David Doud: Dickish!


Sigh. Okay. I'll start the puppy pile.

David Doud is clearly desperate. I got this flier in the mail and thought it was a joke at first.

Doud and Albro are funded by the same polluters, corporate interests, and port insiders. They are both endorsed by evangelical preachers, Republicans, east side developers.

If you vote for Rob Holland, vote for Max Vekich. Otherwise, Rob will be an isolated vote on the port commission, voting 1-4 or 2-3 on important pollution, community, and economic justice issues impacting all of us.

More from the folks at Port Reform: www.portreform.org
They've been running an audio version of this ad (yes, it screams the same way) on KJR for a month.
"Because listing the home addresses of your political opponents is always and everywhere wrong and the people who do it are rotten human beings."

Yet the gay activists who want to see the addresses and names of those who signed the petition for R-71 get a thumbs up from the stranger.
One would think Doud would be proud to have his potential constituents know his home address. It looks like a nice place, shrouded in trees with a long driveway, in the middle of Medina.

aww, no links for anons?

google maps for 3211 Evergreen Pt Rd 98039. Beautiful view, and obviously we should be proud to have such a successful, wealthy man as port something-or-other.
I wonder how much money Doud got from Seattle City Council, or did he have to pay them "donations" to let the Port scot free from cost overruns to the Billionaires Tunnel which will be paid for not by the Billionaires who want it (and don't live in Seattle) but by the Citizens of Seattle (who won't get to use it, since it will have tolls and zero downtown exits).
3 ftw

Candidate home address IS public 'need to know' information- candidates have to show they live in the jurisdiction they are running to represent.
Typical Stranger blend of hypocrisy, dickheadedness and stupidity.
Actually that is the home of Holland's rich sugardaddy Joseph Moscrip...
"5. Saying Rob "embraces ACORN, whose illegal activities are well known..." Rob attended a candidate forum hosted by ACORN, along with Al Yuen, Max Vekich and Tom Albro's campaign staff, in Boulevard Park last August. Ross Hunter, who endorsed David Doud, was also at the event. I was there, too."

Gawd, that IS sleazy!
Does Dominic Holden write Dodd's shit?
Cause he has "LINKED" Hutchinson to several organizations just because she happened to be in the same building where someone from the organization appeared on the program...
@3: Did you even bother clicking the link they provided?
Don't be such a pussy, Brendan.
We just want to "politely confront" candidates...
After all, faggot niggers is two of our favorite kinds of people.
@ 7. That neither explains nor justifies listing the address in a mailer.

(And you and 3 should click the "listing the home addresses of your political opponents is always and everywhere wrong" link before you get too pleased with yourselves.)
@1 Publicola put out its endorsements today and - unlike the Stranger - actually chose one for Port Commission Position 4: Max Vekich.

I hope Stranger readers resist the temptation to write in "Greasy, Half-Empty Tub of Crisco," as the snarky staff here would have you do. (Weak, SECB.) And thanks for the tip, @1.

(Publicola has some other significant difference from the Stranger cheat sheet, and considering local politics is all they do, I think I'll follow their advice this time.)
The REAL video can be found on ACORN of King County's facebook page.


This is the WHOLE video of the event in its TRUE context not altered and manipulated by desperate Dodd campaign hacks. The event was fantastic as every ACORN event I have attended. I shot the video and NEVER was I asked permission to use or alter it, NEVER was I asked to use it certainly not in LIES about ACORN, a grassroots organization I wholeheartedly support and volunteer for. Despite multiple copyright infringement complaints, Dodd's people are STILL stealing my video and photos and LYING about ACORN which is a VERY good organization and Dodd (like some others right now) is trying to take advantage of Fox "news"'s relentless and stupid attacks on other ACORN offices to discredit the INCREDIBLE work of ACORN's members here in King County and Washington state.
We read your link.
We read it when it happened.

The Scary Unpleasantness you cite was a reaction to your original dickheaded post including addresses of private citizens (Do yourselves a favor. Hire a real editor. Really...).

Evidently you don't get the sopping irony and cowardly hypocrisy of your outrage here vs your attitude toward releasing R71 names.
that's so unfair.
here's a dime....
Forgive my typo, I - of course- meant "Doud" not "Dodd".
Don't know why that link didn't fully show up. Lets try it again:

the ending #s are 137269412618
Holland has his thong twisted in such a panicked wad because he is afraid his meal ticket will get pissed and boot him out.
@ 15... Fucking hell. The "sopping irony" IS WHY HE LINKED THAT SENTENCE IN THE FIRST FUCKING PLACE.

Spoiler alert, genius: He's not really outraged by the address issue.

Jesus Christ, I'm surrounded by idiots.

In a comments thread.

Surprise, surprise.
ACORN members did a fantastic job at organizing a REAL GRASSROOTS good old fashioned neighborhood candidate forum. Everyone was welcome and people came from all over King County. ACORN has been engaging the low-moderate income neighborhoods in King County with THEIR port for the past 3 years. This work is IMPORTANT!

ACORN members need your help and support to fight back at the lies and attacks from those who do not want low-moderate income people to have collective power.

Help ACORN of King Co. NOW.

Screw ACORN.
How did that vote for Holland work out?

Mis-approrpiations of public funds.
Bounces checks to pay back mis-approrpiations of public funds.
Lends his government issued credit card to friends.
Tax Warrants issued for confiscation of personal funds.
Starts businesses with a convicted armed burglar and sex offender who's last reoffense was just back in 2010.

Way to go SLOG. What a winner you endorsed.