Last-Minute Flood of Money to Reject R-71?


Try to get this one right. I'm embarassed to be Californian.
@2 Money always wins. If it didn't than my broke ass could be governor tomorrow simply on a good message. Yeah right.
There's an event Sunday morning on Capitol Hill.

If you didn't get an invite, ask.

And remember, actions not words. ASK DIRECTLY all your friends, relatives, and neighbors. And make sure all of them VOTE.
Seattle LGBT Equality Weekend October 10 – 11, 2009

Seattle OUTProtest has brought together a grassroots coalition of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and straight people and organizations to organize a series of solidarity events to coincide with the National March for Equality this October.

March and Rally
Forty years after the Stonewall Rebellion, we march in solidarity with our brothers and sisters and allies in Washington, DC to demand equal protection in all matters governed by civil law in all 50 states and to show our public support for the Approval of Referendum 71 here in Washington state.
Sunday, October 11
2:00 pm: Volunteer Park, 10th Ave E & E Prospect
5:00 pm: Rally, Federal Courthouse, 7th & Stewart

Thinking Queerly: Community Workshops on LGBT Issues
Community organizers and activists will present a series of workshops on a range of issues affecting the lgbt community including Stonewall and lgbt movement history, homelessness, hate crimes and self defense, lgbt health, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, lgbt legal issues, Gay-Straight Alliances, marriage equality, and more.
Saturday, October 10
9:30 am to 5 pm
Piggot Auditorium, Seattle University

As the AIDS pandemic nears its fourth decade, we gather to educate and raise awareness about the continued struggles of people living with HIV/AIDS and their families, friends, and support networks as well as to demand all resources and all funding necessary for prevention, treatment, and a cure.
Saturday, October 10
Starting at 6 pm
Seattle Central Community College South Plaza, Broadway & E Pine

Generation Q Mega Mixer
Come mingle and mix with seasoned leaders and activists of the GLBTQ community at the Generation Q Mega Mixer. Young leaders (25 and under please) will have the opportunity to socialize, learn from, and quite possibly have a dance off with some of the community's most inspiring members in a relaxed social environment.
Sunday, October 11
6:30 pm
Sole Repair Shop, 1001 E Pike

Seattle LGBT Equality Weekend March & Rally

Get involved with one of our planning committees! Contact for more time and details:
March/Rally Committee,
Workshops Committee,
Outreach Committee,
Mixer Committee,
HIV/AIDS Vigil Committee,

Biweekly General Organizing Meetings, please contact for time and location.

National Equality March: Equality Across America

Endorsed by Seattle Gay News, Radical Women, Queer Ally Coalition, International Socialist Organization, Socialist Alternative, Freedom Socialist Party, Gay City Health Project, Entre Hermanos, Cascades Rainbow Community Center/Skagit, Seattle OUTProtest, Community to Community Development, Bellingham, Sub Pop Records, 5th District Democrats (, American Friends Service Committee, Inlaws & Outlaws and the True Stories Project, Pride at Work, Washington Jobs with Justice - MLK, Seattle Education Association, Out in Tacoma, Rainbow Center of Tacoma, Queer Kidz, Temple B'Nai Torah, PFLAG Olympia, Amnesty International, Metropolitan Community Church - Seattle, Center for MultiCultural Health, Washington Marriage Alliance, The Backpack Project, A.N.S.W.E.R., Party for Socialism and Liberation, PFLAG - Olympia, The Queer Foundation, PFLAG - Bellevue

Approve Referendum 71
Keep the Domestic Partnership Law
Great. No we will have to put up with fucking annoying ads from both sides in the near future.

Thankfully DVR is an awesome invention...
edit: Should have said *now*
Anti-Prop 8 out fundraised and out spent pro-Prop 8.
But still lost.
The campaigns for and against Proposition 8 raised $39.9 million and $43.3 million, respectively.
And $1.3 million (out of $39.9 million) in the last few weeks of a campaign that only lasted a couple of months isn't much at all.

The "Mormon Money" myth of Prop 8 is just that, a myth spun by Dan to cover the painful truth.
@4 "There's an event Sunday morning on Capitol Hill. If you didn't get an invite, ask."

Oh, so it's a secret...This is totally why the campaign to Approve Ref. 71 is going to lose.
WFST, stop hiding behind senior citizens and defend the 93% of domestic partners who are LGBT! How do you defend gay rights if you don't use the word gay?

