserves the win. If I were in England, I'd put a fiver on him.
@1-she terrifies me. seeing her in person is even scarier (i live near the town she teaches in).

@5-i totally agree. auster is pretty underrated in the states. i think europe appreciates him a lot more than we do.
Philip Roth is the Susan Lucci of the Nobel Prize in that each is very famous and not very good at the thing for which he or she is supposedly famous.
What Stace Said. Though Roth, at least, is getting better with age.

Any betting line that puts Maya Angelou and William Gass at the same level deserves to be arbitraged.
If this October is like last October, Philip Roth won't be sending his tux out to the cleaner and I won't be updating this blog post: "No Way, No How, Nobel."…

I was lucky enough to meet the great man himself at the now defunct Cafe Gray on Columbus Circle. Asked about the rancor aimed toward his excellent 'Sabbath's Theater,' Roth said with a rueful half-smile, "The women didn't like it." I suspect this, along with the absurd, timeworn "self-hating Jew" accusations he's long endured, will once again prevent him from claiming his rightful prize in Stockholm this year. Well in keeping with the Swedes' other well-known historical blunders, like overlooking Proust, Joyce, and Nabokov.