New Information About Elliott Bay Book Company's Move


If they pull off an April 15th opening without any workers flipping out by that date then I'll be impressed.
a month ago, it was a disaster that somehow evil market forces drove up rents and forced EBB to drop its used section; now, those same forces are giving life to the other store's used books section.

Maybe there's a word for this?
So where are they going to locate the iPad eReader book center and issue the cool graphics slip ons you can put on the back of your iPad to show off the cool book you're reading?

And is there an expanded Manga and graphic novel section along with the expanded paperback section that consumers want, nay, demand?
You've never actually been in a bookstore before, have you, Will?
@4 - lol. You keep dreaming that things won't change, Fnarf.
I really hope this helps Don at Horizon books out. He's a great guy and will remember a request forever until he tracks it down. He's brought us some of our weirder ones.
Will, dear, I do hope you go into the new Elliot Bay on their opening day and ask them "where is your paperback section?"

Where are the photos of the giant parking lot? You know, the reason Elliott Bay moved to Capitol Hill?

Also, you should post some pictures of the current Broadway/Pike and Broadway/Pine intersections so we can remember when it was only the 3rd most dangerous intersection in the city and home to only a handful of pedestrian/bike fatalities a year.

Also, you should show a picture of 1600 cars so you can show how much car traffic an 80-space free retail parking lot can bring to a neighborhood in a day.

Maybe a picture of the insides of some neighboring businesses, since all of the Elliott Bay shoppers will never see them, since Elliott Bay's mammoth parking lot is validated to keep traffic moving? Once they buy a $50 Elliott Bay novelty hardcover, the shoppers have to drive away or else Elliott Bay will fine them.

Elliot Bay always was a fun place to go, but the old location was dim and dingy and depressing!

I hope the new one has a lot of light and air.
1600 car patrons a day, huh? Right.
@10 Have you walked around University Book Store between Thanksgiving and Christmas? There's a line of cars waiting to get into the free validated parking lots all day long, and it's not during the start of a quarter. Elliott Bay has more of a touristy gift book selection, too, so that means even more cars.

Elliott Bay has 85 parking spaces because they're planning on using them all, and they're validating parking because they want a quick turnover of car traffic.

Free retail parking lots can have 20 cars worth of traffic (each way) if they're in use all day. Elliott Bay is not an exception.
@11, are your eyes brown by any chance? Because you're full of shit.
@11 Boycott - What the hell are you talking about?

I've scanned a couple of comment threads and I can't find what parking lot you're talking about. If I was to guess - it'd be the one next to Taco Del Mar? Off of Broadway? On the East side between Pike and Pine? The one that already exists?

So - you are concerned that ... a bookstore ... is going to bring some hell-on-earth of car traffic that will kill, maim, and render useless millions in transportation infrastructure dollars?

What? Seriously? A bookstore - and an only-new-books bookstore.

Give it a rest already. Or cite a fact or study or whatever. Or just be specific about what the hell you're talking about. Right now you just sound like a lunatic with an ulterior motive.
Horizon Books could use some actual signage as well as regular hours -- if they're serious about getting in-store customers.
Ah. I was wondering when Parking-Lot-Idiot was going to post... Amuse me, cretin!
1)Boycott is bonkers...obsessed with the billions of car driving book buyers that are apparently going to descend on the Hill...apparently, the american bookselling industry has nothing to fear because book sales are going to go THROUGH THE ROOF once EB opens on the Hill...never mind that the majority of EB patrons will be either Capitol Hill residents, or people bussing/walking up the Hill from DT or the usual nightime/weekend visitors from other 'hoods who are already parking on the Hill. Will the traffic increase slightly? Hopefully (and only slightly) because that means people will be spending money on the Hill which is good for the health of the community.
2)I believe the parking lot that they are using is the one behind Wild Rose on 11th...the one that is really deep and creepy. If there is a flash flood, Boycott's wish will come true as millions of car hogs will perish in that pit...
@8-- I can't believe it took you until the eighth response! You're slipping.
What is a "novelty hardcover"?

Taschen's Big Book of Penises?
@13 When they first posted about the move on Slog I believe they said Elliott Bay is going to have the big lot behind the Wildrose. Like, Where the hot house is and the cha cha smoking sections looks out into.
The building they're moving into has parking in the basement. They're also apparently going to use that lot behind the Wild Rose, since neither of those has the reported 85 spaces. My guess is the basement lot's going to be free and the other lot (Chinook Parking) is going to be either free (for an hour) or a nominal charge. Note that this lot already exists, and is already full of cars; if EBBC takes the whole lot (which I doubt) that would probably mean a net reduction in traffic.

EBBC does 3500 transactions a week at their current spot; that's not going to go up, I don't think, and even if it does, it's going to be probably 2/3 foot traffic, which means pinhead's "1600 cars a day" is surely off by a factor of ten.

My guess is, the garage parking is going to turn out to be enough (even one space is more than they have now), and they'll let the Chinook lot go (it's got to be expensive for them to reserve spots there). You'd still be able to park there, just as you are today, for the regular rate. On Google Street View I see a sign that says $8 -- is that per hour? Surely not per day?