Tonight: Me and a Bunch of Other Fools Talking about Theater


"Captaineered" is suddenly my least favorite word.
"Sellout?" Jesus. I thought 12 year olds were too young to drink legally.
Ah, fiction. You really are its master, Kiley.
What? You don't remember the knife fight? Or had you blacked out by that time?
I remember the knife fight. It's the expression "sell-out" that I haven't heard since my 80's garage punk band days.
So, really this was just pretty much the same as any other typical evening of theatre people getting together?

Sounds like I didn't miss anything...
Fools talking about theater is much preferable than fools talking IN the theater...
I resemble those 80s garage punk band days ...
I'm sorry to have missed it - but really, Friday and Saturday nights are not the best time for people who, you know, are actually producing work.

I know it wasn't your choice Brendan - I'm just suggesting that next time Sunday afternoon?

And if anyone is paying their mortgage with theatre money - my hat's off to them.

I was sorry to have to miss the discussions; but honestly, my interest is primarily in keeping venues open. And that doesn't seem to be a primary concern for most artists.