Joe Mallahan Concedes


Well Joe, then you should have sounded like something other than a corporate shill.
Mallahan drove that perception himself. Ahem. Rookie mistake. Maybe he should have started with a council seat or something, or gotten a better campaign adviser.
You didn't want to be considered a business man? Well perhaps consistently calling the citizens of this fair city "customers", and defending that term as "what I know" when criticized for it, was your first mistake.
I find the coverage in the Times to be hilarious; they list a rather long cadré of Mallahan endorsers -- and fail to add themselves to same. Fucking boneheads.

And hey -- is Adrian on suicide watch?
@2: Yep. He was very intent on using the language of the corporate world to describe his qualifications (much to the delight of the Stranger's Election squad), and aggressively pointed out his business world endorsements. If he had played down the jargon, and actually dressed up his pro-business campaigns in the *language* of social justice progressivism, he probably would have walked to an easy victory.

I kinda like McGinn, and voted for him. I have to think this was more Mallahan's loss than McGinn's victory, though.
I guess I'll have to take your word for it, Joe, since you've barely lifted a finger on behalf of any social justice issues (driving a Prius doesn't count).
"Social justice democrat"?


He sold himself as a businessman, associated with the business community, and promoted the big AID type DBT boondogle -- hardly a "social justice" project.

And Pink Oxford cloth button down shirts !

The guy who barely lifted a finger lost to the guy who vigorously lifted a finger.
Dear Joe,

This voter worried that your commitment to social justice was mainly about creating public-works jobs that would spend our tax dollars for the primary benefit of private development and real estate interests.

My worry was reinforced every time you repeated your frustrating non-answer about "moving Seattle forward" in response to questions that deserved nuanced and thoughtful replies. (I think that means you reinforced my worry exactly 1,544 times in the last month of the race.)

If you had demonstrated a credible effort to build trust in your motives, your experience would have been much more to your credit.
"I am a social justice Democrat with business credentials."

What an ass. All he ever talked about was T-Mobile and the wonderful things he did there. As far as I know, it was his entire resume.
He and his wife also run a very successful yearly bratwurst church fundraiser in Wallingford to provide free space for anti-abortion protest groups to organize and for Ken Hutcherson to give speeches.

Also, he provided free (with contract) mobile-to-mobile calling to any customer regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or religious affiliation.
If you care about social justice, the least you can do is vote. You work up from there.
If you cared about social justice, you'd give all poor people access to free, on-demand, no questions asked, convenient abortions with cash prizes, all to help thin their numbers.
"The former T-Mobile executive said, 'I'm going to go back to work for the phone company.' "

And he was never heard from again.
Yayyy I want to move back to Seattle now!
"I want to move back to Seattle now"

Yes, because everything's gonna change now. I hear by 2012 McGinn will have stopped global warming.
Well at least Joe pushed Nickels out the door. That will be his asteriks in Seattle politics.
Mallahan could have won if Charla had a properly fitted bra!