The Morning News: Oscar Nominees, Other Peacocks, 520, and DADT


For those that want a raw list of oscar noms, here's one:…

(includes By Picture and By Number of Noms).
you know what is really retarded, people having retarded kids that could have been aborted. I can't think of anything more hypocritical than a woman who is so against socialism like Sarah Palin bringing a retarded baby into the world and expecting our tax dollars to pay for all the special needs education that kid will receive.
It makes my brain hurt to think that Avatar got nominated as "Best Picture".

I am so sick of Palin pulling the "I have a disabled child" card.
I also have a disabled child and the word "retarded" doesn't bother me (in fact, I've said it myself when referring to Sara Palin ironically). I don't fear that the gub'mint is going to refuse healthcare for my child or send him to a "death panel". As a matter of fact, my child has medicaid and his health coverage is exemplary.
She needs to shut her yap and stop exploiting her kid.
A nomination does not a winner make. Relax. They needed 10 nominees this year.
Oh, and happy Groundhog Day, everybody. Six more weeks of winter. Oh boy.
@6, when does winter start, again? Tulips and crocuses (crocii?) are coming up in my neighborhood...
Pete, the solstice was December 21st; I believe the first day of spring is March 22. But that doesn't really mean anything if you live somewhere like Seattle (you guys don't really get much of a winter) or Colorado (we get way too much of it).
Aren't the Palins of the world supposed to be the ones who find political correctness a limitation of freedom of speech? She should be celebrating Emanuel's right to use the word "retarded" while exploiting her Down's Syndrome baby for political gain.
@2, you comment about aborting children with mental disabilities is incredibly offensive to anyone with a family member or friend in this situation. At the risk of subjecting myself to Godwin's Law, I'll ask you look at the historical precedents for who advocated eugenics programs to eliminate "mental defectives" and reconsider your position.

Now here's a sentence I never thought would pass my lips: "I think Sarah Palin is right." Stopped clocks, twice a day and all that -- I agree with her on Rahm's offensive language. Now granted, Rahm's reason for existence is to offend, so I'm not at all shocked or surprised. But I do think he is the single greatest obstacle to any progressive action by the Obama administration, so anything that weakens him is fine by me.
#10 just because the nazi's were wrong about killing jews and gypsys and queers doesn't mean that it isn't right to stop having retards. Retard fetuses, fetuii??? fetuses, are not a race of already living people they are retards and while it may be offensive to people already sponging off the government with the retarded kids they have we can eradicate down's syndrome in this world right in this generation. We have the testing and the capability to abort all down's kids. If we had needed abortions to eradicate small pox I would have been for that too. Down's syndrome is a disease, we can and should cure. In the words of the dead milkmen "Retards Beware"
NASA announced today that Hubble managed to map Pluto:…
Palin is exactly the sort of person that wouldn't even flinch at using that pejorative if she didn't have a retarded child. The world is crawling with people like this, and they are the worst.
Econoline @11 -- Are you aware that people with Down's Syndrome can live rich, relatively independent lives, hold down jobs and contribute back to society?

What is your stand on other genetic diseases that could be identified in utero, but that may not emerge until much later in life? Huntington's Chorea comes to mind and it's likely that in the next few years researchers will identify reliable markers for Alzheimers or mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Do they get coathangers too?

Or is your problem with Down's Syndrome due to it having a visible physical component? You can usually identify people who have Down's from the distinctive facial characteristics -- which is why they used to be called mongoloids. So if it's the physical difference that bothers you, do you want to abort fetuses with other physical problems, say for instance spina bifida?

But why stop at fetuses? There are plenty of people who are unlucky or do stupid things that end up looking ugly and costing society money. Like the teenagers who get drunk and end up brain-damaged and scarred from a car accident. Put'em down? Then what about the poor SOB who was minding his own business when he got hit by those damned kids and left drooling in a wheelchair?

So I'd be interested to also know your position on those darned Iraq war veterans who are coming home with traumatic brain injury. They certainly make me uncomfortable and their medical expenses over the next 5 or 6 decades is going to cost our country a fortune. Think of the savings if we implement post-birth abortions for all these folks!
@14 - it is lethal, though. Having extra chromosomes is usually fatal, but yes they can be very productive - and probably more than a lot of people with drinking problems or who run unconstitutional initiative campaigns.
Fact: Sarah Palin has never thrown around the word "retard".