Locked Down in Leschi


The media is reporting the race of the suspect. I think this is inflammatory. Disgusting.
If you've got a point Bacon, just come out and say it.
what is it with this neighborhood anyway??

these poor cops, I wonder if they feel like sitting ducks out in the open, looking for this guy. scary. that a high percentage of this year's area murders are police officers.

I find it odd that exactly 10yrs ago to this day Seattle area police had another very stressful challenge on their hands, probably beyond anything else within that 10yr period of time (the WTO protests actually began on Nov 29 1999; Nov 30th was the big day when the tear gas started flying)
oh coffee. Must we mention coffee and cops again?
Bacon, it's normal to report the race (along with other physical descriptors) of a suspect who is still at large. Consult an AP style guide, if you don't believe me.

It is not normal (anymore) to report on the race of a suspect who has been arrested unless race is somehow a legitimate part of the story.
KIRO 7 reporting that Clemmons may have already died from his wounds inside the house...
I heart Leschi.
Of course the media reports the race of the suspect. How else are you going to know what they look like if you have any information. Let's not be stupidly P.C.