Breaking: 4 Police Officers Shot and Killed Near McChord AFB


awful. like a lot of terrible news coming out of the US that I first see on the BBC News site, I thought "Man, I hope this isn't in the Greater Tacoma Area." But it was. Terrible.

Also, does anyone else think that, by some wild chance, this big "The Government are Terrible Fascists Who Will Kill Grandma and Abort All Babies" Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin/Michelle Bachman/various Republicans bullshit-a-thon might have anything to do with an uptick on violence against the Police, as they are the most visible arm of the State?
the fact that this was a conspiracy is really disturbing.
@2: No. Those types are typically pretty pro-law-and-order.

My sympathy to the friends, family, and co-workers of the cops. Here's hoping for a quick and final resolution.
It bugs me that CNN leads the story with "Seattle, WA" and then says "ambush in a coffee shop near "Tacoma, WA". When murders happen in Providence do they lead with "Boston, MA"?
Holy shit. So this is what domestic terrorism feels like.

Also, whoever did this will promptly be hunted down like an armed-and-dangerous dog. I hope no innocent bystanders get hurt, and I hope it's over by end of day.

It feels almost too early to offer condolences to the slain officers' loved ones, but: condolences.
@3 how is it a "fact" that there's a conspiracy?
@4, the Pittsburgh shooter was a Beck nut.
Oh no. I am so very very sorry to hear this. Everything about it is wrong, wrong, wrong.
Jesus fuck! Could everyone please stop shooting cops already!?
Horror and sadness.
If they really do think this is a conspiracy and not some random nut going postal, then I would imagine they have some leads. Hopefully...

Damn, this is awful. I'd be pretty careful how people approach police officers in the near future. They have to be on edge after this. Can't say I'd blame them if you knew some psychopath is out there trying to kill cops. I sincerely hope no innocent suspects or bystanders get killed.
The suspect has been described as a scruffy black male.
That's a tough blow for a tough town that's having some tough times right now. I'm just horrified. Not just for those cops and their families, but for every cop in the area, each of whom must feel like they're walking around with a big target on his or her back.

The police represent us, for good or for ill. When they commit abuses, WE are committing abuses; when they are gunned down in cold blood, we are under attack. Of the people, by the people, for the people. I hope they catch this creep alive so they can interrogate him at length.
Hopefully he's found quickly and not arrested.
@2 So inciting nut jobs against the President of the United States comes from "law and order" types? Think about how absurd that sounds. The Becks/Limbaughs/Palins are not "law and order" types when they aren't in control. The are inciting the nut jobs of this country and you aren't qualified to determine there influence over the nut jobs they incite.

Limbaugh recently said on air that he hopes that the cadets at West Point conduct a military coup when President Obama comes to speak there.…

As for the killing of these police officers, I'm simply flabbergasted. It's both horrific and absolutely ridiculous. I hope they find this nutcase soon - and I hope that they can arrest him and interrogate him to find out what the hell is wrong with him, and if he has any buddies with similar views. Then let justice take it's course. I'm not pro-death penalty, but it's the law in this state, and I sure wouldn't fight for this one

This is terribly sad, that these people put their life on the line every day to protect all of us from creeps, and one (or more) of those creeps gets them first. Cop-haters have absolutely no clue how much and how hard the police force works to keep crime off the streets and out of our homes. We only hear about cops when they screw up or otherwise fail—or get killed—and that is indeed a shame.

My heart goes out to the family and friends of the victims. Tacoma needs all the help it can get these days, and it just lost four valuable officers. Sad and shameful.
I'm just increasingly nervous about anti-left backlash using these fucking jackass cop killers as supposed exemplars of our beliefs, the way we use the Pittsburgh guy to exemplify Beck people. Fucking braindead extremists like Monfort are coming from the outer wing of my side of the aisle and I don't appreciate it. Seems like a lot of people who take issue with the US government (a reasonable thing to do) feel like radicalism is the only way to go- tea people and weapon stockpilers on the one side, Islamic fundamentalists and commies on the other. I'm just glad most cretins in these movements aren't sick enough to pull those triggers, and hope it stays that way. Signs are not encouraging.
uh... don't you mean suck weiner?
@16: You absurdity is only surpassed by your ignorance. I'm a proud "Limbaugh/Palin/Beck type" and we abhor this.
@14: Do you want to explain how the cops represent us, or is that just some empty pseudo-sentimental bullshit?
@22: Good, then if you should ever be robbed, beaten, or shot please don't call 911.
That's bullshit. Keep politics out of this tragedy. This is a terrorist incident but just of a different type. The four police officers served our state/municipality just as Officer Brenton did. May they rest in peace. My condolences to the families.
Sounds like this was a gang initiation. It would explain why no one else surrounding the cops were targeted.
Scruffy black man? Probably the 50-cent type.

I guess jury nullification wasn't enough for the Free Mumia morons.
@22, I did right there in my comment. By the people, of the people, for the people. Executive branch. Did you not do civics in high school?

Police are the pointy end of the body politic. People like you and me are the soft center. When they arrest someone they are arresting them IN YOUR NAME, because we have charged them to protect us. They carry the full weight of the state with them.

That's also why crimes committed by cops are worse than crimes committed by citizens; the full weight of the state is committing them. Same with capital punishment: those prisoners are being killed by the state, which is a much, much more horrible thing than being killed by a criminal (especially if you make a mistake, as has happened often).

When that creep turns around and kills a police officer, or four, he's likewise aiming directly at you and me.
What has been going into the regional water supply lately? Five cops? One month?
Politics has nothing to do with this. So enough with the beck/palin nonsense.

I call copycat crime. But who the fuck knows.

And as much as I hate to admit, Fnarf is dead on.
Perhaps most alarming is that Fnarf had to elaborate (a very good job, BTW) in @27. Goes to show how coarse and self-centered our society has become.
Damn it Seattle, keep your craziness to yourself! We didn't want copycatting of it down here! >_
What Lark said @24. Emphatic agreement.
So, so sorry. My sympathy to the friends, families, co-workers, and witnesses of this tragedy.
I've never agreed with anything Fnarf has said more than @27.

I really, sincerely hope that cop killing doesn't become a trend here.
Christ, that's fucked up.

Nick @ 22, are you a new incarnation of Gurldoggie? You two sound like you're cut from the same cloth.
Does no one realize what is going on! The war has begun! Police are out of control and have been killing young black men for decades, police and their racist tactics are completely out of control! Did no one notice that when the Seattle police shot the suspect a few weeks ago that they shot him in the head, this is not a correct tactic, you should have shot him in a extremity. That was straight up revenge! There are plenty of young black men who have had enough, and if the police don't get there shit together unfortunately more of these situations will occur.
Domestic terrorism is what police have been doing in the inter-city's of America for decades!!!
Could you imgain how the wife, partner, husband, son, daughter of any police officer in Western Washington feels right now?

Please catch this man quickly. Please lets hope this shooting is not related to the shooting in Seattle.
The idiot that wrote that blacks have been killed for decades, you are an idiot! The police shot and killed them to stop the threat! It's too bad that they were black!!! Whites, Hispanics have also been stopped by the police. It's their job. If you hate the police that much, the next time when someone in your household is robbed or raped don't call the police. You go and patrol for yourself and see if u have the balls to make an arrest. Youre a punk and all talk!!!! SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL POLICE!
who needs terrorist when there are so many home grown nuts?