Pot Bills Advance in Olympia


went to elementary school with Dan and one of his younger brothers. let's hope he does right by his former cougars at meridian elementary!
Fucking Roachs. Vermin!
Nice that somebody is standing up for our incarceration way of life.
Simply by being a former (or current) cop doesn't automatically mean that the person supports the current drug-war mentality. It doesn't mean that their opinion has any more weight, either. There are a lot of people in the law enforcement community who believe that de-criminalization of marijuana/hemp is a good thing.

The only difference a cop has over an "average person" is that their opinion on the drug war is usually held more strongly.

It helps the reader to know of Roach's history, but please state it neutrally, not in support of his bias, which can be gleaned from his actions.
@1 Went to high school with Dan Roach.
A stand-up guy, but he is a mormon, and should be expected to vote a certain way. He's distanced himself from his whack-job mom and mostly sticks to schools & education issues. His younger brother had his own substance issues, so selling Dan on anything that is soft on drugs may be tough. He's got campaign challenges to consider, and reducing drug penalties could leave him vulnerable on the right.

Gotta pick your fights carefully, Dom.
I thought there were three bills from the 36th?

That said, all of these would increase state revenues and decrease state expenses.

Why do Republic party of No comrades hate WA so?
Ahem. Pot bills advance...but text says they are in trouble.

Nice hedging.

And again with the "technically a Democrat..." you seem to use this to refer to anyone who's not as lefty as the Stranger staff. Chris Hurst is a solid fucking Democrat, plz. realize there are many Democrats who are not 100% purely liberal like on Capitol Hill? You can disagree with them and simply describe them as a "not as liberal person" or a "pro law and order Democrat" or a "mderate Democrat" or even a "conservative Democrat" but saying "technically a Democrat" basically accuses them of being lying shitheads and really, come on.
Jan Drago is technically a Democrat, Larry Philips is techincally a Democrat, Chris Hurst is technically a Democrat. That sounds really dumb. Your logical next statement should be "Barack Obama, technically a Democrat...."
I wonder how the voting population in our jails will vote when they hear about this ....

Yeah, they're all voters now. All of em.
@ 7) The headline says the pot bills are advancing because, ahem, they are advancing. The decrim bill never got a hearing in the house last year--and this year it is. Which is a step forward for the bill.

Technically a Democrat--indeed. Hurst is a Democrat in a conservative district that usually elects Republicans, which I explain. He's got to be sensitive to a conservative constituency. So he's a Dem, technically, but a conservative Dem. For the record, Hurst is smart and well reasoned. I like him.
At first I thought the head was "Pit Bulls Advance" and I was thinking, "it's been a while."
Being from Enumclaw, maybe he's getting pressure from the Meth lobby to squash them.
We need more pit bull stories. or maybe pit bulls on meth.
Jesus that Pam Roach clip literally never ceases to be funny.
Just legalize marijuana already. The economy is in a shit hole. We need to get money pumped back into the economy. Legalizing pot would be a great way to get people to spend money. We the people built this monster economy on spending money. Now people are not spending money in fear of loosing there job. Legalizing pot would create more jobs put more money into the economy. I strongly belive that legal pot would be the turnaround of this countrys economy. JUST LEGALIZE MARIJUANA!!!!