Approve Referendum 71
Keep the Domestic Partnership Law
Post mark mail in ballot by Nov. 3

What is Referendum 71?
By approving Ref 71 voters will support the state egislature’s decision this year to expand the rights and responsibilities of registered domestic partners, which include same-sex couples and heterosexual pairs in which one person is
62 or older.

Washington’s law does not legalize gay marriage, but it does extend the same rights that state law has given married couples to registered domestic partners. These include basic protections such as:

• The ability to share a bank account and hold common property
• Child-custody provisions
• Domestic partners who are residents in long-term care facilities may
share the same room
• The right to use sick leave to care for a partner
• The right to disability insurance benefits and workers' compensation coverage

Who opposes Ref 71?
A coalition that calls itself the Washington Values Alliance, made up of a handful of far-right organizations which oppose gay rights on principle, are spearheading
the campaign to destroy domestic partnerships in Washington. A quick internet search of their endorsers reveals that they also share a much broader program,
including opposition to women’s rights to reproductive freedom, a virulent racist agenda that targets immigrants and people of color, and an anti-union, antilabor platform.

Who supports Ref 71?
Polls show that Washington voters support domestic partnership, and a wide variety of organizations are backing Ref 71. These include civil libertarians, Black, Asian American, and Latino groups, feminist organizations, unions,
churches and synagogues. For a list of endorsers visit

What can you do?
• Ask your organization, church or union to take a stand to Approve Ref 71.
• Make copies of this flyer and distribute them to your neighbors, family or organization. You can download copies at
• Participate in the Seattle LGBT Equality Weekend, in solidarity to the National Equality March Oct. 11 2009.
• Put up a poster in your workplace or home or car window to approve 71.
• Clarify to friends we need to APPROVE 71 on the ballot.

For Seattle October events please visit
* Why is NO ONE able to defend Washington State's LGBT taxpayers from this abuse?

* Why are our "representatives" allowing these votes?

* What last resorts do we have to protect our family FROM government and church abuse?
(because we have HAD IT with petitions, donations, and begging)

* PROP 8 was the LAST STRAW - Keep your hateful "beliefs" to yourselves where they belong,
and keep them the hell away from civil law.

If REF-71 is rejected, gays will either go back to "fighting" for equal rights with petitions and donations as passive, effete whiners, or ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE. Let's hope for the latter.
don't start the revolution until I run home to find my Pink Beret!!
@2: Um, no. It's because of criminally low turnout among our most supportive groups. Blaming this on pro-equality activists not using "propaganda" is idiotic. It's more a lack of GOTV-type maneuvers.

@11: Then what do you suggest we do? Your last suggestion helped get a TRO and secrecy for anti-equality activists, so I'm kind of afraid of your next suggestion.
@13: I love how you so respectfully engage with others who may hold a different point of view. In truth, I think you and @2 are probably much closer in agreement than your yapping churlishness might allow. Effective propaganda/education/whatchamacallit is absolutely essential to driving voters to the polls.

FLASH: 97% of gays think posting a supportive message about R-71 on their Facebook profile is sufficient to defeat R-71.
As the saying goes, "if you don't play you can't win" and it takes cash to play. You SLOG readers know all about R-71 so you'd be surprised at how many voters are completely oblivious to R-71's existence. Without money for ads and other mass outreach methods, our voters open their ballots in the dark or worse, throw them away. Donating big now = we have a fighting chance of wining. Let's choose to act and win!
Er, well, not defeat...I meant support...or, ummm....whatever.

Can I get coffee for any of you folks at The Stranger today?
@9 - it's not a secret, everyone on FB knows it.
@ 10: WAFST is NOT hiding the gay and lesbian issue. If you were to volunteer to do some phone calls, you would find out that the call script mentions gay and lesbian families before seniors.

Quit criticizing and get active.
@14: I don't owe anything to anyone, especially when I believe they're so wildly wrong, MA. You know full well what type of "propaganda" he's advocating, he makes absolutely no effort to mask that. The only agreement between my argument and his is our disapproval of the extent of action already taken and further action planned.

Okay, I do owe you this one, though: check the facts in your FLASH. :)

Yap yap yap!
You must have gotten cupcakes for the IT team!

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@20 No amount of baked treats will solve Verizon's connectivity issues, Massive.

First world problems, sigh.
@22: You were around for Proposition 13 in Seattle, weren't you? You know it took a whole lot of visibility and staying on-message and calling out the other side. You saw how Harvey Milk in CA was able to turn the tables with a visibility campaign and a GOTV campaign.

