Adventures in Size-Queenism Quainty Old-Style, Or, What More Do You Want?


Virginia Wright worked at the Janis Gallery, was the first to buy Pollock, the second to buy Rothko, the first to support Richard Serra, hung out with Harold Rosenberg AND had a gallery here in the '70's. Who knew?
very fine
The reason I never go the Wright Exhibition space: I just don't like their taste. Setting aside that prejudice, it's generous of them to exhibit for free. However, I've never heard anybody say, "OMG did you see the latest Wright show?" There seems to be a huge (imagined) barrier between the exhibits and the general public. I have a peculiar feeling that the Wrights have the same maxim as the Trues at Western Bridge: "We have the best shows in Seattle and they are free to the public, but shhh... don't tell anyone".

Is that supposed to make the work feel special? Does Donald Judd get a stainless steel boner because only the in-crowd came to see him? I don't know why the disconnect between the public and public art exists (lack of art-education, I hypothesize) but blogging about it will hopefully get people out there to see it.

Post-script: That is a nice Longo.