UPDATED: Family May Be Trying to Help Suspect Avoid Capture


I am fixin to lose my tiny mind.

I hope these incredibly stupid, misguided people, if they exist, suffer tremendously for aiding a murderer of police.
can't imagine why - it's not like the cops will gun him down ... oh wait.

if he was smart he'd head across the border
Does that include the parents of the girl he molested?

How do you not cut a child molesting, psycho murderer out of your family?
stop fake-snitchin' y'allz
It's not the right thing to do by any stretch, but his family undoubtedly figure he's as good as dead when police catch up to him. The mother is always the last person to be relieved of her denial.
I heard he's in the basement of Huckabee's house.
I hope the family gets to spend some quality time with him in the prison yard, if this is true. Aiding and abetting is a serious crime. Or maybe they would all like bus tickets back to Arkansas?
@5: part of his appeal in Arkansas was that his mother died before seeing him rehabilitated, and that was what spurred him to appeal to Huckabee. Fuck everyone involved with this situation: his friends, his family, Huckabee, the parole board that went against judges' and prosecutors' recommendations and let him out, and fuck the judge in WA who didn't set an insanely high bail amount for him in the child-rape case.
More proof that trash begets trash.
#8 - Ahhh, I wasn't aware his mother died, and I agree with your points.
@1 "... for aiding a murderer of police".
huck 2012!
Anyone helping this guy evade capture should have all their pertinent info (address, place of employment, ph #, email address) posted online along with a photo of them and the public should make their life hell. They are not simply helping to stop justice they are putting ALL of our lives in danger. I hope if he is getting help from people he turns the gun on them. Given how crazy he is that is unlikely.