Sherlock Holmes Is Better Than Avatar


Haven't seen Sherlock yet but I gotta say by describing it as a closeted gay movie hardly makes me want to see it. Now if it were out and proud I'd have been first in line.
"early '90s dolphin vibe"

Totally. I will probably see and enjoy Avatar, but all the imagery I've seen from it looks like the cover on the Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper I had in the third grade.
Rachel McAdams is a honey.
They're two completely different movies, and they both rule and suck in their own ways.
I haven't seen Avatar, but Sherlock Holmes was great fun. It's one of those movies where you can read a negative review, understand and agree with just about all their points, and still want to see it again.
Rush Limbaugh dies and all i get from the stranger is more avatar shit? piss./
FWIW, back on the 25th, A.O. Scott reported Sherlock Holmes clocked in at over 9,200 Crists on his gaydar.
Guess the backlash against Avatar was completely predictable. Yea, so it was Dances with Wolves in space. I don't really care. I still loved it.
both the dolphin/smurf fest & the ironmandetective fake abs storytime can go suck it!
I'm gonna go see Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel and out hipster all you all bitches.
I have such a huge crush on Rachel McAdams.
"early '90s dolphin vibe" - Brilliant!!!
Saw Avatar today and I enjoyed it. Sam Worthington was one of the key elements that made the movie work. He was completely believable as a hero without being sappy.
I worried about the first little dragon too! And then realized if I started treating the movie like serious art I'd have waay less fun. I reminded myself of how I spoiled Brokeback Mountain for myself forever by indulging in my urge to hammer the thing into some shape it was never meant to hold.

Soon enough, I'd resuspended my disbelief quite nicely, and shrieked and cried.
saw Sherlock Holmes today and while it took me a bit to get into Ritchie's herky jerky camera work (or maybe he just gave it up after the first 20 minutes), it was a very fun (and totally gay) film.

But I kept trying to figure out why Sheena Easton was in a film set in the late 1800s...
@7: Yeah, AO Scott got the gayness, as did Roger Ebert and David Denby. It's so obvious you really ought to stop reading any critic who missed it. I think what these critics are getting wrong is the role of Rachel McAdams: she's not there to "dispel a few hints of homoerotic subtext," as Scott put it, but to reinforce them.
Science fiction is not escapist.
The problem with the gay Shelock theory is that there is absolutely no erotic tension between him and Watson. It's not homo-erotic--it's a mild satire on gayness. Sorry, but anyone who isn't consumed with yearning for a mainstream homoerotic film can see this.
Avatar sucked. I don't care how great the technology is, it doesn't make up for a shitty story and one dimensional character. A magnificent spectacle, yes; but a shitty movie with a pathetic message.
In the books, Sherlock is totally disinterested in sex. Which I think says more about when they were written than anything else...
I didn't get a suppressed homoerotic vibe off of Sherlock Holmes, but then, I wasn't looking for one.
Is that Sheena Easton? Was this movie made in 1981? If not, what's going on with her hair?

Avatar is Dances With Wolves + $350 mil. Make that Dances With Dolphins. Annie Wagner rules.
geez, now i miss annie wagner more! funny and so damn true...even tho' i have not seen avatar (and do not wanna).

wait a second, i hated sherlock holmes. guy richie is a hack.
@8: That was the movie I was trying to come up with! I knew it reminded me of some movie about western expansion...

@17: Care explain? Isn't nearly all fiction, by its definition, escapist?
@17 Agreed.

Science fiction is not inherently escapist, though some of it can be. It's a microscope lens through which we analyse ourselves without the constraints of our present reality. Avatar is more of a space opera than anything (as is Star Wars), because people like to see shit blow up and that's usually what gets made into movies, which is fine, but try to tell me that Blade Runner is escapist.
I just saw Avatar in 3d at Imax at Pacific Science Center. It was the best movie experience in my life. Sit in the middle rows in 3d at an Imax theater. Avatar is an experience more than a movie. I can't write about it, because like tripping or an orgasm, words don't capture the experience.
Huh, that shot from Sherlock (hehehe, sounds porny) reminds me that Victorian getup makes Rachel McAdams look a lot like Helena Bonham Carter. Hopefully she won't, like HBC, get increasingly typecast/annoying over the years.
In response to the original post, I DO agree that if every stranger writer makes posts on Slog about how much they thought Avatar was sub-par, you're pretty much guaranteed to get counts close to 60-70 comments per post, average. Genius marketing decision.
Wow, Sherlock Holmes!! A girl tied up and heading for a SAW!!! Man, I mean, like WHERE do they come up with these stunning new ideas? I was on the edge of my seat! I haven't seen anything that cool since, oh, 1915? I know, in the sequel they could have her tied to TRAIN TRACKS, wow that would be soooo rad and innovative!!
Avatar is next in line for our Netflix, the IMAX version, I'm so pumped. a few neighbors and I are chipping in on a rent-a center theater. Though with the neighbors' lack of patience, that means I probably won't have time to re-watch our current netflick, Boy in Striped Pajamas. hmmm, i have better things to do than watch movies. it's all good. Sawtooth camping trip this weekend, it's a new year!
@28, in that light Avatar-pecking is the cheerier holiday version of the Polanski-excoriating and McGinn-polishing manias earlier this year.
I saw Rachel McAdams hanging out with friends at Chapel a few years back, and even though she at the time had no make-up on & had slightly disheveled dishwater blond hair, she was the best looking woman in the place.
Thank goodness I'm not the only one who thought Avatar was completely pointless. It was very pretty and pretty stupid, much like Belltown on a Friday night.
At the end of Avatar, did anyone else think: "Well there goes the human race." ?
Poor Holmes and Watson. This movie has nothing to do with the awesomeness that is the canon. It's not the gay thing that's offensive (lots of good Holmes theorists have written persuasively on that topic)-it's that Holmes and Watson were not buffoons. They didn't argue like characters in a sitcom marriage. They weren't stupid. Guy Ritchie, on the other hand...
So does this mean Guy Ritchie is finally coming out of the closet? He already divorced his fag-hag beard, completing step one.