Maurice Clemmons on Twitter: Is This Real?


I don't think you can fake. However - there are other Maurice Clemmons in the world and this one looks slightly different than the picture I've seen floating around. Also - all his "followers" are located on the East Coast.
If this is a different Maurice Clemmons, he's going to want to change his name.
he's got the same mole on his cheek
The shooter Clemmons has a mole under his left cheek. This guy might have one there, but it's a tiny pic and it could be a dimple or something else. His nose looks slightly different too, but it might be the angle.
Um, you should check out this "Bishop Jordan" of Zoe Ministries he's following. He's a well-known religious con artist who sells "prophecies" for megabucks. Rev. Run (from Run DMC) is or was a follower.…
This guy's nose looks different and his mole is larger than what is seen in the suspect's photos. Also, all of the people he is following are on the east coast.

He follows the Rachel Maddow show, for instance.
I don't agree; I think his nose looks exactly the same, down to the slight bend. The difference is that in his Twitter pic he's tilting his head down. The mole is larger than his 2004 pic but not the more recent mug shot; it's been growing.

My personal guess is he's lying dead or nearly so in somebody's bushes, and won't be found until he starts to smell. Gut-shot, untreated = short life expectancy.
Next question: is Loveschild a follower of this Christian con artist Bishop Jordan too? Sounds like he's right up her alley. So to speak.
These don't look like pictures of the same person to me.
How many chubby-cheeked black guys named Maurice Clemmons can there be? Of course it's the same guy.
11 doesn't exist.
Further.. a search of @bishopjordan doesn't bring up the comments depicted in this "SS" either.
Fnarf - The link you've posted doesn't really state anything negative about Jordan. Further, the article (quite nicely, I may add) states both sides to a logical argument. Bishop Jordan's prophetic accuracy can hardly be denied, nor can his response to those who naysay.

Viewing his Facebook Fan Page (…), he seems solid.

Sure he may ask for monetary "gifts" in return for his services, but how is that any different than that of a "life coach?" Plainly put, it's not.