Instead, however, you want us to do what, exactly? Fight dirty? How? We can't fight dirty with a group so detached from reality that they'll just make more stuff up. And you've seen how their dirty tactics have become stale and old, how so few people care about Folsom or pride parades that using the classic truncheon of scary leathermen and devilish drag queens is almost unheard of lately.

No, fighting sane is the right way to go. Stay toe-to-toe with them in the media, stay visible and active in public, harp on people to register and vote. When you have to give up and jump in the mud with them, you lose. You justify all the nasty things they say about gay people being vindictive and petty. You give them an free pass to jump up onto the high ground and point fingers at the silly gays rolling around in the mud.
@21: Baconpussy is my name when I want to dress up like a lady.
@10 If anything the campaign has focused too much on the LGBT issues. Seniors are equally in danger of losing vital protections. Clearly you have your head up your ass.
@13 - Simple. A Tax Revolt for starters. And we must enjoy paying the bullies for rights since we think that our due rights are things to be VOTED upon in America, with fundraisers and all. If you are gay, this is what you are accepting for the next 25-30 years in America; religious terrorism - government approved.

And yes, I guess I do have this vast power and control over all things political in WA State. (lol)
But the TRO and secrecy for anti-equality activists is due to Stephen Pidgeon being a total wimp and crying because he cannot understand how REJECTING REF-71 is an attack on OUR family, and when you ATTACK a familym that family gets to FIGHT BACK. Hard.
@24/27: See, this is the problem-- those who are dissatisfied with the current pace of the march to equality cook up these half-baked ideas without offering anything constructive.

In terms of being on-message, there's no need to confuse voters since the statistical overlay showing growing approval of marriage equality meshes well with all our victories and losses. Confusing ballot measures also end in a statistically high number of reject votes. And taking over their cute and warm and fuzzy message will pitch them into an even dirtier tactic. As the generations shift, approval grows and grows. Reminding people constantly that GLBT americans are here (and queer, get used to it) will keep that shift moving rightward to majority support. I'd gladly take morality, remembering that honesty won't bite you in the ass and being visible and loud is an easy way to keep you on top of the ballot.

And a "tax revolt"? Seriously? We're already considered less-than and you want to make us sound downright unamerican? By the way, you gave a very visible and easily accessible anecdote for Pidgeon. He only works with what he's given, and while the AGO can refute the claims of assaults in CA easily since they're all more or less hearsay, it's difficult to go scrub the internet. Saying it's all his fault is basically letting him play "stop hitting yourself" with you. You're a real asset to the equality movement, bubeleh.

@25: Hey, good for you! I'm supportive of drag. I guess I'm popular enough to warrant it, eh? Thanks so much :)
@10 makes some valid points.

Still, the campaign is not about being LGBT (or GLBT), it's about citizenship rights and equality under the law (still an elusive myth).

I think we hurt ourselves everytime we call the "Christian fanatics". I'm sure there are plenty of LGBT/GLBT Christians; I'm sure there are plently of Christians who are not fanactics about anything; and some of the "fanatics" out there are not Christian, i.e., people of the tribes -- Jews, Muslims, etc.

Some years ago, I taught a class at Gay City University on getting gays elected to public office. I had about 7 students. Across the hall was a class called "The Moment Before Penetration" -- that one flowed out into the hallway. Our priorities work against us.

Gobs of political offices go unchallenged every year. Until LGBT/GLBT folks see politics as the route to equal rights and equality under that law, we will remain partial citizens.

Once elected to Burien City Council, I worked for and got the first domestic partners law in Washington suburbia and the first and strongest anti-discrimination law in WA suburbia. If we want equal rights, we have to be the change we wish to see. Put politics before penetration.

Stephen Lamphear
elected openly gay Burien City Council 1998-2005
Sargon Bighorn: You and I (David R. on Towleroad) usually agree, but on this one I'm with Baconcat. Washington voters, in general, don't like negative campaigning and conflict, esp. in terms of a referendum. For instance, I think the big push to have the signers of the petitions publicized was a mistake—morally, legally correct, but a mistake. "They" already see us as bullies "ramming gay rights down their throats."

The reality, of course, is that we're the ones who are harassed, threatened, and even killed; we're the ones who have heterosexism rammed down our throats. But that's not what they believe and they're very effective in reaching the ones who actually vote in this kind of election.
@24 -- Good point about taking control of "framing" the message. Like it or else we need to learn from Karl Rove that framing is critical. Opponents have been in control of the message: an attack on marriage and condoning unnatural sex. Take back the argument.

Protect Washington Marriage
Protect Washington Families
Protect Washington Children
Approve R-71

Stephen Lamphear
Burien City Councilmember (1998-2005)