No One Could've Predicted


Defrauding the poor isn't something you choose to do. You grow up to discover it. It's a lifestyle choice.
Positive alternatives to homosexuality? Would that include parcheesi?
Jumping Jesus, where do all these crooks come from?

I honestly thought that the ex-gay thing was an evangelical Christian gig. The Jews are doing to? I am disappointed. So is Jesus.
Didn't you just tell us you were on vacation and wouldn't be slogging, young man? Now go find something besides the internet to mutitask with: sunscreen or snowshoes or rental cars or whatever. No backtalk.
Once a con man, always a con man.
You know, as much as I hate what the organization represents, "JONAH" is a creative acronym...
@2, the markers in the Parcheesi game of my boyhood reminded me of boners. So in my case at least, no.
More regurgitation and spin.

And here I thought this was supposed to be we a "Savage-free Slog" week.
@8 - but then what would you do all week?
@8--there's not really a lot of "spin" here. It's basically just the guy's CV.
I love it that Loveschild dismisses this as "regurgitation and spin" without having any facts to back up the claim that that's all this is. Of course Loveschild rarely, if ever, uses facts to back up any claim, so it shouldn't come as a surprise.

By the way, Loveschild, calling it "spin" is a nice attempt at spinning the story, but you need to put more effort if you want to use it to push your own beliefs.
Crooks and liars find religion a comfortable fit.
the better question is what would slog do without LC...
@11 - Loveschild needs this to be spin since she just referred venomlash to JONAH the other day. When you throw around one "fact" without doing the research, is it any wonder you need to fudge a few more to pretend what you have to stay is still relevant?

Oh what a tangled web she weaves.
*what you have to SAY.

stoopid spellig.
@15 Say...stay...she stays around and keeps saying the same inane things over and over, so the typo's understandable.
Yes, the same thing over and over for an entire year.
By the way, Kim in Portland, I apologize for getting completely off topic, but, as much as I like the guitar picture, I also really liked the one of you at what appeared to be the Grand Canyon. But as long as you're happy, rock on!
@8 when i started reading the slog i just assumed that you, loveschild, were just another ignorant biggot. now i am really thinking that you just don't understand what is going on. you should really get some help regarding your low comprehension level. there are things that can be done to help. please do not take offense to this. it's not an attempt to say "i don't agree with you so you are stupid." i just really think, based on your comments not only on this story but others, that you need some professional help. there are many adults with undiagnosed learning/development disorders and help is out there, but you have to make the first step. help won't come to you.
Southern Gentleman,

Thank you. I like the picture of my father-in-law and I at the Grand Canyon too. The axe picture is my "regular" avatar and I always seem to return to it. One of these days, I might change it again and then change it back; or not.

Now back on topic. :)
Back on topic, I honestly wonder why organizations that offer "ex-gay therapy" haven't been investigated more thoroughly. I found Peter Strudwick's undercover article interesting, and surprising, because I thought there'd be even stricter controls on such quackery in Britain.

When I was at school in Britain I remember hearing that Slim Fast couldn't claim in its ads to be a weight-loss product because at the time there was no medical evidence that it actually helped people lose weight. Similarly there doesn't seem to be any evidence that "ex-gay therapy" actually "cures" anyone--not that there's even a real need for a cure.
So basically this guy is a huge flamer.
@6: Maybe so, but if you look at their home page, they can't seem to keep straight what their acronym stands for.
@23 keeping anything straight is something that most "ex-gay" groups have a problem with!

P.S. Thanks for the lob!
@23 keeping anything straight is something that most "ex-gay" groups have a problem with!

P.S. Thanks for the lob!
@23 keeping anything straight is something that most "ex-gay" groups have a problem with!

P.S. Thanks for the lob!
Sorry folks! Login FAIL was not login Fail became POST fail!
So, @8, tell us how this guy being a swindling crook doesn't matter in his pursuit of exorcising the gay...
@{25, 26, 27}: That was low-hanging fruit, I suppose.