The Morning News


How do they have the top ten searches for 2009 if there's still a month left in 2009?
What? Nothing about the guy in California trying to get a measure on the ballot to make divorce illegal?…

Much as it wrecks the fun of the headline - the #1 search on -any- search engine is "Google" and various misspellings following behind, with stuff like "free sex" and "free mp3" following behind.

Lists like the one Bing just released are made by taking the queries from 2009 and subtracting out the stuff that's always the same, year after year, and sanitizing for things that PR wouldn't approve of. They're interesting, but they're not actually a reflection of what's most often typed in that little white box.
"...before you were born?"

Jus' how old do yous think we are Mr. Schmader???????
So Rush can get married 4 times and I can't get married even once? Nice.
Roman frigg'n Polanski can't make $4.5M bail? I'm a frigg'n upper-middle-class working stiff and I could nearly make a $4.5M bail. (A bail bond typically requires collateral worth 10% of the bail amount.) No wonder these Hollywood-types are such fans of the welfare state -- they can't manage to save any of the millions they are making.
@6- He's in a different country, which certainly has different rules for bail bondage.

I'm surprised they offered him bail at all. He has a bad track record with that.