Clemmons's Business License


this is interesting why?

It says "Federal Way" on there.

But no matter to's all SOST to you urbanites (South of the Smith Tower)
@1, I was just thinking the same thing.

So he had a business license. How is this relevant? What's next, "the gum Clemmons chewed last week!"
Supreme Ruler Of The Universe @ 2) Thanks. It's all fixed now.

diane b @ 3) Close... the next headline is "Clemmons saw a dog once."

And when you google the address you learn that "100% of 1 people like Reggiee's Urban Dawgs on Urbanspoon."

Sine we're into the not-too-germane here, did anybody else see the Lakewood police union guy's tribute webpage to the fallen officers? He pointed out that the woman who was murdered was a proud member of the Olympia Tea Party, and closed with a promise to her that their movement wouldn't quit 'til they'd won back the soul of the GOP or some such.

A weird factoid. RIP, lady Teabagger.
Forgot to link, sorry: www.lpig,us - it also has a link for donating to the families.
It's relevant that now I'd definitely be totally okay with the police killing him as they apprehend him. God I hate pressure washers.
Clemmons's? For realz?
Never mind, apparently now you get to choose to add an S or not. Carry on...