Bye-Bye Barty


I saw the simulcast of his production of Tales of Hoffmann at the Met, and was quite impressed at the originality of his take. Also, anyone who can make the Antonia act interesting is destined for the biggest stages in the world.
He hasn't done anything of note here in the past few years. I wonder what it would've been like to have an artistic director who did actually make Intiman his/her main focus. I'm not sure that's going to happen with his successor either, but since he's been part of the problem in this town- not the solution- I'm glad he's finally clearing out.
"Sher kept Seattle as his home base...."
Really, Brendan? Did you not know that Bart (and his wife and child) moved back to New York City a few years ago and was only keeping his toe in Seattle on an occasional basis? The majority of his time lately has been spent out of town. I'd hardly call Seattle his "home base."