Currently Hanging: Dan Corson's 'Oscillating Field'


That's beautiful. Where is it exactly?
I have shit that contains more creative thinking that this stuff. Jesus, for a fat chick you sure get sucked in to bad art. Go back to blowing your uncle.
@taco_hut, I was wondering the same thing.
It's neat that it's in such a prominent location in our city but I've seen a hundred variations on the same idea at burning man over and over and over so it's not exactly breaking new ground.

I'm not saying it's lame by any means, I like it quite a bit actually. But if it's blowing Jen's mind so much, she really needs to get out more.
@sketchyalibi - Jeez. What crushed your spirit to the point where you can't appreciate pretty lasers?
FYI, it's right on broadway where these buildings used to be:…
I just wandered off the street into the Suyama space (literally, minutes ago) and was blown away by Corson's Grotesque Arabesque installation. Awesome. IMO, he's Seattle's next super-star artist (think Horiuchi, Washington, Chihuly).
#2 your probably the person that thinks they can do everything better than everyone else, you more creative, you a better musician, your smarter...etc.. but really your just an asshole loser who never had the courage to take chances and actually do anything with you "great ideas" so sad, so predictable. Do us all a favor and go die somewhere out of the way.
whether it's been done or not..I still think it looks cool.
I want to know why that gigantic block was just paved over and if there are any plans for it.
Nice - but - after seeing it several times. ...not so special.

Wish it were ten times bigger and visual from up above.... but better than nothing. And working with Sound Transit is a pain in the ass ... so I have heard.

Need muli colors, but, that would have cost more. Sound Transit only put up $2,500.00 - you know with 20 billion in the pipeline, they have to be very careful how they spend.


The site of a light rail station - construction starts next spring - 6 years in the doing - tunnel and station will be build from that site.

Sound Transit is doing it ... mega project in the works.
I think it's really cool, but wish that it was in the lower part of the paved area so that it would be easier to watch it from above. Still, great to see something other than nothing in that spot.
This should also be tagged "two-block radius," don't you think?
When I was rebuilding my gallery in 2007 I decided to leave the flashing green neon lights in the storefront windows on 1st Avenue. I thought to myself as the decision was being made "no other gallery in Seattle has flashing green neon lights in it." I left the lights and started the green light jag gripping everyone everywhere. Ha HA.


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